Ralph Nader Declares Hillary Clinton A Menace To America [Video]

Ralph Nader probably won’t be on Hillary Clinton’s Christmas card list.

Nader claims that the likely 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Clinton is a “menace” to the U.S., even though both are on the left-liberal end of the ideological spectrum.

The consumer advocate and political activist has himself previously run for president on the Green Party ticket and as an independent.

Ralph Nader Declares Hillary Clinton a menace to America

In April, Nader called for the impeachment of President Obama over the bombing of Libya without a Congressional declaration of war. He is also a critic of the president’s deployment of lethal drones overseas.

In an interview with a We Are Change reporter (see embed below), Nader offered this opinion of Hillary Clinton’s presumed presidential frontrunner status.

“Well, Hillary is a corporatist and a militarist. Do we want another corporatist and militarist? She thinks Obama is too weak. He doesn’t kill enough people overseas. So she’s a menace to the United States of America. What we need is people — regardless of whether they are libertarians or not — that pull back on the empire and make Wall Street subordinate to Main Street. People have got to start thinking, doing their homework, become informed voters, and not coronet another corporatist and militarist.”

Hillary Clinton has made fortune in cashing in on her Wall Street connections, in part by giving speeches before corporate groups at about $200,000 a pop. Clinton recently needed to “clarify” her allegation that businesses don’t create jobs and that she “short-handed” the point she was trying to make about tax breaks for corporations and outsourcing.

She apparently plans to make income inequality a cornerstone of a potential 2016 presidential campaign.

During her gaffe-ridden book tour for her memoir Hard Choices, Clinton claimed she and her husband were dead broke when they left the White House in 2001 despite having an $8 million book deal in her pocket. The Clintons are now worth an estimated $100 million to $200 million, although Mrs. Clinton also suggested that the couple aren’t truly well off.

Nader has been a fan of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a libertarian-leaning Republican, primarily because of his non-interventionist foreign policy. In the interview, however, Nader chided Paul for moderating his views as the Kentucky senator inches closer to a White House run. Rand Paul should be more like his father Ron Paul, the uncompromising former Congressman, insisted Nader.

Although profound disagreement still exists over the proper role of government, Nader contended that there is now a budding left-right alliance against crony capitalism/corporate welfare (which has flourished during the Obama administration), a premise which happens to be the subject of his new book.

Do you agree or disagree with Ralph Nader’s opinion about Hillary Clinton?

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