Missing Colorado man Paul Kitterman has been found

Paul Kitterman: Broncos Fan Who Went Missing Is Safe, Back With Family

Paul Kitterman, the Broncos fan who mysteriously vanished in the midst of a Denver Broncos game against the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, October 23 has been found safe. According to ABC News, the Denver Police Department has officially announced that Kitterman was found safe and unharmed in Pueblo, Colorado – over 100 miles away from where he was last seen. The report adds that Kitterman was subsequently reunited with his family as confirmed by his stepson Jarod Tonneson. It is still unclear what circumstances led to Paul being found so far away from his hometown.

On October 23, Paul Kitterman had attended the Denver Broncos game against the San Diego Chargers with his son Jarod and two other friends. He was extremely thrilled to be have experienced the first Broncos home game as told to his companions who had went along with him. However, soon after, Kitterman mysteriously vanished from the venue leaving his friends and relatives distraught. This was around halftime in to the game when Jarod decided to visit his other friends who were sitting in a different section. When he returned, Kitterman was nowhere to be found. After local police authorities were called in, they used the surveillance footage from the venue to try and find how and where Kitterman had slipped through – without much success.

Later, Paul’s friend Tia Bakke who was also at the venue at the time of Kitterman’s mysterious disappearance told ABC News that Paul did not have a credit card or much cash with him. He had only $50 with him and was not in a possession of a cellphone either – making tracking him even more difficult. According to a report by the SF Gate, Paul was sober at the time of his disappearance since he only had five beers.

“He would never bail on his son or anyone, so by Friday night we knew something was really, really, wrong,” Tia added.

With no evidence of a crime being committed, the police officials were treating it like a normal person missing case. Kitterman’s friends and family however played an active role and had started handing out fliers with his details.

“We searched the stadium we have been going to hospitals. We have just been all over the place,” Kitterman’s son said.

Meanwhile Denver Police Sgt. Steve Warneke has confirmed that with the safe return of the 53-year-old Kitterman they have decided against filing a criminal charge.

“All we were trying to do was make sure he was unharmed, and he was. So at that point, we’re finished,” he added.

[Image Via ABC News]