Roman Reigns

WWE News: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Return Date Set For December

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been healing up well from his recent surgery. Many within WWE felt that “The Juggernaut” was more than capable of a quicker recovery, but the issue was always if WWE wanted to risk potential problems regarding an early comeback to the ring for Reigns. Roman went down with an incarcerated hernia in late September. It was quite a big story, since not only was Roman set for a match later that day, but he had to have emergency surgery for the hernia.

This was quite a concern for Roman and for the WWE. This was mainly because Reigns was set for a huge singles push leading to a big match at WrestleMania 31 with Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

This match was supposed to help put Roman Reigns on the map and help groom him to be the new face of the WWE. Since his departure, men like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have stepped up. They have shown that they were by no means the after-thoughts of The Shield. This has helped WWE out as having them step up made things easier on WWE to not have Reigns.

This was not good for Reigns, though, as he was being forgotten. Why do you think WWE had Reigns show up on screen to set up a rivalry with Rollins right after the big Hell in a Cell between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose the night before? The reason simply is that WWE wants Reigns to be THE GUY, but he is going to have extreme competition from his Shield brethren. That is going to be fun to watch over the next few years.

Now it appears that WWE wants to get Reigns back sooner than we thought. The original idea was that he’d back at the Royal Rumble, but it is now being reported that we could see him come back in late December. If he does not come back then, early January would be the time. Most feel that WWE might bring him back at the TLC PPV to start some sort of rivalry or the following night on WWE RAW. Another thought is that he might be back in the first week of January. Either way, it appears we will see Reigns back in a WWE ring soon.

WWE wants him back as soon as possible, so it makes complete sense that we’d see Reigns back at this time. Due to the fact that he is set for a big push soon, they need him back and ready for it as soon as possible. The current concept is that WWE will have him win the Royal Rumble, so he will need to be a huge force in WWE leading up to the event. This could be why they are bringing him back before the event.

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