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WWE News: Source Close To CM Punk Says He Won’t Be Returning Anytime Soon

Following a big update on the relationship between CM Punk and WWE, it was said to have gotten worse. Throughout the entire summer, Punk was at odds with World Wrestling Entertainment over the use of his name and the royalties that came from it. His lawyer sent a 22-page letter that wasn’t a lawsuit, but rather a statement that said WWE can’t use his name without paying Punk for it.

That news became the big story of the summer between the disgruntled retired-pro wrestler and the WWE. Now, new developments come up on a weekly basis. The last few days included a supposed “censorship” of Punk’s hooded sweatshirt in the WWE 2K15 video game. After close analysis, it wasn’t close to a censored product. Punk actually wore a grey hoodie with a “Gracie Jiu-Jitsu” logo on it to the ring.

After that, it was reported that Punk’s merchandise started to be sold once again on More optimism started to come in about Punk’s inevitable return to the WWE. Whether anybody likes it or not, Punk will be talked about until wrestling’s extinction. Even if he hasn’t looked at a ring since January, the standard is still the standard.

Here comes the rumor killer, as a close source to CM Punk recently stated that he is retired and a return to the WWE won’t be happening anytime soon.

“There has obviously been some contact between WWE and CM Punk’s camp recently as his merchandise was added back to WWE’s shop website and he’s still in the plans for next year’s Flintstones movie.”

“A source very close to Punk described it as loose ends being tied up. There has been no new performer deal signed by Punk and he is not returning. The sources close to Punk insisted that Punk is a retired pro wrestler and won’t be wrestling for any company any time soon.”

If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s the fact that Punk did have conversations with WWE and they reached a deal on merchandising. That doesn’t mean CM Punk will return to WWE. Sting and Mick Foley both have merchandise deals with WWE, but they aren’t coming back. Foley was a spot-on example — until last week on Raw.

Punk probably wanted some extra money and the WWE knew whom to turn to, because they clearly wanted to make more money as well. What people don’t realize is that Punk is set for life. He saved up so much money that he doesn’t need to work for the rest of his life. Knowing Punk, he stays active and completes side projects, goes to Chicago Blackhawks games and rock concerts. All in all, good for Punk, as he is living the American dream.

This point’s been driven to the ground, but I’ll hammer it in one more time. Punk will return to the WWE when three things happen:

  • One-and-a-half years passed since he left professional wrestling.
  • AJ Lee extends her contract, making her stay on the road longer.
  • WWE gives Punk a guaranteed contract to headline WrestleMania with Steve Austin

Regardless of the farfetched nature of those demands, it will be that hard to get Punk back in the WWE. Better yet, he may just get that itch again. If the WWE sees dollar signs, then welcome back, Mr. Brooks.

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