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Herman Cain Says No More Abortions Then Attacks Planned Parenthood

Herman Cain

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain on Sunday made his talk show rounds where he shot down the idea of anyone getting an abortion. When asked about his stance Cain responded:

“I am pro-life from conception, period.”

Cain also revealed that even in cases of incest, saving the life of the mother and rape abortion should not even be considered a choice for women.

Cains pro-life stance appears at least in part to be a personal choice and not a political motivation as he told CNN in an interview:

“What I’m saying is, it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make,” and “Not me as president, not some politician, not a bureaucrat. It gets down to that family. And whatever they decide, they decide. I shouldn’t have to tell them what decision to make for such a sensitive issue.”

After making his pro-life remarks Cain went on to attack Planned Parenthood by claiming that the organization has 75% of it’s facilities in predominately poor black neighborhoods in order to target abortions for poor black women.

Speaking of the organizations president Margaret Sanger he said:

“She didn’t use the word genocide,” but “she did talk about preventing the increasing number of poor blacks in this country by preventing poor black babies from being born.”

Cain also revealed during his interview:

“There are a lot of centers that offer sincere counseling, rather than Planned Parenthood claiming to be the centers, when in fact they would rather for the young lady to come in and say they want to get an abortion and facilitate that,” he said. “Plenty of centers out there genuinely do that. What I’m saying is, Planned Parenthood isn’t sincere about wanting to go try to counsel them not to have abortions.”

Do you believe that Cain’s stance on abortion will ultimately alienate pro-choice supporters who find his all or nothing approach to be too far to the right?

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115 Responses to “Herman Cain Says No More Abortions Then Attacks Planned Parenthood”

  1. Mary Mulholland

    Herman you are not a woman and you will never understand what it means to have choice go ask a rape survior if they wish to have the choice go ask a incest survior if they wish to have a choice and the answer will be yes that choice is not yours or any other male's right in this world to take away from after all the male in all of these cases are the aggresors.

  2. Lawrence Mintz

    Herman Cain is playing to his audience. Abortions are legal and necessary. Though I am anti abortion I am pro choice. All these Christian righter wingers want to control morality through big government and want there to be zero government control on corporations. They pontificate about less taxes on the rich will create jobs. Well where have the jobs been the last 10 years since Bush stopped taxing them.

  3. Joni Mimi Sopha

    Cain has no say in regards of abortion or what a women's choice is. When are Thea right wing men going to realize this. They can play puppet to the conservative Christians but its all bull.

  4. Richard Herschel Griffin

    He's talking personally. He's talking about what he thinks. As president Herman Cain can do nothing to stop abortion. It is legal and it has been settled by the supreme court. He wouldn't be dictator in chief. The personal stance he takes is just that. Personal. It's not a policy stance and it's quite refreshing to hear someone speak from their convictions rather than be a political policy hair splitter.

  5. Katy Sharpe

    I find that Republicans respect the sanctity of life as long as you are a fetus. Once born, they don't care whether the child starves, is abused, or dies. They just love sending that child to war to die when or if it reaches adulthood. They also seem to forget that the woman they are dooming to death was once a fetus. Irrationality is a Republican!

    Remember, if you are poor, middle class or a woman, and you vote Republican, you are voting against your own best interests.

  6. James Vittum

    Yes, you have a choise, you can have your baby or you can have your baby murdered.But you can't have public funds to murder your baby.And paying for you to have your baby murdered is what PP is all about.

  7. Angela Griffin Bunch

    He is an idiot. Who wants to go through the pain of having a baby when they just went through the pain of being raped. Everyday you are carrying that baby you are reminded of why you are having a baby. Another thing I believe that when the child is old enough to say where is my daddy it will be nothing but pain for the child and the mother to have to tell them they are a product of rape or incest. Something else, how many people do you know that would want to adopt a baby that the father is a rapist or the baby belongs to her Father. You have to think about if that child will be the same. There is enough raptist, murders, all kinds crimes out there, Why bring more into the world. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for all abortions. Just this type. If you lay down with someone voluntarily you should have to have the baby.

  8. Terri Kaye

    I use to be aginst abortion, and I am sill am, but as you grow older you see things in a different light, not a moral issue, or government issue, but from your own heart. I never had one, would not have one, I love kids to much. For those who do, I think that they just need to think the abortion issue through a little more. It's not because there is a real baby in there, a human life, or a moral one. If you don't think that you can, or won't take care of the child, then don't have it. But always remember there are millions of couples out there that would give their right arm for a child. I also think a woman and man have to be held accountable for what they do, there are those rare cases, such as rape, or birth could cause death for the mom, but for the most part woman use it like they do the revolving door at Macy's. At some point do we stop and look at what we are doing and just make up our minds that we are not going to have sex without the proper equipment, non at all, or face up to what has happened and pay it back, give the child a chance to grow up in a family that really wants one. take responsibility for your actions, don't just throw something away because it will get in your way, or you don't want it, give it to someone who does and will love it no matter what. It is being selfish to just decide the fate of that person inside you, how would you have felt if your mom just decided she didn't want you, you wouldn't be her today to read about the issues. Woman's lib is alrighgt I guess, but from where I stand, and I have been through that movement as well, it has done more harm than good, and those starting it were richer and could afford to not work, but most of us have too.

  9. James Vittum

    Out of the 55 million abortions less then 1 % were the victims of rape or incest. Either way 55 million humans have been murdered by abortion, and we all are funding them. Believe in murder or not you and I are funding murder every day in America.

  10. James Vittum

    Abortions 'are' nessessary. I guess if your into murdering unborn humans.They are nessessary for Democrats to get elected,that I know,but 'nessessary' ? You could choose life.

  11. Patricia Reyes

    So many candidates, so few brains! From what I can read, how the article was written, this guy is full of it. How does someone become a presidential candidate? I think it is coming down to having money and parroting what people want to hear (even if they didn't know they wanted to hear it). When will Presidential candidates just speak their truth without pounding on some group of people?

  12. Pat Erickson

    James Vittum Yes we do fund murder every day, one way we do this is the death penalty. Do you support the death penalty? We also fund the military, do you support our military?

  13. Lawrence Mintz

    James Vittum Tell that to a women who will die unless her has an abortion. U R against abortions that fine but kept ur right wing religious beliefs out of other people business and your nose out of their wombs.

  14. Pat Erickson

    He's changed his statement so many times I believe he is pandering to all the right wingers who are no better as moralist then Shiite Muslims. They both want to control women.

  15. Pat Erickson

    And it should be free to every woman in America. But sadly it's not. We also need a Birth Control for men. Perhaps mandatory until marriage. How'd you men like those cookies?

  16. Jeff Graham

    Cain is typical of Republicans talking head saying nothing then blaming the other guys he wants to use the race card when it comes to abortion but I would bet he would be against birth control pills as they kill sperm at conception! all the jobs that the nontaxed rich created were created in thrid workd countries where they pay a dollar or less and can pollute all they want so much for protecting american jobs Ha! LIAR LIAR LIARS all republicans are anti american and pro McWorld!

  17. James Vittum

    How you can compare an inocent child w/ a convicted murderer is very 'liberal' indeed. Or w/ military action. If it helps you sleep.It's your choice. Please don't ask for public funding . Some people are against the murder of the inocent.

  18. Amber Died

    In this matter, anybody with a dick shut up. You do not get a say unless you're the father and intend on helping raising the kid. If not, shut up. Not your decision, nor do you have any understanding of the burden of making a choice like that.

  19. Mary Mulholland

    James Vittum Listen James I am one of those surviors I am talking about and I am glad I had a choice I am not going to tell you how I choice but at least I had a choice think how many of those incest surviors were forced to carry that child and raise it or give it up for adoption you as a male have no idea what it does to us women but like I said your male and males are the aggresors in these cases

  20. James Vittum

    I'm not sure how many of these 55 million mothers would have died in childbirth but I do know how many of these 55 million babies were murdered, ALL OF THEM.

  21. Norm Higgs

    Why in EVERY abortion discussion does the pro abortion side come out with the 'incest/rape/life of the mother' rationale? The fact is that these situations *combined* constitute a very small portion – something like 4% – of abortions. This is similar to the rationale my father used to justify not wearing a seatbelt – "if I was in an accident and the car went underwater or caught fire and my right arm was hurt I wouldn't be able to unbuckle myself" (he had only partial use of his left hand). We don't hear anyone (in the media) seriously presenting that rationale to justify the repeal of seatbelt laws now do we?

  22. Lawrence Mintz

    Pat Erickson I actually have mixed views on the death penalty but they aren't moral issues it's about making a mistake. But that being said all those who are against abortion love sending troops to other countries like Iraq under false pretenses (OIL IS THE ONLY REASON WE ARE THERE) and kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians. They also want to meddle and inflict their Taliban like morality on the gay community because they live in the delusion of a book written by men who were absolutely sure the Earth was flat.

  23. James Vittum

    You can justify murdering the unborn anyway you like, But it's still murder.I have yet to meet anyone who would rather have been murdered.

  24. Pat Erickson

    James Vittum I suppose you are telling me that we as Americans have never executed an innocent person???? What planet do you live on? As to a fetus not viable outside a womb they are NOT babies. I love babies, had some myself. Something you will never know the joy of. But I totally support a WOMAN"S right to choose. And you are correct it is MY right to choose. I don't subscribe to your brand of Christianity.

  25. Kelli Dugan

    it's people like you that are the problem. Not all PP pay or it for you some have you pay a smaller amount. Plus in my OPINION it's not murder until there is an heart beat. That's why you can't get one after 3 months.

  26. Mary Mulholland

    Pat Erickson Here Here Pat pandering to the right wingers has always been a GOP thing for sure not saying the other side are much different when they want to get support but at least none of them go out there and tell us what to do

  27. Sam Owens

    James Vittum Yes, necessary. A woman whose life is endangered by her pregnancy should have the option to abort. What dumbass would say otherwise? When it comes to a choice between one life or another, nobody walks away having preserved all life the way they idealize.

  28. Richard Herschel Griffin

    Pat Erickson That's your point of view and I respect it. However, a lot of those little babies in the womb are female who would have eventually grown up to be women. From my perspective if the ultimate control means controlling women's bodies then how about control over life and death of a female child that never got the chance to be a woman in the first place. I just don't understand how a person would not defend another person's right to grow up and make choices for themselves. The principle is that your freedom ends where another's begins. No one should be allowed to make a choice that violates someone else's ability to make choices for the rest of their lives. In this case killing someone in the womb and preventing her from make ANY choices. I have supported Herm Cain from the first time he entered the race and he's never wavered on his view. Albeit inarticulate at times but always the same. Again, I do respect you and your point of view and I thank you for the feedback. :)

  29. James Vittum

    Pat Erickson I choose life,that's the choise right. Ok let's say I'm a pregnant woman, I have two choices , I can have my baby or I can have my baby murdered.That's not much of a choice to me.

  30. Sam Owens

    James Vittum Irrelevant. A guarantee of the fetus dying does nothing to reveal the fate of the mother which is also just as heavily weighed by the family in those situations. Should the mother's life be more valued, the very threat of her death can be enough to tip the balance of decision towards abortion. You are out of line to say they can't go through with it.

  31. Mary Mulholland

    Pat Erickson Don't you remember we are the ones supposed to use birth control men don't want that responsiblity they are not mature enough they want to have their cake and eat it let's take a vote on deadbeat men being castrated and see how they like that turn them into Eunic

  32. Joe Snow

    Too many people in the world… Time for mandatory birth control! Or a huge revolution or war. America is enslaving the world by serving the interests of corporate and christian entities that do not exist. Soon the whole world will serve the interest of the 1% in control and we will all stand in awe when two of them get married… An ode to our kings and queens! The shades have not been pulled over these eyes! It is time to rise against the tyrants, take back the world from the absent and non existent Gods that have robbed the authentic soul of man, and reestablish the rule and realm of mankind. This is not gods kingdom and we are not mere imperfect reproductions of these gods! Wake up people! There should be an abortion clinic or euthanasia clinic in every neighborhood!

  33. Sam Owens

    James Vittum You are clouding the issue by suggesting abortion rights to be a necessary part of a Democratic election campaign. Doing so is an inappropriate red herring argument. Abortion options are necessary for parents in situations where the mother is in danger. Life doesn't always provide ideal situations in which all may walk away unscathed. Believing otherwise in naive.

  34. Pamela Collins Lopez

    when is it okay to kill, period? We celebrate the murders of Osama Bin Laden and Moammar Quadafi as if they weren't human beings also. Abortion is an ugly business, BUT, I went to Planned Parenthood when I was 19 and they counseled me EXTENSIVELY on my options. It was a decision I had to make. A woman has a choice what to do with her body. What if the government decided all men with a certain personality disorder had to have a vasectomy? Would you appreciate someone telling you what to do WITH YOUR BODY? I don't think so.

  35. Angela Griffin Bunch

    You are right I have never meet anyone that would rather been murder, BUT have you ever meet anyone that has said. Let me tell you the greatest story I am a product of incest and rape. Maybe they would rather be dead who knows. We don't know the pain they go through but I can say I KNOW they have a terrible amount of pain to live with. If you are a man you know nothing about carrying a baby for 9 months and the decisions you have to make. So I agree wth Amber!

  36. Pamela Collins Lopez

    or, what if the mother contracted AIDS during that rape or incest and gave it to the baby? although this transmission is happening less and less because of new procedures and drug therapies, it is still nobody's decision. the GOP push less government but they are really MORE GOVERNMENT. Sick…

  37. Sam Owens

    James Vittum Life doesn't always provide ideal situations in which all may walk away unscathed. Believing otherwise in naive. Suppose you are held up at knife point with the option to use a concealed firearm for defense. There would be no guarantee of anyone dying, yet the possibility would be there. Would you refrain from defending yourself for fear of killing your adversary, or murdering them, as you've described? What if by doing so you sacrifice your own life, or murdering yourself, as you've described? You are being far too simplistic about all of this. Realize then, won't you, that you should reconsider your position.

  38. Pamela Collins Lopez

    James Vittum
    Okay, so what you're saying James Vittum is that people receiving government aid can't make their own choices? wow…

  39. Pamela Collins Lopez

    again, another man who does not know what it's like to carry a child, care for one, give birth, etc. Tsk, tsk…

  40. Mikael Andrews

    James Vittum i was an unwanted teen pregnancy, and my life has been hell. i wish my mother had been given the choice rather than told she was going to have me one way or another. and don't tell me that my life is God's gift, or some other nonsense like that. you haven't walked in my shoes…

  41. Danelle Murphy

    James Vittum …check your facts. Less than 3% of Planned Parenthood's services are abortions. I'd say that 97% means that is not "what PP is all about".

    Also, read this:

    At the end of the day Planned Parenthood is about saving women's lives and keeping women healthy. I know this is hard for you to accept, but it is true. I used to say that until you grow a uterus you have no right to say anything about abortion, but I've also come to believe that even if you DO have a uterus, you have no right to say anything about OTHER women's bodies.

  42. Pamela Collins Lopez

    James Vittum so you're saying an eye for an eye then? Idk about you, but as a child I was taught that two wrongs don't make a right. Planned Parenthood offers a MULTITUDE of services, not just abortion. Birth control, pap smears, treatment for urinary tract infections, STDs, for people that can't afford a private physician or health insurance, Planned Parenthood is a viable option and sometimes the only option.

  43. Angela Griffin Bunch


  44. Sam Owens

    Bull$hit. I don't need a vagina to intellectually examine and provide an opinion on the philosophy behind abortion and the applicability of ethics to it. All I need is a brain and reliable sources of accurate information. Your comment that would imply otherwise is sexist and unnecessary.

  45. James Vittum

    Sam Owens ,I was talking about the murder of an unborn child.I would defend myself in any event.The problem is there is no defense available to the unborn. Except those who will endure this B.S. To be sure any young woman considering having an abortion is aware she is allowing her baby to be murdered.And although you will all be forgiven in the end murder is a sin.

  46. Marlana Hobden

    4% or not, it is still a fact. And I don't know a single person who enjoys abortions. There is no such thing as pro-abortion. Its called pro-choice. And choices aren't always easy. You are incredibly naive and heartless to dismiss the 4% who were raped, or the women who will die if they don't have an abortion. It IS a valid argument.

  47. Marlana Hobden

    James Vittum Seriously, knock it off with the "liberal" bullcrap. Its the small-minded, less educated folk who throw that word around. Frankly if you think its okay for a woman to die because you don't want to fund an abortion that will save her life, then YOU ARE A MURDERER as well. And just as much of a "murderer" as anyone else who has an abortion. Who the heck do you think you are to decide whose life is more valuable? Are you God?

  48. Mary Mulholland

    Pamela Collins Lopez they also offer Mammograms as well for women who do not have insurance there are a great many services Plan Parenthood provide but like all extremist Cain and others only see the abortion side of Plan Parenthoods work because they know if they appeal to the extrem ultra right wing conservitaves they might be able to shut a few down without giving thought to all the good work they do

  49. Russ DuRant

    So are you trying to say that anyone with a dick cannot make rational and well thought out decisions?? I mean ultimately I feel that it is something that the father and the mother should agree on.

  50. James Vittum

    Ian Pershing P.P Is about buying democratic votes !!!! with MY MONEY !!!!!!They help women like welfare helps the poor. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  51. Angela Griffin Bunch

    Well, Herman Cain will NOT get my vote. This issue isn't the only reason there are many. It's that plain. I respect all your comment. That's what this country is about. FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  52. Kelli Dugan

    James Vittum i go to PP and they get their money from donations from people who know its needed. Also there are men that go there to you know. It's not just for women.

  53. Russ DuRant

    Is it me or does this James Vittum guy sound like a raving out of control fanatic? I mean who are you to say that the mother should still have a child if it endangers her life? And I am curious as to where abortion has anything to do with getting Democrats elected. I have no bias toward any party, but people getting abortions have never really swayed my vote one way or the other. You need to seek help quickly. Your views towards life and the situation at hand are borderline obsessive and skewed beyond belief. So don't call me a Democrat when you respond to this James and don't talk about murdering babies. My wife is 4 months pregnant and I am going to be a proud father. But in the end I feel that the decision should lie in the hands of the people who know the entire situation and the hardships that would lie ahead, and that could only be seen and decided upon by the parents of the unborn child.

  54. Linda Ulmer

    James Vittum Just a thot. How many pregnant women in Iraq were killed in the name of freedom? How many babies were killed? Different story? Only in your jaded mindset.

  55. Lawrence Mintz

    James Vittum You sound like ur reading from a script. You say it's murder but it's not. I don't agree with last stage abortions. Some how u think eggs are the same as humans. The difference about our opinions on that I believe u have a right to be be anti abortion when it concerns ur well being but u have not right to inflict ur anti abortionist agenda on other people.

  56. Mary Mulholland

    Russ DuRant Russ in the mater of rape or incest there is very seldom a husband involved and in some cases of incest they are young girls then she should be helped through the proccess with a mother or another female family member she trust's

  57. Russ DuRant

    Mary Mulholland in that case of course it would rely solely on the mother. Since the male is not necessarily present and willing to help make decisions.

  58. James Vittum

    The choice is yours, it's the public funding that bothers me. And your quick to attack me personally.That my friend is a Democratic trait. When a living fetus is killed it IS murder. I'm the poor are the people getting the free abortions,the poor vote Dem.overwhelmingly.

  59. Linda Sampson Rotella

    James Vittum The operative word being "CHOOSE" . GOP are hypocrits. Options of their agenda …Against the abortion, OK have the baby…and now I cannot take care of the child, help me GOP! You lazy piece of *%^# ,,,get a job..we arent giving you welfare, dont have a kid if you cant afford it! And Michele Bachman …says she wouldn't do anything for illegals children born in the US, So Michele , does that mean you would condone their abortions? Is that a direct contradiction of her so called Prolife stance?

  60. James Johnson

    Marlana Hobden Very well said Marlana, even if it was .1% of the women who receive an abortion, you can't just say "hey females, sorry you were in the 4% but you're out of luck." I personally like how Herman Cain attacks everyone he sees as racist (I'm sorry P. Parenthood isn't racist, I have a friend from a predominant black area, guess who worked there? Black workers!) but when it comes to abortion he has no problem singling out women….All I get from him is that he hates white people and women who don't agree with him).

  61. Russ DuRant

    James Vittum well I didnt know personal attacks were a trait of any party. I mean I have seen republicans personally attack republicans. I mean public funding is needed in this field. It is the screening process that must be modified. There are some people who really need the public funding, and some who don't. Education about birth control should be more prominent and this issue may not be as big of a deal. But who really wants to bring a baby into a world that cannot be cared for properly. I would want my son or daughter whichever it may be to suffer or go hungry. Who is to say that you could find someone to adopt a baby under the circumstances that the people who make these decisions are facing?? I am just saying that every circumstance is not always the same. You may view this as murder, but on certain occasions its more of a mercy killing than a murder. Because lets be honest, murder is committed in retaliation and anger. Most abortions are performed out of the understanding that a. financially someone wasnt responsible enough for a child (i.e. the need for birth control education), b. the child poses a threat to a mother's life (you can make another child, you cant make another mother) and c. rape and incest are truly going to be difficult to handle much less attempt to explain to your child when he/she asks about daddy. Do you really want to tell your child oh I dont know who or where daddy is because he raped me? or Your daddy is my daddy? Think of how confusing and traumatizing that could be for a young child. Think of how traumatizing it could be for the mother to have to be reminded on a daily basis of the time when her rights, safety, and well-being were all violated. Everytime she looks at her child she possibly has feelings of resentment, hate, and insecurity. There are just so many situations that constitute the need for this service and way to fund it.

  62. Linda Sampson Rotella

    James Vittum How about the pregnant citizen women who are killed in military actions..How about babies and children killed in military actions. Im sure thei rstats are high. So order me by law to have a child, but turn your back because nowbecause of your law I have a child that I cannot give a home, a bed, food, medicine, medical help and let the kid starve, live in squalor, suffer in sickness. Ill be ProLife if you can 100% guarantee that child's life will not be worse than death.Can, not can you, will you do that GOP and/ or Prolife? didnt think so…………..

  63. Linda Sampson Rotella

    If GOP have their way…cant have public funds to abort your fetus , but cant have public funds to raise your child, either.!! James, Its a no win stance you take.

  64. Theresa Riley

    I agree with you Angela. I haven't ever agreed with abortion, but in certain circumstances: rape and incest. I have 4 kids (1 boy, the oldest, and 3 girls). All my of my children know my views on abortion. My son was a product of a teenage pregnancy, I had the option of abortion or adoption or keeping him. I went to planned parenthood to find out that I was pregnant and they never once offered any information about abortion, they only spoke of the option of adoption or keeping the baby. I wasn't brought up with thinking that abortion was right. I therefore had thought about adoption to a local family who had adopted several children but after seeing the ultrasound picture I decided to keep the baby. Tomorrow my son will be 25. All of my children have kids of their own now, I have 4 wonderful kids and 6 wonderful grandkids (the oldest grandchild that I am raising). When 2 of my daughters found out they were pregnant, they found out at planned parenthood and neither time did they ever mention anything about abortion!!
    There should be no reason for a woman to carry a child that was not her decision to have. Granted there are several families out there that are on waiting list to adopt a child but to tell a woman to carry a child that was conceived through rape or incest would be emotional and mental trauma to her.

  65. Terri Kaye

    Listen this is just my opinion, one person, me, I am not trying to change anyone's mind about anything, I just have grown to an age that I see things through an older eye, and Pat you are right they don't want those throw away kids, they want babies, but sometimes the throw kid gets a break, and so do the babies.

  66. Tracee Hawkins Harris

    Amen James! murder is murder…being a women, and a Godly woman at that…I could not live with myself knowing that I murdered my unborn child because of a rape or incest, and futher more too many women are laying down willingly with a man, getting pregnate, and then aborting that child because they don't want to take responcibilty for there own actionsand it is the easy way out!…..I think abortions should be banned, and tried as 1st degree murder.

  67. Terri Kaye

    Wow, it does almost sound like I am against abortion, I'm not, I am against irresponsible people. I also blame the parents of teens who get upset because their daughter gets pregnant,when they were to busy doing other things to even notice their own kid, who is having a kid.

  68. Theresa Riley

    Tracee Hawkins Harris I will agree if they are just out having fun laying on their backs and then going to get an abortion, instead of being held accountable for their actions then something needs to be done. Either they need carry the baby and put it up for adoption or they should be fixed so they can't get pregnant again!!!

  69. Lawrence Mintz

    James Vittum the problem is that all u anti abortionisst want to ban abortions under all circumstances, even the day after pill is taboo. Plus u all want to pull sex education programs in schools and teach abstinence as the only birth control. That doesn't work and that does not matter. In Mississippi Texas and Alaska they gave drastically cut sex education, make it extremely difficult for teen to get birth control. The result is those states have the highest rate of unwed teenage pregnancies in the country. So u want to keep the youth uniformed about how to protect against pregnancy make it nearly impossible to get any birth control and then force the to have children they don't want. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Lawrence Mintz

    James Vittum U just hate liberals because they laugh and think the bible is a work of science fiction

  71. Lawrence Mintz

    James Vittum with u it's always the liberals and democrats and probably the gays and the blacks and the jews. U just love to label people and then hate them. U call people murders and that's okay in your book but when someone responds in kind u start with the labels. PEACE AND LOVE.

  72. Michael Schmidt

    This article was taken out of context. Herman Cain was pushed for a statement that could be twisted around to fit his detractors purpose. Listen to the whole interview not just the last 5 minutes.You can take any thing out of context and have it sound the way you want it in order to try to destroy someone.

  73. James Vittum

    As long as these 'girls' are aware of the emotions involved w/ the reality that abortion IS murder. Choose life. And did you know the Bachman family has raised 22 foster children ?

  74. Norm Higgs

    Pamela Collins Lopez – yeah, way to avoid the actual point. Why can't you actually address the point rather than use a disrespectful dismissive? The fact of the matter is, you have no clue what I do know or don't know regarding children, childbirth or child care. In debating circles, sweetie – that means You Lose.

  75. Norm Higgs

    Marlana Hobden – Sorry but 'Pro choice' is an intellectually dishonest cop-out used to bolster an otherwise unsupportable position. I don't know a single person that enjoys heart surgery either. Does that make us 'anti-heart surgery? It really baffles me that you cannot see the illogical position of using a tiny fraction of defensible instances to support the other 95 percent of indefensible instances. Imagine if people were demanding and getting heart transplants on demand – regardless of actual need. What would you think of people defending that by saying "what about the people with heart disease?" The fact is that most people who are against abortion are not opposed to it as a medical necessity in extreme cases (Cain's comment notwithstanding).

  76. Marlana Hobden

    Norm Higgs – And I'm baffled that you so easily dimiss the 4%. If you had a daughter who was raped would you force her to carry a child that would only serve as a constant reminder of the pain and humilation she went through while being raped? If my own father were that cruel and unsympathetic I probably would never speak to him again. So yes, I'm arguing for the 4% since you seem to be saying they should be forced to carry a rapist's child, or die from a dangerous pregnancy nevermind the fact that this woman might already have children who need her to stick around and raise them. It's not an illogical position because the 4% make up HUMAN BEINGS. I know you want to demonize EVERY woman regardless of circumstance, but doing so is wrong, plain and simple. We can go ahead and argue for or against the OTHER women who fail to use birth control and dont want to own up to their actions, but you didnt bring that up, you brought up the 4%. And yeah I agree with Pamela (well except for the raise part, cuz most men do in fact know what it is like to raise a child). It is not disrespectful, it is a fact. You can not carry a child or give birth.

  77. Marlana Hobden

    Also no one said anything about seatbelts or heart surgery, so you might wanna stick to the issue as well, since you're so eager to jump on Pamela about the runaround.

  78. Marlana Hobden

    James Vittum And you are so quick to attack those that don't support your position. Sorry hon, thats a human trait (or certain kinds of human), and has nothing to do with liberal, conservative, democrat, republican. Non-partisan research has proven that the more educated (i.e. college graduates) also vote democrat. We can go back and forth about labels (fyi I'm someone that has voted both democrat and republican at different times). People might consider your views more if you weren't throwing around the political labels. Its also murder to believe its okay to let women die because of a pregnancy that is dangerous to their own health. So you support murder. Just be honest and say you support the murder of the women forced to endure dangerous pregnancies, and you support rapists.

  79. Janine Giroux

    I am the oldest of three kids. My mom had an abortion with her second pregnancy. After all the screwed up crap myself and my siblings went through being raised by our shizophrenic mother and our clueless, alchoholic father, I'd say that aborted sibling got out of a rotten situation. What kind of people go around wishing such a painfull life on some one anyways? And don't try useing that give it up for adoption crap either, we all know most kids don't allways get adopted out and have to live in foster care, going from one home to the next with no stability in thier lives!

  80. Holland Gurnee

    The government needs to keep their nose out of it and let the mother decide if she wants to do what she wants. She has only herself and GOD to answer to. And all those wackos out there need to go home and shut up.

  81. Lawrence Mintz

    James Vittum Maybe u should talk to someone who has late stage terminal lung cancer and you'll find many who would like to be spared the pain

  82. Norm Higgs

    Marlana Hobden – again the point is completely missed by you – I don't dismiss them. I simply do not believe they are a valid justification for the other 96% – why is that so hard for you to figure out? Analogies are just completely lost on you aren't they?

  83. Janine Giroux

    Mandatory birth controll is also violating some ones right to chose, perhaps birth controll should be made more accessable to the less fortunate and the ones who could become pregnant but have medical issues. I'm willing to help people not be born into a bad situation. I wan't to help drug atticts and hookers NOT have babies, but if these people should ever decide to turn a new leaf and live a better life, they should still have the right to start a family as well. I'm sure they'll have more than enough knowlegde in things to warn their own kids away from.

  84. Danelle Murphy

    James Vittum – THERE IS NO TAX FUNDING OF ABORTIONS. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, DO SOME DAMN RESEARCH. In every other post, you're against abortion because it's "murder". Now you say that it's because of the "public funding". Make up your mind. If you consider it murder then so be at, at least you have a (illogical) leg to stand on. When you say it's about public funding, you're just wrong, because there is NO public funding for abortion. the public funding that goes to Planned Parenthood is earmarked for education and other things. All of the funding for abortions are from PRIVATE donors and the women getting the abortions. If you're going to be so damn rabid on a topic, at least learn the facts before you dig your hole even deeper.

  85. Danelle Murphy

    Herman Cain has no idea about anything except pizza. He changes his views on everything to pander to those he wants to elect him. He makes so much stuff up. This subject is not the only one.

  86. Amber Died

    Russ DuRant Don't twist my words and make it personal. I said unless you are the father and have the intent of raising the child, you, with all due respect, do not have much of a place to speak on this matter. A man will never be pregnant. I am a strong advocate for father's rights, but often the father isn't even in the picture, therefore men, especially politicians have absolutely no right telling a woman what she should or shouldn't do with her body. Abortion is not an easy choice but often it's the only option. So zip it.

  87. Mary Mulholland

    Tracee Hawkins Harris Tracee I am the one that started this let me tell you as a rape Survior I am so glad I had a choice I am a Christian woman who made the right choice for herself but how many men out there are still raping women and having incest with their daughters, sisters, nieces these women and children need to know that they and only they have the right to choice what is right for them without being judged about their choice. Having an abortion is not murder a fetus is not feasible till it reaches a certain stage during pregancy and a termination is offered before that stage not afterwards at least not in eithical clinics. Do you as a Christian God fearing woman as you put it wish to see abortions go back to the back alley day's when women lost her life because of bad practise. I know I don't

  88. Joe Snow

    Look where the right to choose got us… Seven Billion Strong! How long do you think the planet can support 7,000,000,000 mouths to feed?

  89. Jennifer Aguayo

    I don't see how any MAN can have an opinion about whether is it is right or not to have an abortion. Ultimately the are not the ones who have to make that decision.

  90. John Zeits

    If the father wants the child but the incubator doesn't, she should have it & turn it over to the baby daddy.

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