Baltimore Man At 7-Eleven Robbed While Rapping On The Radio [Video]

A Baltimore man was getting his 15 minutes of overnight radio fame in Baltimore recently when he was rudely interrupted by a man robbing his place of work.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the man was working the overnight shift at a 7-Eleven store when he was robbed while rapping. You see, the Sun reports that he had called into a local sports radio show to discuss Baltimore’s loss to Kansas City in the run up to the World Series and in the process, apparently began to rap.

The Sun‘s Justin George reports the details of the man robbed while rapping at his overnight job.

“The incident, which took place at about 3:30 a.m., was captured on tape because the clerk named ‘Will’ had called The DA Show, a CBS sports radio show hosted by Damon Amendolara, between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. The clerk, bemoaning last night’s Orioles playoff loss to the Kansas City Royals, had just broken into an on-air rap when he stopped suddenly and told Amendolara he was being robbed. The caller hung up, leaving the radio host to wonder about his safety.

“Later, Amendolara told Deadspin that ‘Will’ had called him back, telling him that he was safe.”

George reports that while the story seems remarkable, it may have one big hole in it. The hole in the story of being robbed while rapping? Well, apparently the city of Baltimore’s police department did not have any reported robberies until about 5 a.m. that morning. Now, does that mean the store this man was working in was not robbed? Not necessarily. He could work in a suburb or possibly the amount taken was not enough to justify a police report. But fishy, none the less.

While the robbed while rapping story has some holes in it and appears to be too good to be true, the actual robbery that occurred at a Baltimore 7-Eleven that night was pretty remarkable. Again, Justin George has the details.

“The suspects pushed the clerk into a chair, turned it around and told the victim not to turn around. He then demanded that the clerk write his security code down for the cash register. The clerk complied and stayed in the back room for 20 minutes until both suspects left.

“Security footage later showed that while one suspect was dealing with the clerk in the back room, the other unzipped his hoodie to reveal a red shirt similar to a standard 7-Eleven uniform. He then grabbed a number of Greendot and Western Union prepaid Visa cards. The suspect moved behind the cash register and began activating the cards.

“‘While doing so multiple customers came in and out of the location and suspect #1 acted as an employee of 7-Eleven; scanning the items and checking the customers out accordingly,’ the police report said.”

Just another night in Baltimore.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]