Teenage Pizza Delivery Guy Runs For Office

Teenage Pizza Delivery Guy Runs For Office?

The American political landscape has seen some changes lately. As reported by The Inquisitr, secession talks have been heard throughout the country. There seems to be more challengers on the ballot than in previous years. With this general disgust of governmental politics, some believe the political winds are shifting. So would it be so unbelievable that your local pizza delivery guy would be running for office?

According to NBC 9 News, a pizza delivery guy in Dacono, Colorado does happen to be running for his municipality’s council. Dacono teen Jory Coates makes and delivers pizza at a local pizza shop near his home. The 18-year old recent high school graduate is wasting no time getting into the political fold. However, his inexperience in campaigning has certainly made him the less confident dog in the race.

“Campaigning terrifies me in all honesty. Because I am so young, I feel like they think I’m just a joke. So I really want to get back out and prove myself.”

Despite not having run for office, he has been in charge and managed affairs outside his own life. He is one of two de facto managers at Hammer-Time Pizza. An 18-year old pizza delivery guy running for office would seem out of the blue and certainly there are no others running in Colorado, but Jory Coates was influenced and encourage to run by his best friend and girlfriend’s father, who is a recent retiree for their local council.

Coates, the pizza delivery guy, told the Times-Call about his best friend’s dad and how he motivated him to run.

“He thought I would be good at it and he kind of wanted me to take over for him. I have a lot of friends, you know, doing something with their lives. They’re going to college, going into the Army. I wanted to do something productive.”

The teen pizza delivery candidate has steep competition between a sitting council woman, and another woman, Deborah Nasta, who is more than twice his senior. Though sitting council woman Peggy Randolph stated she did not know the young pizza delivery guy running for council, their opponent seems more aware. According to NBC 9 News, Nasta has been quoted in telling the teen pizza delivery worker “more power to him”.

Coates’ campaign has $100 from pizza delivery tips in his campaign coffers. Though modest in finance, this pizza delivery guy is doing things old fashioned by going door to door to ask for votes. His age has not gone unnoticed and Coates has felt quite nervous on the campaign trail, according to the Times-call.

“I’ve been talking to neighbors, and it’s nerve wracking going door to door. They see some teenage guy asking them to vote for him, so it’s a little scary to me.”

Though Coates does not have a specific issue, he felt inspired by a recent council meeting where a council member vehemently spoke out against a local issue, in a contentious back and forth.

“The idea that I could be up there and make a difference and take a side, it would be incredible. It’s frustrating sitting on the sidelines and not being able to do anything.”

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