Seasonal Jobs Are Hot And Ready When You Are

The only thing worse than a bad job is no job, but Time Warner Cable News reveals that outplacement analysts claim there is great news on the hiring front. Seasonal jobs are expected to increase to 800,000 openings across the nation for holiday spending and shopping sprees.

The hot zones will be openings with auto dealers, parts and accessories, as well as sporting goods and electronics. Now would be the best time to start knocking on doors and secure a great paying job for the season. It might just translate into a full-time career if you play your cards right.

Kohl’s announced it anticipates hiring more than 52,000 retail associates across the nation this holiday season. This is a whopping 10 percent increase over last year’s hiring frenzy for seasonal jobs. Toys’R’Us plans on creating 45,000 jobs nationwide including positions as sales associates, distribution center workers and stock crews.

Upping the ante are the delivery companies. According to Daily Finance, FedEx plans on hiring more than 50,000 seasonal workers. Rival UPS claims their hiring plan will increase to 95,000 seasonal jobs. Both companies felt the strain of being understaffed last year and could not handle the load to insure that all packages would be delivered in time for Christmas.

The increase in deliveries for the two rival companies is the result of the explosion in online shopping. Both companies are expecting and bracing for a greater surge than last year and are hiring temporary drivers, package handlers and workers for their seasonal job openings.

With retail outlets preparing for a five percent rise in sales over last year, Santa Claus and his helpers will be as popular as ever and provide thousands of jolly workers with the best seasonal jobs.

Other giants in the retail industry preparing for a great shopping season include Target with plans to hire 70,000 seasonal workers. Macy’s will generate seasonal jobs for 86,000 employees, and J.C. Penney has 35,000 positions available. GameStop, the largest video retailer with more than 6,600 stores is hiring 25,000, and Walmart has created 60,000 seasonal jobs.

Let’s not forget restaurants, bakeries, mom and pop stores, and neighborhood bars. This time of year, practically every business has seasonal job openings.

The Inquisitr reveals the easiest way to find a seasonal job is online. In the search bar of the company’s website, type in ‘Seasonal Jobs.’ Of course, you could always just do things the old-fashioned way and make a phone call. Or walk into a business that attracts you and ask a manager if they are hiring for seasonal jobs. Most positions will pay between $8 and $20 an hour.

Chances are you just might get hired right away. Be prepared and approach the seasonal job as if you were applying for the best job of your life and work yourself into a post-seasonal job. Simply answer the question; where would you love to work?