Google Cuts 100 Jobs, Closing Engineering Offices

Google has announced 100 layoffs and range of engineering office closures across three countries.

The 100 positions to be cut come from recruiting, and are on top of a confirmation from Google that “almost all contracts with external contractors and vendors providing recruiting services” have been cut. The layoffs are the first confirmed by Google for Google employees, after rumors of up to 10,000 contractors had been cut (others suggest the number is 4,500).

Google has also announced a cut to its external engineering offices with engineering teams in Austin, Texas; Trondheim, Norway; and Lulea, Sweden to go. The total number of staff affected is 70, and all have been offered the opportunity to relocate, although Google notes that not all may take the offer, with a net result of more job losses.

Google said the consolidation allows them to “build larger and more effective teams, reduce communication overhead, and give engineers increased options for future projects.”