Days of Our Lives spoilers: James Scott's EJ shot and killed by Clyde or Chad?

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: James Scott’s EJ Will Be Shot, Sami To Find Body?

Days of Our Lives fans are waiting for the worst to happen to James Scott’s character, EJ DiMera, who will likely be killed off the show in the very near future.

EJ’s wife, Sami Brady, will hear gunshots fired in Salem Park in the dark, and yell out for her husband, who likely won’t respond. Now, the question poses fans, who will shoot EJ on Days of Our Lives?

While there are many theories floating around, one of which is that EJ will fake his death, there are two main possibly suspects who could pull the trigger of the gun aimed at EJ, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Days of Our Lives viewers have been watching as EJ’s business dealings with Clyde have gotten heated, and Jordan and Ben’s father has mentioned in the past that he may need to take care of Mr. DiMera if EJ doesn’t start seeing things his way. But, is Clyde a killer? Jordan and Ben seem to think he’s a bad enough guy, so why not add murder to the list, right?

Meanwhile, the other suspect is EJ’s very own brother, Chad DiMera. Why would Chad want to shoot and kill his own brother? The answer and simple… revenge.

Days of Our Lives fans know that Chad is furious at EJ for having an affair with his former love, Abigail Deveraux. Chad is so mad that he’s recently teamed up with Kate Roberts to sell EJ out to their devilish father, Stefano DiMera, who will likely be wanting some revenge of his own on his son.

Could Stefano be the force that drives Chad to kill his brother EJ, even after EJ risked his own life to save Chad from a bullet in the past? Days of Our Lives viewers know that Stefano can be very persuasive, especially when it comes to his children, and usually shows no mercy for anyone who may wrong him.

However James Scott’s character, EJ DiMera, exits Days of Our Lives, fans will be devastated to see him go, as he’s been a fan favorite since debuting on the show.

Meanwhile, the exit of EJ DiMera also means that Alison Sweeney’s Sami Brady will soon be gone from the show, although the actress has promised to return from time to time for important moments such as big anniversary celebrations, and possible holidays like Christmas.

Who do you think will shoot and kill James Scott’s EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives?

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