Laura Vandervoort Gets Naked For Animal Rights in New PETA Ad [Video]

Laura Vandervoort is the latest in a long line of celebrities to take her clothes off for animal’s rights. The latest PETA ad, which stars Vandervoort painted to look like a reptile, features the slogan “Whose Skin Are You In?”

Vandervoort, who starred in “Smallville,” and coincidentally, as a lizard on the show “V,” also filmed a short PSA for PETA.

Vandervoort said:

“I want to make people aware that if you want a high end python bag or crocodile… Three or four alligators have to die for each purse. It’s just ridiculous. A lot of people think that reptiles don’t feel, but they do.”


On PETA’s website, the animal rights group explains that lizards can live as long as thirty years, but they are often killed young when they are at a more “marketable” size.

PETA says that several clothing lines have agreed not to sell exotic animal skins. PETA said:

“Popular retailers such as Victoria’s Secret, H&M,, Cole Haan, and Nike have all signed PETA’s pledge never to sell exotic skins.”

Here’s Laura Vandervoort’s video for PETA.

PETA has a long history of using woman to promote animal rights. Pamela Anderson, Brooke Hogan, Eva Mendes, and Charliz Theron have all modeled nude for PETA, and the animal rights group is planning on launching its own porn site soon.

Do you think ads like Laura Vandervoort’s bring attention to animal rights?