Sadie Robertson's Dad Willie Weighs In On Her Duck Costume

What Did Sadie Robertson’s Dad Think Of Her ‘Ducks Gone Wild’ Costume On ‘DWTS?’ [Video]

Sadie Robertson’s Dancing with the Stars performance was really wild — in fact, her feathered costume and crazy duck dance made judge Carrie Ann Inaba dub her quackers routine “ducks gone wild.”

For the sexy samba, Sadie Robertson dressed up in a duck costume that might make you wonder if sexy duck Halloween costumes will be big this year (there are sexy taco and sexy Olaf Halloween costumes, so it’s not too much of a stretch). Sadie’s partner, Mark Ballas, wore a camo outfit and a dark beard, so he was either supposed to be Sadie’s dad or a generic hunter who takes style notes from Duck Dynasty.

Even though Ballas was a hunter and Robertson was his prey, it’s a good thing the performance didn’t end with Mark whipping out a fake rifle and bagging his game — Willie Robertson might love duck hunting, but he probably wouldn’t enjoy watching his duck daughter get shot.

Speaking of Willie, he’s very particular about the costumes that Sadie Robertson wears on Dancing with the Stars. However, he didn’t have a problem with last night’s outfit.

“I went out and gathered all these feathers for the last month,” Willie Robertson joked to E! News. “No, I didn’t, but anything with feathers is cool and stones and rocks. Yeah, I mean it’s real earthy. I like it!”

This week Willie got to be part of Sadie’s performance. He and Sadie’s uncles, Si, Jase, and Jep, reclined in rocking chairs on a porch set. They blew their duck calls, attracting Sadie Robertson’s furiously-flapping duck covered with brightly-colored feathers. Mark and Sadie’s performance was appropriately set to Pharrell Williams’ song “Hunter.”

Sadie’s sparkly waterfowl outfit and her wild dance routine helped her score an impressive 37 out of 40 points. She was definitely no ugly duckling — in fact, judge Bruno Tonioli compared her to Natalie Portman’s character in the Black Swan movie.

Last night the Dancing with the Stars contestants had to choose themes based on their most memorable years, and Sadie Robertson opted to pay homage to her grandfather Phil Robertson. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Phil caused a media firestorm last year by comparing homosexuality to bestiality and talking about anal sex during an interview with GQ.

According to Fox 411, Sadie explained that she chose to revisit the controversy because of her faith.

“My grandpa said some things that upset some people and the press came after him. My family would not be where we are without our faith. That’s what’s carried us this whole way. You know, we put our faith in God and we like to share that with everybody.”

Sadie went on to say that she sticks by her family no matter what they say or do.

“The thing is, no matter what he would have said, we should have stuck by him, because he’s my grandpa. Yeah, he’s very opinionated, but he’s my family, and family sticks together.”

Sadie’s hunting-themed performance did well, but her duck dance couldn’t top “The Carlton” — Alfonso Ribeiro waltzed away with a perfect score after doing his notoriously bad dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Robertson finished third behind Lea Thompson, who scored a 39 for a moving contemporary routine that paid homage to her late father.

Were you a fan of Sadie Robertson’s performance and the theme that she chose?