Kim Kardashian 10-Day Detox

Kim Kardashian Doing 10-Day Detox After Pigging Out: Wants To Lose 6 Pounds

Kim Kardashian will be doing a 10-day detox after gaining weight overseas during Paris Fashion Week. The European city is well-known for it’s delicious food and Kim took great pleasure indulging herself.

An insider speaks with RadarOnline about what’s driving Kim to take such a drastic approach to losing just 6 pounds. Apparently, when Kim isn’t watching what she eats, she tends to go overboard. The source says Kardashian’s “weight gain is like a roller coaster.”

“She was eating from the minibar and generally pigging out because she found Paris so stressful,” the unidentified source reveals.

Supposedly it’s Kendall Jenner’s skyrocketing success that’s bothering the 33-year-old. Kim’s 18-year-old sister is finding herself in the spotlight more and more. She’s rivaling Kim in media attention. Kardashian’s way of dealing with the stress is to eat it away, according to the source.

“Kendall’s young, thin and chic, which was grating on her.”

Kim Kardashian has reportedly attended a French weight loss and Bodhimaya detox retreat based out of Provence. The source shares that the staff was required to sign a large volume of confidentiality agreements after recording her measurements and learning what her true eating habits are.

In an attempt to maintain as much privacy as possible, Kim is having her own staff put together the 10-day detox plan so she can do it at home Los Angeles.

Kim’s husband, Kanye West, is brought up by the source when it comes to how life has been with his wife lately. The insider claims that Kim has been moody and it’s made Kanye feel down, too. So, he’s looking forward to her getting back on track soon.

As Women’s Health reported in 2013 Kim lost her baby weight quickly after having daughter, North West, by doing the Atkins diet. She cut back significantly on carbs and focused on eating mostly protein foods.

The Inquisitr has written other articles on Kim and her weight issues. One of them was about the reality star using food when stressed.

With all of the selfies Kim has snapped of herself for social media, Kim is obviously focused on having a fabulous frame. She recently shared a picture on Twitter writing that she achieves her waistline by wearing a corset during workout sessions.

Doctors insist there’s no scientific evidence supporting this claim, which many women believe helps slim the waist.

It shouldn’t be too hard for Kim Kardashian to lose 6 pounds with a 10-detox.

[Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC via 104.3]