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Barbie Tattoos Lead to Predictable Media Hysteria, World to End Soon

barbie tattoos

The latest Barbie doll comes with tattoos across her left arm, neck and chest, something that has apparently prompted an outrage amongst parents. Because hey, Barbie was always such an amazing role model for young girls.

The new, limited edition Barbie is the work of Mattel and Italy-based brand Tokidoki and sells for $50. She sports a pink bob, leopard print leggings, a dog called ‘Bastardino’ and tattoos. Supposedly, this has invited the wrath of parents across the land.

Yet are the irate parents really out there, or are they a media fabrication?

Well, they do exist. But this Daily Mail piece resorts to hunting around obscure websites for “tweenage” girls, just to locate a negative opinion about Barbie’s new body art. None of the usual ‘experts’ are wheeled out to offer an opinion, and that’s probably because – like the rest of us – they don’t see this as A Big Deal.

This greater acceptance of an inked Barbie is probably down to the fact Mattel has already manufactured a tatted Barbie. In 1999, Butterfly Art Barbie was withdrawn from stores after parents complained. In 2009, the company released Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie, a doll with removable sticker tattoos that some people found a tittersome use for. When people complained about the latter, Mattel stuck to its guns.

In the case of 2009 Barbie, the Mail at least trotted out a so-called expert who droned a bit about how childrens’ play habits were becoming sexualized. But in 2011, nobody with a brain still located on Earth seriously believes a doll with tattoos is an issue.

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186 Responses to “Barbie Tattoos Lead to Predictable Media Hysteria, World to End Soon”

  1. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    I disagree with the whole Barbie tattoo doll, but also with the dog's name. However, I simply would not buy the doll. By people not purchasing it that will send more of a message than everyone complaining about it.

  2. Troy Haraway

    I'm sure glad these were not available when my daughter was growing up. Imagine your child thinking wow Barbie's got tattoos, I want to be just like her, marked for life and unfairly judged by everyone seeing the tattoo. Truly disgusting!

  3. Sandra Johnston

    Barbie has tattoos…The world as we know it, is over. First, if you don't like it don't buy it. How about explaining the significance of tattoos as art. As being the individual's choice. Communication has always been a problem.

  4. Chi Wing

    Do kids even play with Barbie dolls anymore? Aren't they mostly for collectors now, which are adults? So who gives a crap if she's tattooed and has a dog named bastard…

  5. Laurel Ellis Pardo

    I was always a tomboy – the one time my mom bought me a Barbie I used it as a speed bump for my Tonka truck. My daughter is girlie and she loves Barbie. If she asked for this I'd tell her to save up her money and get it (by the time she saved up enough she'd lose interest in it anyway). Except for the tats on the neck (that's just gangster and trashy) I don't see a problem with this doll. It's no worse than any of the other idiotic ideas they've come up with for the worthless piece of plastic. And if parents are so concerned about the Barbie being a role model for their daughters, they need to have their head examined anyway. It's a DOLL. Find and encourage a REAL role model, something that actually intakes oxygen.

  6. Lee Myszak

    No the world is not coming to an end and like most media information this is much ado about nothing. But like most merchandise for sale these days, it is not worth purchasing.

  7. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    I was a tomboy as well, and my best friend growing up was a boy so we would have GI Joe beat up Ken and then Barbie would be his girlfriend! I agree with your statement about kids not using a DOLL as role model!! I just won't buy it for them!

  8. Anonymous

    Dolls do influence people, just as movies can and do. People who are weak willed will be affected… AND those who are easily impressionable and swayed easily to choose YOUR opinion. Those people are CHILDREN. They WILL do what you show them, easy as that. If they see/think that it's 'OK' and/or 'FASHIONABLE' to 'be like Barbie' and get 'tats' when they grow up too, then yes, that is a problem, because Mattel and Barbie are saying, YES to tattoos. Tattoos are not acceptable to many people in society, hell, I know at least 80% of people I know don't have tattoos and have expressed that they wouldn't get them and don't like them. That's out of hundreds of people I know. So, the greater majority of people are actually against SCARRING your body for 'art's sake'. Some people don't view the body being treated as a canvas as 'art'. The body itself (to me) IS ART. No need to paint it all sorts of colors/shapes. Also, most companies will NOT hire you if you are doused/covered in body art/tattoos, it's a known fact… just look up the do's and don'ts of job interviews and 'on the job etiquette'. Sure, there are those who LOVE tattoos, those will be the only people not objecting to these dolls. I disagree with the doll and it's 'idea', which seems to be basically grossly supporting and condoning, and even marketing tattoos in general. Bad idea overall. Then again, I am not against others with tattoos or who get them. Each to his/her own I say… just don't promote such things with dolls that kids WILL BE influenced by. Young minds are influenced easily, for good and for bad. Let's influence them with wholesome things… not god either. Just GOOD things, things that don't have to scar your body/pain you, and also PERMANENT things. I've known quite a few people who have regretted getting certain tattoos… not good. They don't have the money to pay to get them 'removed' by lasers. Ciao.

  9. Brian Scott Bailey

    I know they make these "collector" dolls but this is a joke. Why my daughter will NEVER NEVER have a Barbie. Bad enough Barbie has given girls and young women bad images over their own body. Bad enough most of the Barbies look like Strippers in the past 10 years (and this one is no exception).

    Now this doll is made for collectors but these should not be on Toys R Us shelves or any toy store. They should be in specialty stores that sell collectables which I would not have an issue. NOT in a toy store department. These are made for adult collectors not kids not should it be marketed towards them.

  10. Morgan Rainbowspaghetti Stewart

    I Think its kinda cute xD I mean people are goth or scene (like this doll) or a punk..But I do have to is a little over the top for little kids.

  11. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    I agree with your post, but it's up to parents to decide if the doll gets purchased. Most parents will give in and that is wrong for all sorts of reasons! I also object to the dog's name "bastardino" really?? I think this is the company's way of getting their name out there and getting some free publicity.

  12. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    I agree, but they will be in toy aisles. It's up to the consumers to voive their opinions and complain to management as well as not buy the doll. That is the only way to affect change! Hit the companies in their pocket books. I know if I see it at WalMart I will complain. I still turn the Cosmopolitan magazines aruond so my kids won't read the headlines!! Makes the clerks mad at Kroger but i do it anyway!

  13. Samantha Luckett

    I agree, people are always getting upset about nothing, its more important things in the world to worry about then a damn doll with tattoos! If you don't like it don't buy it! UGH!

  14. Allison Chan

    It's for the brand Tokidoki people! No one is saying to get this for every little girl. It's a collector item for lovers of Tokidoki. Get over it. You child will see people with tattoos every day and you can't stop it.

  15. Chris Barry

    That is amazing. WHo knew Barbie also spent time in a Russian Prison? The spider down means she's getting out of crime.

  16. Amanda Brandi Reis

    I'm more concerned with "Bastardino" looking like a cactus pet..

  17. Samantha M. Frey-Goode

    If your child is dumb enough to be lead by a fictional character then that is truly disgusting. Try parenting and you wont have any problems. BTW your unfairly judging.

  18. Chris Barry

    Wow… I didn't get it but now I do… Women identify the tattoo art movement as an extension of the "Our Bodies, Ourselves" movement… Is this a crazy oversight or… is this why girls like the body art?

  19. Jade Petaishiski

    HAHAHA. Bastardino? The dog is cute but wtf is up with his name? And why is she so skinny?

  20. Anthony Owens

    Ok first off the if you don't like it don't buy it concept isn't just that simple because little kids will still see it at other kids houses and school ect. Second your absolutly correct tattoos are an art and there isn't anything wrong with them , its the over all image of this barbie that I don't like and the attitudes that "USUALLY" come with people who have this image. its just not what I would want my kids to see as a role model , if they become this image so be it that's thier choice but I'm not going to do anything that could directly stear them in that direction. bad call by MATTEL thumbs down.

  21. Nick Kern

    Barbie was a role model? To me driving fancy cars, having a hot boyfriend, being rail thin, and having bleach blonde hair is a bad thing… I'm glad to see barbie branching out. Most girls can relate to this tatted up barbie, not to the beach blonde bimbo she was before!

  22. Katrina Armanda Nadeau

    my grand parents thought Elvis was too wild and when the beetles came out the world was to end… give me a break,, if young girls want to tattoo's there eyeballs black. which I have seen.. need attention so bad that there self esteem is so low… than lets fix the problem of parenting skills…. barbie getting a bit wild , that is what the market wants.. half the teen girls are bi sexual. tattoo barbie looks like a whore.. I cant wait for the transsexual barbie.. that's going to fire the WEB… boys are going to pop a nut on this doll… nice image were leaving our teens that this is what we want from them.

  23. Nick Kern

    My bad, i don't mean that being rail thin, blonde, and rich is a bad thing, but it's not at all what life will be like for most little girls.

  24. Summer Thompson

    Chris Barry .. Tattoo's identify criminals? Really? I for one have never been in jail, haven't had a speeding ticket since 97, never steal, a mother of two wonderful children, a typical law abiding individual and guess what?? I have 9 tattoo's. Stop with the stereotypes and realize society isn't the way it was half a decade ago. I completely agree tattoo's are a form of art, just like a hair dresser, they look at doing hair as an art form as well.

  25. Anthony Owens

    Your wrong , it doesnt matter how good your parenting skills are young children are still influanced by things like this especially barbie ! its a fact that most young children are more influanced by what they see rather then what they are told . please think before you speak in the future ty.

  26. Kesh Cares

    No my teenage daughters like tatoos b/c they are pretty when they see them on other people. They know nothing of OBO movement.

  27. Kesh Cares

    lol @ being offended by the tattos but not by the dogs name Bastardino. Might as well have a cat name Cuntchella.

  28. J AlCracka Renee Neihart

    OMG! It's NOT a kids doll! The doll was made for its main customer base, which are adult, female collectors. You can't even buy this doll in the store. It was only made available on the collector website. Frackin RELAX!

  29. Osiris Mansur

    This is a joke, don't have any idea of how many people have tattoos today? How many MOTHERS have tattoos exactly like this doll. I think this country is full of crap. We try to make believe we are what we are not. Who are we keeping the truth from? Only ourselves. I think our end will be because of the lack of honesty, not a Barbie doll.

  30. Holly Robinson

    So I guess I'm a horrible role model for my 12 year old. I have a whole sleeve AND a chest piece (UH OH!). Funny though, my daughter is in both advanced science and math, plays two instruments and is a track star. Probably the worst part of me having tattoos is that in a few years when my daughter is in high school she will be able to relate to me far better than her friends to their moms. Won't it be horrible when my daughter is able to confide in her criminal/freak/trash mother. Oh man, that's going to suck. Seriously though, I can't believe in this day and age THIS is what gets parents all upset.
    Sarcasm aside, why is it that some of the biggest thieves, crooks, criminals and liars are wearing nice suits, have nice white teeth and proper haircuts? I am referring to politicians, wall street, you know the, the Bernie Madoff types. I guess it doesn't matter what kind of person you are, as long as you don't have tattoos and wear a suit you can behave however you want. So much for not judging a book by it's cover.

  31. Nicole LaMaina

    Tina Johnson Wolfe Are you for real? You're really gonna complain over a stupid Doll? Pathetic. And tattoos aren't trashy. This is the twenty first century. Get with the times.

  32. James Clark

    I find it interesting that people care more about what Mattell is doing with Barbie than they care about what is being omitted from our schools. Chris Barry might be an idiot, but he is correct, gang members use tattoos to identify eachother, but they also use clothing, so should Barbie be naked? They use Sign Language, so are all deaf people gang members? Tattoos were also used to identify Shamen, Religious Tribal leaders, and has served as a right of passage as far back as Paleolithic Man. Do I think Barbie needs tattoos? Quite honestly, I do not see a real problem. Barbie has always changed with the times, and has always been a source of controversy. I am quite certain that Mattell appreciates the free marketing that we are providing them!

  33. Holly Robinson

    If Barbie were a real person, she would be 6' 0", weigh 100 lbs., and wear a size 4. Her measurements would be 39"-19"-33". That is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more damaging to young girls than a couple of tattoos.

  34. Summer Thompson

    Holly Robinson I totally agree there! I'm only 4'11" and at a point in time I weighed less then 100lbs. I was sick. I NEVER want to be that small again EVER! I am comfortable with my body the way it is now and I'm teaching my kids to accept who they are and be being different is a good thing.

  35. Maya Angelique

    Tattoos have been around for centuries even before Barbie or Mattel or whatever company started making them. If parents are so worried they should make rules like their child cannot get a tattoo until their eigheen (the legal age to get one) its as simple as that. Or not buy the product. If they do and their child asks about them tell them, don't shun them away or they will get curious and get wrong information from their peers. If parents actually talked to their children about things they asked it would be simple.

  36. Lori Dale

    There's nothing wrong with pink hair, tattoos, and a dog named Bastardino…'s what's inside that counts!

  37. Jeannette Ortiz

    Tina Johnson Wolfe you're so right. It's a doll for heavens sake. I love it and i think my granddaughter would also, the one things that bothers me is the sticker price. Tattoos are common place in todays society and some are so incredibly beautiful. My daughter and grandaughter do not look as Barbies are someone they would ever want to be. To us it was always about the fashio, my grandbaby changes her barbies every 5 minutes lol. IT IS NOT A ROLE MODEL PEOPLE.

  38. Dorothy Shah

    Mattel is not your child's parent. You are. If you have a problem with the doll, don't buy it. Some people think tattoos are an expression of art and wouldn't mid having their child have the Barbie. I don't particularly like the dog's name, but I have no reason to buy a Barbie either. To each his own.

  39. Jeannette Ortiz

    You're entitiled to buy your child what you want, as am I. I was a barbie lover as my daughter was and now my grandbaby and we never wanted to be her, we just wanted to change her clothes. It's ridiculous that a doll can give a little girl body issues. Maybe parents should to parent better and ensure your kids have good self esteem, barbies have no power, parents do!

  40. Karen Syverson Askelson

    Far Out! I like it…I would buy one for me, my daughter AND my Granddaughter. Frickin' lighten up people! There are worse things to worry about in this world. It never fails to astound me at how narrow minded and stupid some people are.

  41. Liz Cox

    People seriously need to get over it. This is not being marketed toward kids. Even on the website it says, "For the adult collector." If they're going to whine about this why didn't they protest the Pin-Up Girls Collection or even some of the more scantily clad Barbies that were actually in stores? Certain dolls are not meant to be played with by your children. This is one of them. If you want to use Barbie as your child's role model, then stick to purchasing the veterinarian, doctor, teacher, police, and soldier barbies. But make sure you educate your child that Barbie is JUST a doll and she is representing the people who actually perform those jobs. People who believe it or not, just might have a tattoo or *gasp* maybe even two tattoos!

  42. Christeena Dai

    I mean, besides the fact that this barbies fashion choice is frickin ugly, people really need to chill with the idea that a doll serve as a role model for kids. Hello parental figures?

  43. Alena Maidlova

    She has tatoos. So WHAT? It's a toy. What to complain about next? How about Spongebob – he's too yellow, too square, obviously lacks good judgement….I don't think he's a good role model either!

  44. Holly Robinson

    Yes, Vinnie, whenever a women has and expresses an opinion, we want to be padded on the head and handed a cookie, preferably chocolate chip.

  45. TranQuil Karma

    Good grief! Who knew my brothers were WAY ahead of the times…few of my Barbies escaped their artistic influences…LOLOL.

  46. Bonn Stevens

    Holly Robinson, I agree with you. I don't have a tattoo, nor would I want my two daughters to have one but it is their bodies and when they are 18 they can do whatever they want with them and I will support them. I do disapprove of the stereotype given to people with full length body art. Some of the best and brightest people I have ever met have them but unfortunately employers or people who deal with these individuals usually don’t see beyond that stereotype. With that said I will discourage my daughters from ever getting a tattoo they can’t cover up with clothing.
    As iterated by someone else posting on this subject, if you are worried about the Barbie (that you ignorantly purchased) your child has as being the most influential on how your children are raised, you have greater issues then a Barbie with tattoos. Congratulations on a successful child and being a successful parent.

  47. April Tindall

    Chris Barry you must be in your 70's, because that is an outdated old thing people in their twilight years say. Yes criminals can use tattoos, but they also use cars and phones so does that mean I am a criminal because I have a phone and a car?

  48. April Tindall

    Why would anyone by a doll that is 50 dollars for a child??? Maybe intelligence is a factor on this one.

  49. April Tindall

    I used to draw on my dolls with markers and make my own tattoos long before they had all this. Good thing the parents of today didn't see me doing it or else I would have been in a mental institution because I thought colors and art were pretty.

  50. Haida Samoan

    Tina Johnson Wolfe – Hear! Hear! I agree with you %100 – if my kids can't look up to me first, then there's something wrong.

  51. Patrick Haines

    what's next? Strap-on Ken? This is all silly, and yes people have been paying stupid money for collectable dolls for years…better than crack or plastic surgery I suppose, but it may be the gateway drug.

  52. Saphron Roysdon

    This is the coolest Barbie I've ever seen and if u buy it now it'll be worth a whole lot more later just cause of the contraversy about it!

  53. Laurel Garloch

    Why nobody cares about the anorexic, unattainable body image that Barbie has promoted since she first made her way into the hands of little girls everywhere, but thinks that our daughters will want to run out and get tattoos because of this latest doll is beyond me. How about the trashy makeup and skimpy clothing that she has been wearing for generations? What about her car that has no seatbelt, or her need to wear high heels all the time? Give me a break. Perhaps we should raise our daughters to make their own choices and have self-worth, and then we don't have to worry about the "influence" this doll will have, and it's reprehensible consequences to society.

  54. Milt Wong

    If a Barbie doll has more influence over your daughter than you, then you may want to reevaluate your parenting skills.

  55. Nicole Mueller-Podlipsky

    This is the best Barbie EVER! I am definitly getting two…one for each of my kids!

  56. Anonymous

    These women dressing their toddlers up as grown women, with HUGE hair, tons of makeup, tanning, manicures, pedicures and questionable costumes for beauty pageants are doing ALOT more damage to their daughters than this doll would.

  57. Tara Ybarra

    Parents have a right to teach their kids that tattoos are wrong. The seperation of the person and tattoo are clear to me. In my opinion, and many others, tattoos do not make a person a bad person but tattoos are tacky. And if we want to teach our kids that, then we can. If we want to demand Matel to pull tattoo Barbie from the shelves, we can, WELCOME TO AMERICA! Our voices and opinions are just as valid as other voices passionate about things they believe! As for the mom, who posted earlier, I respect your opinion, one mom to another. To all of you who don't have any kids, you do not have the knowledge or the experience to know how to make desicions on the wellfare of children that you are accountable for.

  58. Samantha Berrocal

    Yes!! I agree 100% with everything you just said. Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!!!

  59. Kansas Rasmussen Downey

    Everyone is all up in arms about tattoos? How about the fact that the barbie costs FIFTY DOLLARS! That's more upsetting to me than tattoos…

  60. Jaclyn Ike

    If you don't agree with tattoos that's your opinion and your right. I grew up with Barbie all my life. I still get the holiday Barbie every year for x-mas. My parents taught me that she is just a doll to play with and I never grew up dreaming one day to be her. If you can't teach your children the same then that's a problem with you and your parenting skills not toy makers and whether or not the toys have tattoos or not. This is the same as blaming murder on video games or music. If you are a responsible parent and teach your kids RIGHT and WRONG then they should be able to listen to, play with, and watch whatever entertains them and it not be an issue.

  61. Jennifer Schofield MacDonald

    Jess loved hip hop when she was younger and all the albums she wanted I bought the UN-edited versions with all the swear words, lyrics making drugs sound cool, lyrics of ho's and gangster crap and artists on the album covers blinged out and full of tats then she moved on to music like Ozzy etc and non of this influenced her to be a drug addicted whore gangsta who eats bird heads because of how she was parrented

  62. John Feuerstein

    Tramp Stamp Barbie, now Ken has someone to take to the tractor pull.

  63. Jennifer Schofield MacDonald

    society changes and so do kids and there toys but it is up to the PARENTS to give them direction if cartoons and dolls shaped our kids we would have a bunch of problems like purple dancing (barney) anerexic (barbie) kids driving red cars (the wiggles) trying to blow up animals (wilie cayote and the roadrunner)

  64. Jen Robertson

    100% agree! i am more offended by the dogs name than anything else. BASTERDino? wtf is with that. I mean ths is like having FAKE tattoos on your child isn't going to promote bad behavor. raise your kids right and it won't matter if they had princess barbie or badass barbie.

  65. Kourtney Bandish

    Regardless of the tattoos, Barbie is starting to look like those Bratz dolls which are horrid. I miss the old Barbie.

  66. Heather Ellis

    Well, this is just a new low, I must say. Barbie has tattoos…and this is where your problem is. First of all, if you are a parent buying your kid a 50 dollar tattooed barbie you're a moron and clearly that kid is a spoiled brat. Its a collector doll, not for children. This is why Barbie has a separate collector's page on their site. Secondly, ummm there is a Ken doll that you can record whatever you want him to say to Barbie and he repeats it in his voice…where can you go with that? Also, does anybody remember the pregnant Barbie with the detachable magnetic belly? Nothing like teaching your kid where babies come from….Seriouysly, there are far worse things out there than a tattooed Barbie. So, she learned how to express herself through body art, big whoop. Next thing you know you'll be complaining about….nevermind, I don't feel like giving another moron any ideas.

  67. Ashley Cavola

    I think u forgot to mention that some people are also regular people,geeks,preps and jocks…..Lol…..Not everyone is goth or scene–but half the people on this planet TRY to be goth or scene and fail at it horribly….Hahaha lol

    And I agree with u–it is a lil over the top for kids but it is a awesome barbie doll that I kinda wish I had when I was a kid!! :)

  68. Morgan Rainbowspaghetti Stewart

    Ashley Cavola Yeah i know xDD But some people rock at it x) Buttt everything about barbie is over the top..

  69. Ashley Cavola

    The dogs name has a cuss word in it….Bastardino,I mean really!? What kind of fucking name is that!? It deff is an adult toy. Hey,adults can have toys to!! They just might not play with theirs…..Lol

  70. Ashley Cavola

    Ikr?? I mean come on,half the parents let their kids watch movies with cuss words or nudeity or etc but they get mad over a doll with tattoos!? Alot of people let their kids watch that one show on tv(I forgot what its called) but I think they are on an island and its like a cartoon games show or something and they have really slutty clothes on in the show…..

  71. Ashley Cavola

    Morgan Stewart—Yeah some people do!! There are some goth and scene people that I think are super pretty :) And theres alot others that I think are just…..ehhhh…..Lol
    Yeah,shes super skinny-perfect body,some clothes she wears is skanky,perfect looks…….What about a fat barbie doll or a doll that isnt super pretty??

  72. Jer Gray

    About time an article took this stance, instead of the whole idiotic "OMG, our kids are being corrupted because a DOLL HAS A TATTOO!" Nice one!

  73. Katherine Miller Jordan

    J AlCracka Renee Neihart Why would you be LOAO because those children got tattoos? That just seems like a weird thing to be so happy about it and to find humorous.

  74. Katherine Miller Jordan

    I agree about Barbie not being a good role model for kids…and I really hope people don't think she is. I also agree that her tattoos do look very trashy! I don't understand how the author just assumes people (such as myself) don't have a brain because I have an issue with that Barbie. I don't that Barbie (or really any Barbies for that matter…but my little little girls like to play with them), but I do have a brain!

  75. Katherine Miller Jordan

    Nicole LaMaina Just because it's the 21st century doesn't make tattos like the ones Barbie has less trashy.

  76. Katherine Miller Jordan

    Samantha M. Frey-Goode Good parenting is key. But, little girls do see these dolls (and models in magazines) and want to be like them. I work hard to make sure my three little girls do NOT do that…and I'm lucky that mostly they don't see Barbie as a role model. But I do agree that she looks trashy and no way would I ever buy that doll for my girls. I know they say it won't be on regualr store shelves, but the catalog for Barbies arrived today and that's where I fisrt saw it and was appalled by it. I'm still surprised what makes people "Lmao rofl" so easily on these types of boards. People seem so happy to make fun of other people. Sad, not funny.

  77. Michelle Adems

    who care, barbie made it to the world, because the creator was inspired by some sex doll toy that she saw in some porn shop in europe.

  78. Terry 'daBear' Browning

    I cannot argue with the vast majority of posts, here…the logic is irrefutable…however, my heart sank when my 18yr old grandson came home tatted up on his back/shoulder, (quite frankly, all HIS friends had tats) after I had asked him never to get inked…seein' as how most, if not ALL, of my musician buddies are tatted, I still managed to never get ink, myself…or did I just follow the herd? hmmm…unique thot, there….

  79. Chelsea-Rose DiGiovanni

    First off, I was always under the impression that this was more of a collectors item for adult fans of Tokidoki than children, but even if it is for children, what does it matter? Is it really like they never come in contact with any tattooed people IRL or see them on the television? Furthermore, some bad people have tattoos, yes. But not all people who have tattoos are bad. Why is that so difficult for people to see?
    I have my own issues with Barbie but the first thing that I noticed about this doll was not the tattoos, but that she was fully clothed and the only skin showing was a tastefully exposed shoulder. I think it's fun and playful. If I had a little girl, I couldn't say for sure whether I would buy it for her (It would be dependant on my future child's personality) but if she wanted it, I would give it to her. I know from experience that not many people tattoo young ladies under the age of 12 so it's not like some horrible imminent threat. Lol.
    The stigma against people with tattoos (and piercings for that matter) needs to stop. It's an archaic way of thinking and frankly, quite ignorant. If you don't like the doll, simple, don't buy it. That is YOUR right as a consumer, and mattel (and tokidoki) producing a doll like this is THEIR right as a toy company. It's that simple.

  80. Jeannette Ortiz

    Tina Johnson Wolfe OMG are you serious? what will happened to them, will it warp their minds. Wow, where do you people come from, the dark agaes? Ugh.

  81. Chelsea-Rose DiGiovanni

    Lol @ the 'people who have tattoos are criminals' stigma.

    I don't do drugs, don't smoke, have never been in trouble with the law but sometimes, SOMETIMES I enjoy a beer on the weekend after a long week at my full time job that I'm rarely absent from. OMG I'M SO HORRIBLE.

  82. Kate Geiling

    Geez the dog's name is the worst part! The doll is fine, most of the upcoming generations have tattoos and their kids are fine.

  83. Ashley Cavola

    Katherine Miller Jordan—Cause I thought what that person said was funny….Get some humor

  84. Anonymous

    Wow, white trash Barbie! It's about time I guess… She got rid of Ken (she's an independent woman ya' know), so why not a tattoo and maybe a couple bastard kids, or may next she could have track marks? what a role model!

  85. Chelsea-Rose DiGiovanni

    I don't think it's so much to do with the OBO movement so much as it has to do with the person, and I don't think it has much to do with gender at all. Perhaps in this instance as barbie is most definitely female but not always.

  86. April Tindall

    Tina Johnson Wolfe Not to be overly mean but if you don't want your precious angels to read Cosmo then leave them home in their bubble. Just because you chose to put your kids in a shoebox doesn't mean that I want my kids to be. I've seen too many sheltered children that are rock dumb when it comes to real life and they always end up getting into a lot of trouble because they don't know how to make decisions without their overbearing parents to hold their hands and tell them how they need to live. If I want my 7 year old to play with this doll, I will let her and I don't care how much you whine and cry, just keep screwing up your kids and leave mine alone. If a doll or a magazine makes your kids bad then guess what, YOU failed your kids. Teach your kids right and wrong and they should turn into great adults, a magazine or a doll won't change how they are when they get older, you will. Then again the fact that you turn magazines around proves how much you think of yourself as a parent.

  87. Kat Welty

    Why would parents get upset about this? It's a collector's doll and wont be sold in stores and no one is going to force parents to buy this doll for their kids anyway.

    Additionally, you can't get a tattoo without parents permission if you are under the age of 18. While, sure, some teenagers have friends who could give them one I highly doubt an 8 year old has such friends.

  88. Lisa Lawrence Pahl

    I do not have any tattoos….but I LOVED your response….People are idiots!!

  89. Terry 'daBear' Browning

    Holly Robinson Hi…have you ever asked a man what he would prefer? …knowing that what one does with one's own body is sacrosanct in many people's eyes, I still dare ask: does your man's preferences ever enter into your choice?…myself, I love a woman's skin…yall're kinda lucky being women…all yall have to do is simply be healthy, and you're all beautiful…

  90. Kristina Myers Reed

    she's a barbie…DOLL. doll's are NOt role models. People like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, hopefully mom & dad are role models. Dolls are meant to play imaginary life with…you know the one we wished we could have with the hot bf, RV, swimming pool and dream….then we woke up and said 'nah that's just the corporations selling us on the American dream'.

  91. Stefanie Davis

    Who cares if she has a tattoo? I had the spice girl dolls growing up and most had tatoos. Do I have a tattoo now? Nope. If you don't like it, then don't buy it for your daughter. Just know that watching spongebob and playing with tattoo'd Barbies won't affect your child's future the way that media tries to portray.

  92. Lisa Lawrence Pahl

    it is not a toy…it is a collectors item…and those who buy it are the ones who like it…

  93. Lisa Lawrence Pahl

    They are not available in toy stores….you can breath now!

  94. Holly Robinson

    My husband has his fair share of tattoos, so of course he likes mine. I wouldn't be with someone who didn't like them. They are part of me now and forever and I wouldn't want to be constantly cricitized for something I couldn't change, even if I wanted to. Since my tattoos are an expression of my personality him not liking them would speak volumes of what he thinks of me. My husband doesn't tell me what to wear or how to cut my hair. My husband loves that I'm me and I make my own decisions about the things I like. I always consider his preferences but ultimately the final call is mine. There are plenty of men who don't like tatttoos and there are plenty that do. You're making it sound like every decision a women makes should be carefully weighed to make her man happy. My husband is happy that I am happy.

  95. Heather Nelson

    Thank you! I can't stand these parents who live their dreams through their children. its wrong and its stripping the child from their dreams, hopes, and childhood.

  96. Megan Faye Banta Lierman

    Ok, so a toy has a tattoo. So do a lot of parents. If YOU have a problem with a toy, then Don't BUY it for your child. All I see in this doll is promotion of self-expression. (Really, I have a baby boy, so all I see is a plastic thing for Sam to chew on.) Parents who are outraged over a toy that is being made have the best option in the world: DO NOT BUY IT! But hey, don't tell me I can't.

    If I had a daughter or son who wanted this doll I would have no problem buying it. (I loath barbie but I am not going to let that effect my kids).

  97. Whitney Nicole Gage

    Holly Robinson I'm so glad you brought up those points. I'm eighteen and a nursing major. I have three tattoos (all small), but the point is that if parents, employers, spouses, etc.. keep up the stereotypes, that's their decision. Ignorance and prejudice will always exist, but if parents raise such hell over a tattooed barbie doll more than they raise about what teachers get away with doing and saying, what their kids learn from their friends and/or the media, or how they can take a situation, turn it around, and make it positive for their child to learn from..well, priorities have obviously changed. I respect every parent for everything they have to do, but criticizing something or someone isn't going to change how their child ends up. You remind me alot my mom. And, she is the ONLY reason I stay away from alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and am focused on a solid career, not to mention I can tell her absolutely anything. I'm happy that you can be that for your daughter(:

  98. Terry 'daBear' Browning

    Holly Robinson Hi, once more…no, I am not making it sound like….I carefully worded my verbiage so as not to offend…I'm merely asking a question…it's good that yall are happy w/ each other- yet, you state that you would not be with someone who didn't like your tattoos….leaving one with the impression that you would not consider any other opinion…?…just sayin'…..

  99. Rachel Jamison Oxendine

    My daughter thinks its awesome and I do too! We both want her….I have tatoo's and see nothing wrong with it. My kids are 7,5,3 and have all aready said they want a tat when they get older and I am totally for it!

  100. Morgan Rainbowspaghetti Stewart

    Ashley Cavola– I agree..Not ALL people look skinny or super beautiful..Well NOONE looks like barbie xDD Not even a super model..either there not beautiful enough or there not skinny enough..I Do feel bad about little lil' kids thinking they could be as skinny, All i know is when i have children and there role models are barbie…i know i messed up xD

  101. Kat Welty

    "I still managed to never get ink, myself" You say that like it was difficult, as if you don't have freedom of choice. No one holds people down in this country and forces them to get tattooed. I hardly see not getting a tat as something one "managed" to do.

  102. Julie M. Fietsam-Conder

    I have 15 tattoos and I love barbies as toys, not anything else. I have two wonderful children with all A's and B's that play soccer, dance tap and ballet and participate in band. I am always getting comments on how well behaved and well mannered my kids are. I am a proud tattooed mom. People need to get over themselves and focus on the big picture.

  103. Kat Welty

    Why would these be all over at school or at friends houses? This is a doll made and marketed for adult doll collectors and sold on their collector's website. I don't think a whole lot of parents are going to be going to the collectors website and buy a $50 doll for their kids to destroy.

  104. Terry 'daBear' Browning

    Kat Welty well, it wasn't difficult to make a choice, for me…it MAY be to others that are told that it's ok or that it 's a good look for them….forgive me for saying so, but there IS a herd instinct in all of society (forever and ever, amen)…in regards as to what is currently, 'fashion'…I'm living proof…well, we ALL are….just sayin'….

  105. Holly Robinson

    Terry 'daBear' Browning- I absolutely understand and respect that tattoos are not for everyone. It's a matter of preference. And if you don't prefer them, looking at mine everyday for the rest of your life probably isn't ideal. My tattoos are here to stay so why would I want to be someone who disliked them? They are just as much a part of my identity as my eye color or nose shape. To be totally honest, I don't want my children to get any until they are much older and I don't want them to get any that can't be covered up easily, in case they have a job where they can't be shown. Not because I have a problem with it, but I know first hand the hassle involved with having to keep them covered. The issue I have is the sweeping statements that the closed minded are making about people with tattoos.
    A few years ago Teen Talk Barbie came out and one of the things she could say was, "Math class is tough." Now that's offensive and didn't receive the parental outcry that a barbie with some tattoos is receiving.

  106. Terry 'daBear' Browning

    hmm…then, by the standards you expressed, people should never trust anyone in a suit, and all those w/ tattoos are immediate family?….visit any prison….you'll not see any inmate w/o tats….not trying to aggravate…just making a point..sorry, yall

  107. Ashley Cavola

    Morgan Stewart–Well some people look like barbie!! Ive actually seen some people who were soo pretty it was unbelievable!! Im like how the hell are u soo freakin pretty!?!? Lol….Ohh yeah ikr?? A barbie as a role model? Ummmmmm…Idk about that…..

  108. Whitney Nicole Gage

    Terry 'daBear' Browning I am not meaning to offend, aggravate, or demean anyone in any way. But, don't you think that there are other things just as controversial as tattoos that not enough people pay attention to? I know you're making valid statements, even when you point out that you won't find a person in jail without a tattoo, but it's also just as common to find anyone on the street, on a beach, in an office, or anywhere for that matter, with a tattoo as well. They've become more accepted (though not as much in the workplace) in society as a whole. I wouldn't advise any child to decide for themselves to get one at such a young age, so I understand that point of view, but ONLY because I know that the decision making portion of the human brain isn't even fully developed until the age of 21. However, I hardly see how a child's toy influences that, at least not any more than any movie, show, game, etc..has already in the past. And, it's difficult for anyone to be judged based on a tattoo, suit & tie, or any first impression, but none of those give anyone an automatic sign of bad standards and/or parenting at first glance, at least not a factual one, anyway.

  109. Anthony Owens

    i guess i missed that part if thats true then , i really dont have a problem with the doll anyway just saying my kids wouldnt have it and to sell it on the open market like walmart and toys r us would make it pour taste on Mattels behalf in my own opinion .

  110. Serina Sanchez

    So what are you supposed to tell your kids when they see actual people with tatoos on the streets? That they're bad people because they have some ink, or does that only apply when it's an inanimate object? Why are tatoos so bad anyway? These people must be brain-washed by the idea that tatoos equals criminal.
    Seriously, this is probably the most AWESOME-looking Barbire doll I've ever seen. I am 14, and just because I would like this doll doesn't mean I would personally want a tatoo. And even if I did, what's the big deal? You can't get one when you're under 18, and after that, who the hell's business is it? Not by parents' anymore, by legal standards.

  111. Jazmin Gonzalez

    I don't have tattoos or pink hair I am quite a modest mom. But I want this doll. I have 3 little girls and in the end they will make there own choices barbie is not going to influence them to do anything. Besides this a barbie for adults not kids.

  112. Jennifer Beal

    Aside from what I think about the doll. "But in 2011, nobody with a brain still located on Earth seriously believes a doll with tattoos is an issue." Is a completely unprofessional and un-classy statement to make. I have a hard time taking anyone's article seriously when they end with such a sarcastic remark.

  113. Morgan Rainbowspaghetti Stewart

    Ashley Cavola:: I Never really seen people like barbie xD Its like a once in a life time chance to meh >.<
    I Sometimes wonder what the people who made barbie was thinking x))
    I kinda dont really see anything special about barbie (expect this one..hehe i like this punk barbie)

  114. Ashley Cavola

    Morgan Stewart–Ive seen pretty damn close…
    Me either really kinda…..

  115. Jay Gumbs

    Barbie is a grown woman. She can do as she pleases and if that mean's getting tatted up then why not.

  116. Jimmy Jackinit

    Keep it up. While everyone discusses this subject, the real thieves are creating more ways to take our money. If you want to complain about somthing…lets start with what is wrong with the govt. that is suppose to work for us. Barbie is just a litttle douche dolll. If a parent buys it for their kid, they deserve what they get.

  117. Amanda Stock

    Jim- really? I have tattoos and so does my husband, we are both very successful in life and he BUSTED drug dealers for 10 years of his life. Stop judging.

  118. Luz Ortiz

    Holly Robinson true.. I personally dont like tatoos but is just personal dislike.. I dont think that barbies with tatoos will be damaging to young girls.. I personally think as you put it that is far more damaging the idea that women have to be rail thin with huge,perky, boobs, make up, and tall in order to fit in into what society think is a perfect woman.. as a mother of 3 girls it is so hard to explain to your daughters that all of what the media puts out as beauty is so much bs… as long as your healthy and are happy with yourself is what I preach to my girls.. we all come in different sizes and colors and isnt that much more fun? i wish they made barbies different sizes, different lenghts of hair, no make up and make up.. small breasts, big butts, physical so called imperfections, etc.. we wouldnt have so many bullies and somany women with an image issue.

  119. Luz Ortiz

    Tina Johnson Wolfe so true! ad since even before biblical times different tribes all over the world used them and they had different significance but they were seen as beauty.. but the world today is so hipocritical.. is ok to watch videos on mtv where women and men are grinding in their underwear

  120. Tammy Huth

    amber..what's wrong with a person's age?? old or not?…she didn't even tell you her view about the doll/girls..just that she didn't agree..and she JUST SAID she wouldn't complain about because it's not necessary..and SHE WOULD just not buy it. i have this doll already and i love it!!…and have two toddler/tween children…but please, i don't need someone like you sticking up for my purchase…

  121. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    Yes I am a conservative, however I talk to my kids about sex but I don't really need my 7yo reading a Cosmo by line such as "How to make sure you orgasm " or whatever. And yes, my 7yo could read that and so could my 10yo and 13yo. However, I have answered their questions about sex when they ask. And I initiate the conversation with my 13yo. I realize I cannot protect my girls forever, but I can PARENT them. As far as a grandchild having an eating disorder…where did that come from? I do not think all girls get their body image from Barbie or magazines. However, some of them do and that is where the PARENTS need to step up. As far as tattoos go, I happen to have three. Right now I would not allow my children to get them due to their ages and when they are of legal age I hope they are responsible and think about the consequences tattoos can have – especially for girls (women). My point about complaining to a WalMart employee was to simply let them know what the consumers want. If enough people complain to management about offensive merchandise changes can be made. I do realize what I find offensive may not be offensive to others and I do not personally find the new Barbie doll offensive, just not a kids toy (in my opinion). And for the record I am not raising ignorant children I am raising children who know how to stand up for their CONSERVATIVE values. If that bothers you then too bad. Personally I think you need to grow up.

  122. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    Having tattoos does not make a person a horrible role model. Tattoos should not define a person as "good or bad" and you are right, crooks can be in suits as well. I hope you do have a great relationship with your daughter, but I doubt if it's the tattoos that will make that happen. Sounds to me like you're just a good mom who cares about her kid.

  123. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    Nicole LaMaina i never said tattoos are trashy. I have tattoos, just don't think they need to be marketed to kids. However, I did not realize the doll would not be sold in stores.

  124. Jenny Ouellet

    Not all neck tattoos are gangster and trashy. :( I have one. It's funny… and a conversation piece. Even the parents at my son's Catholic school don't think I'm trashy. Tattoos don't make people trashy. If you carry yourself as a woman, present yourself as a woman and act like a lady, you shall be treated as such.

    I wouldn't buy this doll. Not because it has tattoos… but it's FIFTY DOLLARS! LoL. Do you know how many Angry Bird plush dolls you can buy for that? 😉

  125. James Worcester

    Tina Johnson Wolfe, Okey Doke…Shelter the kids from the real world and create another generation of hopelessly neurotic, naive, bred-to-be-victims adults…great thinking!

  126. Tina Johnson Wolfe

    James Worcester my kids aren't sheltered, but there are some things I don't think they need to read out loud or see a lot of. Yes it is the 21st century but that doesn't mean personal values and morals have to be thrown away. I do talk to my girls about everything but that doesn't mean I cannot have an influence over what they see. I am not raising "hopelessly neorotic, naive, bred-to-be-victims adults". Personally I take offense at the "bred-to-be victims" part because you are essentially saying if an adult girl is a victim it is her parent's fault. So I guess the victims out there should blame their parents for how they were raised? I stand by my morals and values will continue teaching them to my children. I am NOT AGAINST tattoos and I never said they were trashy. I AM AGAINST sex being advertised to sell magazines and things like that. Does that mean I am raising "hermit" kids? NO, I just let them know that casual sex is wrong and I hope they will wait until they are married or in a serious relationship. Is that naive? NO, because it is possible, however, I do realize it may mor may not happen. What is wrong with wanting to teach morals and values and not simply expecting my kids to follow along with others and have sex as sixth graders? Maybe if more parents actually tried to be parents and not their kids best friend teenagers wouldn't be getting involved in so much shit! My eighth grader already has a friend who is pregnant and most of the people she eats lunch with are having sex and doing drugs. So I'm the bad parent?????

  127. Victoria Wrobel-King

    Chris Barry So your saying that…. I as a mother of three who served in the Navy and have only gotten two speeding tickets in my entire life of 35 years… I'm a criminal because I have 9 tattoo's? Nice of you to stereo type a person..

  128. Suzy Sells Gardner

    You rock, Holly! I don't have any tats–I prefer piercings–but both of my daughters have tats and are wonderful young women.

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