Sarah Palin Family Brawl Song? You Betcha’: Social Media Has A Heyday With ‘The Thrilla In Wasilla’ [Video]

The now infamous brawl involving Sarah Palin’s family, reported by The Inquitir on September 11, has dominated the media and been a source of entertainment throughout cyberspace for days. Now the fight has its very own theme song — “#PalinBrawl Song,” written and performed by YouTube musician James Rustad.

Other social media outlets have been abuzz with the news of the brawl and users reactions to it, including this artwork now making the rounds on Facebook, originally posted by The Mudflats blogger Jeanne Devon and accompanied by the comment, “There’s no word yet if charges will be pressed. And no pictures or video of the incident have turned up so far. So my last contribution will be this eerily lifelike composite drawing, assembled and inspired by the accounts of witnesses to the carnage.”


And then there are the tweets; some funny, some just mean.

Finally, there is this article posted in National Report, in which Palin is said to have given an interview to a local newspaper reporter in Wasilla while shopping for groceries.

The satirical story gives a fake quote from Palin angrily telling the reporter, “If you really want to know who threw that first punch, it was Barack Hussein Obama. That’s who threw the punch. Stuff like this, it never happened when Ronald Reagan was our Commander in Chief, and it didn’t happen under Bush. And like, Obama could try to blame Bush or whoever, but that’s just what he does, passing the buck all the time.”

When the reporter asked her how the fight was Obama’s fault, she replied, “Was Obama there? No he wasn’t, but you knew that. Do I still think it was his fault? Of course I do, and that’s plain as day. If you can’t make the connection there then you’re just not going to understand if I try to explain it to you.”

In reality, neither Palin nor any of her family members have commented on melee yet.

The rest of us are still waiting for TMZ to find that video.

Photo courtesy of Saving Our Future