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Thomas Ready: Colorado Republican Questions If Sandy Hook Massacre ‘Really Happened’

During a debate in Colorado, Republican candidate Thomas Ready, who is looking to become the new Pueblo County commissioner, questioned whether the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School really happened.

According to a report from The Pueblo Chieftan, the discussion came up after Thomas Ready had just called out the county’s current commissioner, Sal Pace, and other Democrats for the Colorado’s “higher energy costs.” Pace then brought up a posting on Ready’s Facebook page that questioned the validity of the shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 26 people were murdered, including 20 children. Ready’s response drew boos from the audience.

“There is some question about whether it really happened, Sal [Pace]. Some of the people in the videos, thank you very much, if you recall, there was a picture of a man walking in, whose daughter had died. He was smiling and joking. When he walked into the room, he turned and all of a sudden had tears in his eyes. Why? I question that.”

Thomas Ready then went on to say that he posted the story that questioned the truth behind the Sandy Hook massacre to provoke an “open discussion.”

“I don’t think [the Sandy Hook shootings have] been proven. And what’s wrong with open discussion?”

Ready then told The Pueblo Chieftan that he couldn’t recall the exact link that Pace mentioned, but he has posted several other controversial stories on Facebook.

“It would not be the first time I put something out there for discussion.”

The 70-year-old Thomas Ready is a dentist in Pueblo County, and this is his first time running for a political position, according to a report from Reuters. Since the debate, Ready said a man he doesn’t know sent him a death threat on Facebook.

Thomas Ready said he’s aware that the massacre wasn’t a complete fabrication, but he also reiterated that whatever he posts on Facebook is usually something that will start an “open discussion.”

“I know [the Sandy Hook massacre] happened. I have grandchildren of my own. It was a terrible, terrible tragedy.”

Ready mentioned that he did not report the death threat to local authorities because he didn’t want the sender to receive any ill repute.

Pace found Thomas Ready’s comments to be in poor taste.

“[His comments were] reprehensible and hurtful to the victims’ families.”

However, Pace added that the death threat Ready received was “inappropriate.”

Thomas Ready is not the only person to question the Sandy Hook massacre. In a related report from The Inquisitr, one conspiracy theorist, who claimed the tragedy was a government setup, was arrested for destroying a memorial dedicated to the victims of that day.

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