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Saggy Pants Ban Earns Georgia Town $4,000

Low Hanging Pants

Nine months ago officials in Albany, Georgia placed a ban on pants and skirts that sit more than 7.5cm below the top of the hips, expose skin or show underwear and thanks to that law they have already raised $4,000.

According to City Attorney Nathan David the Municipal Court says “187 citations have been issued and fines collected” All together the city has raised $3,916.49 since going into effect on November 23.

Under the city ordinance a first offense comes with a fine of $20 while each additional fine runs up a $200 tab.

While city officials don’t have the power to jail offenders and non-paying offenders they are allowed to issue up to 40 hours of community services to be completed instead of a payment.

The city enacted the ordinance after politicians in the United States began relating low hanging clothing to delinquency, poor learning and crime.

Do you think it’s fair that Albany officials are charging people for their dress choices?

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104 Responses to “Saggy Pants Ban Earns Georgia Town $4,000”

  1. Hamid J Mahdi

    I THINK IT IS INSANE THAT PEOPLE SERIOUSLY WANT TO WALK AROUND WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN! These people literally have no shame! When I'm a father, I will make sure my kids don't do this. I will risk jail time beating my son if I saw him walking outwith with his boxers showing…also did anyone notice that this article said 'skirt'? That must be a Georgia thing. I have never seen that.

  2. Cameron Romano

    YES! finally! Did anyone know this idiotic style came from prison? And I'm not talkin the tough guy part. I'm talkin lowest on the totem pole guys, who were the most submissive.

  3. Allison Rizk

    I do think it's an unfounded law unless it's backed up with facts correlating dress code with crime. Although I think the fashion is ridiculous and has never evoked a "safe" and wholesome image, by any means.

  4. Mathew Lambright

    Ban how people wear their clothes says the republican state of Georgia. Whether we enjoy it or not this is not affecting us, no body parts are being shown. Its funny how we pick and choose what "freedoms" are granted to us. Sad…………

  5. Suzanne Ingram Wilson

    We need this inour town! It's jsut disgusting, and also men that go around town with no shirt and add to the underwear showing..might as well just walk around in your underwear 24/7…uuk!

  6. Darwin Palmer

    GOD YES. Now see, this is the kind of shit that we need to see more of around here. I mean, personal preference aside, what's the point of walking around with your ass hanging out of your pants? It makes you look like a jackass.

  7. Madeline E. L. Gott

    This is ridiculous. First) the way you dress has nothing to do with delinquency, and changing the clothing won't have a positive effect on that. Also, how is this not illegal? Freedom of expression is a constitutional right, and as long as there is no nudity, I don't see how they have the right. Get over it people, you're all just being petty and juvenile. I think mom-pants and mandals are ugly, but you don't see me going around bitching and moaning about how other people choose to clothe themselves.

  8. Ricardo Chery

    that's so stupid cause if u think about it nobody has a problem wit girl wearing leggings outside n that shows way more that saggy pants so if they ban saggy pants world wide I hope they ban tight jeans and leggings too as well as bathing suits because that shows under garments too. So you people should think about that before u judge others on how low their pants are. I'm so fed up wit this stupid discussion saggy pants is just only a style a way to express your self not in a gang nature but to take wat was negative about it and make it in to something positive.

  9. Chris McCune

    Most politicians that we hear about these days like our pants down….around the ankles. Strange where they draw the line of morality. How to justify fining someone $ 20.00 that already can't afford clothes that fit? Hmm seems we all have our pants down a bit low and don't even know it.

  10. Ricardo Dacosta-Photographer

    To be honest I don't care much for saggy pants and quite frankly I think its quite gross and disgusting, But think about it… just because you're not in favor for it does that give the right for the government to pick and choose what we do? Think real hard about it? what's next? 1 child per household policy? (china already doing it) associations telling you how to conduct your house? hate to say it but we are in a shifting for the worse… no one's safe.

  11. Ed Williams

    if u look it shows that wearing your pants low started in prison, it meant the guy was avalible so if u see a guy wearing his pants low means he avalible for another guy, read up on it and see:)

  12. Jason Rodriguez

    While it think it stupid to sag your pants they have no right to tell you how to dress! It would be different if they were exposing skin. What's next women cant wear skirts/shorts that are 1 inch above the knee? I'm sure there would be a outrage across america if that were to happen!

  13. Donna Z Manning

    Sure does! This is also the poster for the Stupid Criminal Award…What to wear so you fall down running trying to hold your pants up. Here's Your Sign!

  14. Isiah Abney

    how dare anyone tell me how to dress? Did you buy my clothes? No. Am I physically harming you? No. Is my penis or ass out in the open? NO. You may not like the way I dress but it doesn't concern anyone but myself and this is ridiculous. I don't care where it started but I do know its apart of black culture, Ive never seen a white person saggin there pants… I see this as just another way as leashing black people.

  15. Natalie Pierce-Shult

    Personally, I always thought that the baggy pants originated from poor kids in ghetto neighborhoods who's parents couldnt afford clothing that fit, so the younger siblings would get the hand me downs when the older ones grew out of their clothes.Why would anyone in their right mind want to advertise being impoverished? Either way,for some unknown and completely idiotic reasoning, it became a fashion statement amongst the gang bangers. If it walks like a duck, and acts like a duck…. Now even stupider looking is the kids who wanna have the baggy jeans look, while wearing the 'skinny leg jeans' they look like their pants shrunk a bit too much for them to pull up. They deserve the tickets…even if its just for 'Fashion Police's" sake.

  16. Russell Shackleford

    So if I don't wear underwear are my shorts considered underwear and will I be fined, what happens if I am wearing basketball shorts under my pants and they are exposed. Meanwhile on Dancing with the Stars (a family show) nipples are exposed and no one is making any law on that. Two wars, economic trouble, and people want to worry about how high pants are worn.

  17. Jimmie Baker

    Agreed. pathetic. Although I don't like it and wouldn't sag and would snatch one of my kids up if they did, that is still taking another freedom of expression from us. This is a clear and direct violation of the 1st amendment. Its an expression of association and culture. As long as someone is not showing an offensive body part, then its fine. Showing the band line of ones froot of the looms is not near as revealing as the woman on Tv or walking down the street in wearing a low cut V neck or someone wearing a bikini. People need to realize that just because it is not their taste, that that has no bearing and therefore is no ingredient when calculating when somthing should be legeslated into law. laws prohibiting an action are formulated to protect the liberties of others. Where is a person sagging violating the liberties or infringing on anyone else? Allow the government to take an inherent right from us based on common opinion or "lack of acceptance" and you then give them permission to take other rights from us that may not be so "supported" by common standards. wipe the sleep from your eyes and don't accept these small precursers to the things that are to come. They are just testing the waters with this. Can we sway public opinion in a direction that would allow us to decide what is acceptable by law is what they are doing. As of yet, I have heard no basis to enact such a policy for this. I haven't heard of anyone being injured, killed, or effected in any other way which would justify banning this. What is the justification? If there is no justification, then I would have to suspect the obvious – Its a hate law. We have hate crimes defined. I think now we have also "hate" laws as well…

  18. Jimmie Baker

    Someone is going to get wise eventually and take it up thru the court system and challenge it under the 1st amendment, and I'm sure there are benches patiently waiting that would agree,,,

  19. Jimmie Baker

    Lastly, of all people to initiate a legislation to ban having ones pants down, policy makers? It seems as though everytime I turn on the news, they are the ones topping the news hour with their pants well below the knees in a sex scandal. Just sayin'

  20. Jimmie Baker

    George, I dont wanna look at your overalls, but does that mean you should be banned from wearing them?. No, I should just look in another direction because your overalls are not hurting me… make sense???

  21. Darin Barba

    Women actually have a lot more common sense then thug wannabes. Thank god. But they still hang with knuckheads who sag, and thats bad enuf.

  22. Darin Barba

    Women look sexy exposing themselves not stupid. You will never see a female wearing pants or skirts below the ass, they don't wear skivys.

  23. Kevin Higgins

    This is got to be the dumbest law ever and we know the target is black males, I could care less, THERE ARE TOO MANY OTHER ISSUES IN THIS WORLD, I believe as long as the ass-crack isn't showing, it's ok. Will they be fined for wearing them on the beaches too. And will people wearing swimsuits be fined at public pools. GET A LIFE!

  24. Kevin Higgins

    Who is standing up for our young black males, teaching them to be gentlemen, and KNOWING THEIR RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS IN AMERICA. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, who ever tried to make this law should be ashamed. If the pants are too low, fine them 30 days in a class to help them become better people, not jail them for wearing clothes.

  25. Cadyn Wilson

    I'm glad someone is taking action against this rather annoying clothing impediment… go, Albany!

  26. Virginia Bryant

    Remember that saggy pants were orginally a sign in prison that let others know you were available for homosexual sex acts. Mothers and Fathers, I urge you to WEDGIE your children or ask if they are on the "downlow".

  27. デヴィス ロドリカ

    Oh really? Simply because it is annoying you, that is grounds for banning? Wow, I wish we followed that through. I wished religious people would stop proselytizing everywhere and crying persecution and every slightest non-kissing the tail of their religion. Not necessarily saying that is you but you see the point. Maybe we should banned religious proselytization. So what if it is annoying? Maybe we should ban bikini tops at that. Short shorts that girls where in my city. I think this sets a dangerous precedent. It is offensive, therefore ban it.

  28. George Gallagher

    I am liberal democrat and say BIG thumbs up on the ban…it is about time….every city should do it and apply the fines to K-5 education.

  29. Itsmeyaboy Bdawg

    This "style" has been around for decades so why wait until now to to try and change this. Who is anyone to tell someone how to wear their clothes! As far as this being a prison thing that's the same as saying their, they're and there are all the same thing. NOW… on the other hand if you want to site people who take it to far for indecent exposure. I have no problem with that, because yes I think some people go to far with it. If your shirt covers it, its not longer in plain sight. I have no issue with that. To simply say you cant wear your clothes like that, that's just flat out a violation of ones rights. And for every person on here who's bashing people simply because of what they wear or how they choose to wear it, how ignorant are you?

  30. Justice Puchalski

    that must be the most stupid law ive heard so far, sounds like the city needs to focus on more important things then what people are wear…..THIS GOES TO SHOW YOU HOW IN DEBT AMERICA IS, THEY HAVE TO STOOP SO LOW TO THE LEVEL WERE THEY ARE CHARGING PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE ON…… GET REAL ALBANY FIND SOMETHING CRIMINAL INSTEAD OF SILLY SHIT.

  31. Jim Randall

    it looks dumb and I laugh whenever I see someone with their pants falling down, but hey, leave them alone, when I was young they laughed at my long hair and called me names. it will phase out soon enough.

  32. James Little

    I thought it was shouting when you hit the keys really hard….. guess I need to learn.

  33. Gwyneth C Pohl

    So you are telling me that by fining people for saggy pants we will improve delinquency, poor learning and crime? I don't like the look of saggy pants either, but let's not be idiots here and force causality.

  34. Henry Carmona

    デヴィス ロドリカ I see, so i guess if it were up to you, any dress (or undress) style would be appropriate in public since you can easily look away. Maybe ill start wearing images of homosexual anal penetration on the back of my shirt while wearing my saggy pants showing my boxers or my crack. After all, you can just look away.

  35. Denny Turpin

    One thing that has continued to bother me about this"fad", is the amount of people who continue to dress like this even after they are told were this "fad" originated and its true meaning. These folks are really messed up!

  36. BigMike Corcoran

    a silly law for a silly style I guess, I know this, I won't let anyone tell me how to dress, the more laws like this that are created make otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals, that is too much power to give any city, and it's a terrible precedence, I know a group of people that believe only blonde hair and blue eyed people belong on this earth, looks like they learned just to start small with fashion and work their way up…

  37. BigMike Corcoran

    Donna Z Manning it doesn't mean that at all, that style is from prison but the only reason their pants sag is because they don't exactly give you fitting clothes in prison and no belts, so it is morons emulating prison inmates but not for the reason you think, search: saggy pants

  38. Kevin Fredrick

    I don't like baggy pants but I don't see how they can be banned either. If you were wearing underwear, then athletic shorts so your butt and underwear are covered, then the baggy pants would it still be illegal?

  39. Nick Bitter

    I never have mine blow my ass and don't want to see others either but since when do we let a goverment tell us what we can wear? or how to wear it? my question is what is next? everything that happens like this is a slipery slop I don't want to see the ssr coming the the usa anytime soon or china just sayin.

  40. Stan King

    I love it! I do not think it is your right to show you butt crack in public and make my family have to see it. You can say that you need to ban bathing suits but when we go to the beach we accept that people will be wearing clothing that may be skimpy. What exactly is the purpose of having to hold on to your pants all the time? You can say that it is a freedom of speach but if sat that then you are telling me that you talking out of your butt! That is speech that is not covered under the constitution. If you were to ask one of our founding fathers what they though about sagging they would have whipped that but and that whould have been that. Way to go Georgia! May other states start passing desency laws that would protect our young ones from having to see that nonsence.

  41. Roxanne Barker Hammer

    Do you not see where this could lead to? Will they stop with saggy pants or will the next thing being tops that are too tight, too short, too much cleavage, wrong color, the butt crack that hangs out ect…….Do not vote to give up our freedoms. We need to educate and info our youth that certain things are not proper. Then they will make the right choice.

  42. Ricardo Chery

    yes I sagg and I'm not in no gang or neither am I gay I just do it because its a style an art.

  43. Ricardo Chery

    Mikey Corcoran everything originated from something negative like words and some fashion saggin pants is just a fashion an art we dont do it cause we r gay or want to end up in prison we do because its a fashion statement. Ok tell me this before you judge saggin pants when you see girls or women wearing leggings you know those tight do you say ew i could see everything i bet not and leggings are me revealing than saggin pants so are skirts and tight jeans and especially bathing suits because you people complain that you see underwear when a person sags Well i would like to see world wide they ban leggings, tight jeans, skirts, and bathing suits as they all so this "under garments" and if saggin pants gets ban i will fight to see those get ban as well. So before you guys start wanting the government to ban saggin pants think about the effect it will have to the other clothes you wear

  44. Joy Teal

    Just because something annoys you, you want to ban it. People talking/texting on their cell phones while driving annoy me? People smoking their cancer sticks and passing their second hand smoke to me annoy me? Ban those things everywhere too, at least those bans would save lives. Crying babies in the movies, adult restaurants, and first class annoy me. Memphis Humidity annoys me. Get a grip, it's called tolerance.

  45. Darin Barba

    As long as the major retailers;sears etc don't start carrying pants designed for morons I won't sue the stores for encouragement to look stupid.

  46. Joy Teal

    Darin Barba , Ummmm, Yes…He does… I have Bieber Fever and love the kid. But he does wear his pants sagging. Don't pick and choose who you want this ban to apply to.

  47. デヴィス ロドリカ

    Please do not misrepresent what I said. I never promoted actual nudity or sex positions. In public. What I am saying is people should have the right to dress in themselves in whatever as long as it does not show lude behavior or sexual body parts. Showing your boxers is not nudity. Or at minimum if you consider that lude, count cleavage as the same thing. Count short shorts as the same thing. Be consistent. Don't just single out sagging. I bet you if the banned cleavage people would not be going for this. Both young and old. But because young people don't vote as much as the older population in this state, the politicians don't care to suppress them.

  48. Ken Jensen

    While I think this so called fashion is about as silly and stupid as it gets, I really don't any government entity telling me how I should dress. Some folks where jeans with holes in them, are we going to start fining them as well? Shoes without laces?

  49. Michele Ligon Morgan


  50. Chrissoner Syc

    I cannot believe that they would infringe on the personal rights, just to stop the way people dress. people should be free to the way they dress and express themselves. What's next? Your shoe cant be untide, cant wear shirts unless there fully buttoned? Heck maybe they will even introduce state-wide uniforms.

  51. Chrissoner Syc

    I AGREE WITH,Madeline E. L. Gott these older people just dont know whats what these days. my parents txt me in caps and i always have to ask if there mad,

  52. Mike Starr

    Here an old story Why the Saggy pants,The morale of the story is ,THe reason is t The saggy pant to insult everyone all day and all night no matter where the standing,sitting at,walking,running or jogging while holding there sggy pants up to keep the pace at which there legs ate moving at !!!!!!!!!!

  53. Mike McWhorter

    Hey,I think it should be a first offense of $1,000.00 w/ 30 days in jail,2nd $2,000.00 w/ 6 months in jail,3rd offense $3,000.00 w/ 1 year in is indescent exposure law(misdemeaner).Dudes,Give Respect & Pull Your Pants Up & Quit Ruining the Human Race.

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