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James Kosur is a senior writer at Inquisitr.com where he spends his time investigating and covering trend setting, eye-opening, hard hitting and fun news stories of the day. James is also a veteran of the new media reporting industry where he has worked for the last 6 years.

Nick Foles Throws 7 TDs, Ties NFL Record

Nick Foles Throws 7 TDs - Ties NFL Record

Nick Foles entered Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders hoping for a win, he earned that win alongside an NFL record-tying 7 touchdown passes. Foles tied the NFL recording with seven touchdown passes and 406 yards to help revitalize the struggling Philadelphia Eagles offense. After the game Nick Foles said of his record tying 7… Read more »

Jay Z Debuts Men’s Cologne, Will Go On Sale November 29

Jay Z Gold Fragrance Debuts

Jay Z has debuted a new men’s fragrance called ‘Gold Jay Z.’ The new fragrance is a labor of love for the rapper who reportedly rejected 3,200 name suggestions for the production. According to The Cut when Jay Z finally stumbled on the products final name he proclaimed “This is the s**t; it’s gold.” In… Read more »

Britney Spears Musical To Tell Story Of Jesus Christ

Britney Spears Musical About Jesus

A new musical is using the music of Britney Spears to tell the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The productions website Spears: The Gospel According to Britney describes the event as follows: “Not one word is spoken, and not one lyric is changed, technically making the musical an opera.” The musical is still… Read more »

Ender’s Game Hired Zero Gravity Expert To Work With Actors

Enders Game and Zero Gravity Expert

Orson Scott Card would be happy to know that the Ender’s Game movie wasn’t just thrown together with no care for the real life experiences of space. As it turns out, the movies special effects supervisor hired a real life zero gravity expert to consult for the film. Ender’s Game tells the story of gifted… Read more »

A Car You Control With Your Mind While Strengthening Your Brain

Brain Driven Car

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Alejo Bernal has designed a toy car that can be driven forward with thought. Using EEG sensors built into his NeuroSky EEG headset, the designer is able to think about his vehicles movement and then make it operate. The vehicle wasn’t actually made to be driven, instead Bernal was attempting to… Read more »

iPad Air Teardown Shows Tight Construction, Hard To Fix Tablet

Apple iPad Air Teardown

A recent teardown of the Apple iPad Air has revealed a device that is incredibly hard to repair if you are a do-it-yourself handyman. Not only is the next-generation iOS 7 tablet hard to repair, getting the thing open is even difficult. The results of the tear down shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all,… Read more »

Israeli Airstrikes Blast Syrian Military Bases

Israeli Airstikes Target Syrian Missile Locations

Israeli airstrikes conducted on Wednesday were carried out on two military bases in Syria. The strikes were confirmed by U.S. officials to CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. The airstrikes both occurred near Damascus and the coastal city of Latakia. The presumed targets were missiles believed to be headed to Hezbollah militants. During the… Read more »

Fred Durst Producing One-Hour Drama For CW

Fred Durst The CW

Fred Durst is producing a one-hour drama based on his life for The CW. The special, titled The Noise, was created by Durst and chronicles his rise to fame in the 1990s. Durst escaped from a tumultuous home life with the help of his uber-successful rap/rock band. During the 1990s we couldn’t escape Fred Durst… Read more »

Captain James Kirk Commands The USS Zumwalt, George Takei Rejoices

Zumwalt Destroyer

Star Trek actor George Takei posted to his Facebook fan page on Thursday to announce that the commander of the U.S. Navy’s new guided-missile destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, is being commanded by none other than Captain Kirk. On his Facebook page Takei posted a link to the story with the caption: “The name of the… Read more »