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Georgia Sheriff Shot Friend, Charged With Misdemeanor, And Back At Work

sheriff victor hill

Sheriff Victor Hill shot a real estate agent and put the woman in critical condition. The Clayton County, Georgia, sheriff said the shooting was accidental. Spontaneous statements made by the victim immediately after the shooting played a significant role in only a misdemeanor charge being filed against the sheriff. The victim has been undergoing multiple… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Is Over, But You Can Still Visit Alexandria

Walking Dead's Alexandria a real neighborhood

In Sunday night’s The Walking Dead finale, Rick Grimes almost got himself — bloodied from head to toe once again — kicked out of the pristine sanctuary of Alexandria. But you could actually weasel your way into Alexandria in real life, sans zombies… and sans bloody Rick. That’s because Alexandria is an ritzy, purposefully picturesque… Read more »

Is Vladimir Putin Attempting To Provoke A Conflict In Europe?

Vladimir Putin

In recent months, rhetoric against Vladimir Putin over the conflict in Ukraine has stepped up. Many in the West are becoming increasingly concerned about Vladimir Putin’s perceived expansionist ambitions and fears are rising that Putin’s ambitions extend far beyond Ukraine. In the last few days, matters have taken a very sinister turn. In recent days… Read more »

3D Printer Gives Disabled Boy Prosthetic Star Wars Arm [Video]

Boy receives prosthetic clone trooper arm

Thanks to 3D printer technology, a young boy who had no left arm beyond his elbow was fitted with a fully functioning prosthetic Star Wars clone trooper arm. 7-year-old Liam Porter of Augusta, Georgia was the lucky recipient of the custom arm which was presented to him by official clone troopers. The actors were members… Read more »