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Special Needs Boy Handcuffed At School ‘For His Own Protection’

patrick reid

A special needs boy was handcuffed in Georgia after he ran away from the Pine Ridge Elementary School. Lakaisha Reid, the mother of the 6-year-old boy handcuffed, said the restraints were entirely unnecessary. Patrick Reid was engaging in destructive behavior, such as kicking and biting school officials, and was a danger to himself and others,… Read more »

Can Anything Stop ‘The Walking Dead’?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead features a ragtag group of everyday nobodies struggling for survival against a seemingly unstoppable zombie hoard. Now, in its fifth season, the AMC juggernaut is the unstoppable force, and the rest of the networks are the ones struggling to fight them off. As recently reported by Forbes, The Walking Dead recently beat… Read more »

TB Outbreak In Atlanta, Georgia: 47 Infected, 3 Dead

Tuberculosis outbreak rages through homeless shelters in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the entire world on edge about Ebola, people are remaining vigilant about their health. Vigilance, in some cases, is even replaced with out-right paranoia. A doctor infected with Ebola was transported to Atlanta, Georgia recently. The transportation of the patient caused fear to tear through the population despite the CDC assuring citizens that there… Read more »

Ebola-Infected Doctor Arrives In Georgia, Evoking Fear In U.S. Citizens

Dr. Kent Brantly said to be doing better after being transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta

Reports on the Ebola outbreak in Africa have been flooding news sources since the very beginning. Ebola causes viral hemorrhagic fever which is a virus group that affects several organ systems and is accompanied by bleeding. Symptoms of Ebola infection include fever, weakness, headaches, sore throat, and muscle pain. In more severe cases of Ebola,… Read more »

‘I Love My Soldier’ Bumper Sticker Prompts Nasty Letter On Windshield

ellen wilson military fiance

A hateful letter was left on a windshield because of an “I Love My Soldier” bumper sticker proudly displayed by a military fiancé. Ellen Wilson, of Georgia, is still extremely puzzled about the incident, and does not want another military spouse or significant other to have to endure the same experience. Earlier this month, Ellen… Read more »

Atlanta Bomb Threat: Downtown On Lockdown [Breaking]

bomb threat atlanta

A bomb threat in Atlanta forced the downtown area into lockdown as the bomb squad investigates. Just after 4 a.m. this morning a heavy police presence was evident in the area of Underground Atlanta. Witnesses are now reporting hearing an explosion. Fox News breaking reports indicate that the sounds likely stem from the bomb squad… Read more »

Georgia Man Decapitated, Wife Still Missing

Russel Dermond Found Decapitated, Wife Missing

The Dermond family was torn apart Tuesday when Russell Dermond, 88, was found decapitated, and his 87-year-old wife, Shirley Dermond, disappeared without any news. The Georgia couple seemed peaceful and sweet, and authorities are confused as to why the murder happened. “The best we can determine from all sources is that this was a perfect… Read more »

Rapper Rick Ross’ Reebok Renunciation

Rapper Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross is no stranger to success. He has made millions in the business over the course of the release of his past 5 albums. According to, Ross dropped a cool $5.8 million to purchase Evander Holyfield’s previous 109 room home. Rapper Rick Ross (say that three times fast) purchased this Georgia home… Read more »

Mother Seeking Pit Bull Ban in Georgia

Pit Bull Restrained

Pit bulls should be banned from the state of Georgia. Sounds a little extreme right? Well, not for one group of people, who gathered on the steps of the state capitol in Atlanta. Angela Rutledge of Fulton County planned the rally at the courthouse, in hopes of persuading Georgia lawmakers to take the steps necessary… Read more »

Man Burns Down Neighbor’s House Over Messy Lawn

Man Burns Down Neighbor's House

Cartersville, GA – A man allegedly burned down his neighbor’s house over a messy lawn. Authorities believe that 58-year-old Phillip Roger Bennett was so enraged by the sight of his neighbor’s tall grass that he set the house ablaze. He later turned himself over to police in North Carolina. Bennett and neighbor Marty Corbitt have… Read more »

Warren Hill: Doctors Now Admit Death Row Inmate Has Mental Retardation

Warren Hill and Mental Retardation In Georgia Executions

Doctors evaluating Georgia death row inmate Warren Hill have now admitted that Hill suffers from mental retardation. In December 2000, at the request of the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, doctors examined Warren Hill and claimed he did not meet the criteria for mental retardation. At the time of his first diagnosis, doctors determined Hill suffered… Read more »