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Rapper Rick Ross’ Reebok Renunciation

Rapper Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross is no stranger to success. He has made millions in the business over the course of the release of his past 5 albums. According to, Ross dropped a cool $5.8 million to purchase Evander Holyfield’s previous 109 room home. Rapper Rick Ross (say that three times fast) purchased this Georgia home… Read more »

Mother Seeking Pit Bull Ban in Georgia

Pit Bull Restrained

Pit bulls should be banned from the state of Georgia. Sounds a little extreme right? Well, not for one group of people, who gathered on the steps of the state capitol in Atlanta. Angela Rutledge of Fulton County planned the rally at the courthouse, in hopes of persuading Georgia lawmakers to take the steps necessary… Read more »

Man Burns Down Neighbor’s House Over Messy Lawn

Man Burns Down Neighbor's House

Cartersville, GA – A man allegedly burned down his neighbor’s house over a messy lawn. Authorities believe that 58-year-old Phillip Roger Bennett was so enraged by the sight of his neighbor’s tall grass that he set the house ablaze. He later turned himself over to police in North Carolina. Bennett and neighbor Marty Corbitt have… Read more »

Warren Hill: Doctors Now Admit Death Row Inmate Has Mental Retardation

Warren Hill and Mental Retardation In Georgia Executions

Doctors evaluating Georgia death row inmate Warren Hill have now admitted that Hill suffers from mental retardation. In December 2000, at the request of the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, doctors examined Warren Hill and claimed he did not meet the criteria for mental retardation. At the time of his first diagnosis, doctors determined Hill suffered… Read more »

Alleged Walmart Shoplifter Dies While Being Subdued By Employees

Alleged Shoplifter Dies At Walmart

Lithonia, GA – An alleged Walmart shoplifter reportedly died while being detained by the store’s security personnel, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The unidentified man who allegedly attempted to steal a pair of DVD players from the retailer over the Black Friday weekend was confronted in the parking lot by two associates and a security… Read more »

Walmart Says No One Was Hurt In Georgia Smartphone Rush [Video]

Walmart shoppers fight over smartphones, but no one gets hurt

Moultrie, GA – A Georgia Walmart played host to clawing, screaming, shoving, and garden variety Black Friday madness after unveiling discounted smartphones to their rabid shoppers. Despite a semi-disturbing video of Walmart shoppers fighting tooth-and-nail for the phones, a store spokesperson said no one was hurt. A video shot at the Moultrie Walmart shows a… Read more »

Body Encased In Concrete Identified As Crime Reporter Sean Dugas

Sean Dugas

The body of 30-year-old journalist and missing Florida resident Sean Dugas was discovered in a Georgia backyard this week. The journalists body had been encased in concrete and officials verified his remains using dental records and CT scans. Dugas who went missing on August 27, 2012 was a former crime reporter at the Pensacola News… Read more »

Georgia University Receives $900,000 To Build ‘MacGyver’ Robot

MacGyver Robot Georgia University

MacGyver is about to go robotic. A team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded a three-year, $900,000 grant to build a robot that can interact with its local environments as well as humans can. The grant was awarded by the Office of Naval Research. Researchers chose the MacGyver name because… Read more »

How Could Disney Place Santa Claus On Their Bad List? [Exclusive]

Disney's rejected Santa Claus - his side of the story

Many news outlets, including IQ, reported on Thomas Tolbert, the Santa Claus look-a-like who was treated as persona non grata during a recent trip to Disney World with his family. Like the Tinkerbell Disney guest of months past, Tolbert was told to turn away guests who wanted his autograph or a quick picture with him… Read more »