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Ukraine Prime Minister to United States: Help Us

Russian aggression continues in the Crimea region of Ukraine.

Ukraine Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, who has seen Russian aggression in his country’s Crimea region remain unchanged in recent days, has spoken out on what he hopes the rest of the world — particularly the United States and Britain — will do to remove Russian troops from his country. As the Ukraine prime minister prepares… Read more »

Kevin Bacon Explains The 80s To Millennials [VIDEO]

Kevin Bacon Millenniels

Kevin Bacon, star of The Following, recently addressed to the Millennials how they don’t know anything about the 80s. Kevin specifically starts with anyone born after the year 1985, since the Millennials, or Generation Y, have no specific year range. It is generally ranged with people born in the early 80s to the early 2000s…. Read more »

United States & European Governments Targets Of Suspected Russian Spyware

Latest Cyber Attack Linked To Russia

An intricate version of spyware has been discreetly infecting many government computers both in the United States and in Europe in what is possibly the most elaborate cyber espionage schemes to date. Experts and researchers believe that the spyware, universally known as Turla, is the work of the Russian government and is linked to the… Read more »

North Korea Fires Missiles Into The Sea – Again

cold war

North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan once for the second time in less than one week. The South Korean Defense Ministry is now on high alert and urging their neighbors to the North to stop the missile launches. The short-range missiles launched earlier today were reportedly Scud missiles that flew… Read more »

United States Senator Calls Americans Liars Over Obamacare

US Senator Calls Americans Liars

Conservative media and American citizens are up in arms over United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s blanket proclamation this week that ALL Obamacare “horror stories” are lies, propaganda paid for by the Koch brothers. And they aren’t taking it lying down. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh was all over the story. “I mean, the… Read more »

North Korea Fired Missiles Into Sea Near South Korea

north korea missiles

North Korea fired missiles into the sea along its east coast early this morning. South Korea’s Defense Ministry does not currently have any information about the purpose of firing four short-range missiles by their neighbors. The missile firing by North Korea comes just days after the beginning of military exercises between the United States and… Read more »

Olympic Hockey: United States Loses To Canada, Wins Justin Bieber


There’s a bet that shouldn’t have been made. Those watching yesterday’s semi-final Olympic hockey game between the United States and Canada were greeted with an interesting wager put up by Command Sign, which is apparently the electronic billboard hanging on the side of the Command Transportation building in Skokie, Illinois. While its usual game is… Read more »

United States Would Overthrow Iran Gov’t If It Could, Says Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claims the US would overthrow Iran if it could

The United States has a “controlling and meddlesome” attitude towards Iran and would overthrow the Islamic republic’s government if it were capable of doing so. Or, at least, so says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran on Saturday according to a report in The Guardian. The Ayatollah was giving a speech to commemorate… Read more »

United States First Gold Medal At Sochi, Sage Kotsenburg Takes Slopestyle

United States wins first fold medal in Sochi

The United States has claimed the first gold medal of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games thanks to Sage Kotsenburg’s performance in the slopestyle skiing competition. Slopestyle is a new event making it’s debut in Russia and has been surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty after several athletes got injured in practice rounds and America’s golden… Read more »

United States Stands With People Of Ukraine, Says Secretary Kerry


The United States and European Union stand with the people of the Ukraine as they fight to choose their own alliances, separate from Russia, Secretary of State John Kerry said. A lot has happened in the last week in the Ukraine. The President and his cabinet have resigned amid violent daily protests, a controversial anti-protest… Read more »

United States Seeks Death Penalty For Boston Marathon Bomber

United States To Seek Death For United States prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnev

Th United States Justice Department said Thursday that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnev will face the death penalty, if he is convicted of his role in the April 15, 2013, terror attack. Tsarnev is accused of being one of two men who planted homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon… Read more »

World Food Report Reveals Obesity And Diabetes On The Rise In USA

World Food Systems report

The World Food Systems report judged the food systems in 125 different countries. Each nation was scored based upon four different major metrics: affordability of food, food quality, abundance of food, and the eating habits of citizens. The systems report was issued by the international advocacy confederation of Oxfam.The United States is now placed in… Read more »

Economic Freedom Index Top 10 Countries – US Did Not Make The List

economic freedom index

The Economic Freedom Index is a joint publication by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation. Ten distinct set of criteria are used to measure a nation’s economic health. The measurements are based upon fiscal freedom, government spending, trade freedom, and corruption, among other statistics.The United States economic freedom ranking has been on a… Read more »

American And Iranian Forces Joining To Fight Al-Qaeda In Iraq? [Video]

Iran Iraq

Iran and the United States are taking their new found friendship to the next level, according to Israeli intelligence website Debkafile. The United States and Iran are both contributing troops to the effort to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq. Iraq is two weeks into a major operation in which they are targeting the jihadists who have… Read more »

United States Declares Support For Japan In Dispute With China

United States Supports Japan In Dispute With China

The United States has declared its support for Japan in the ongoing dispute with China over islands located in the East China Sea which Japan administrates. China established, unilaterally, an air defense zone last weekend, which Japan and the United States don’t recognize. As tensions grow in the area, the Obama administration is accusing Beijing… Read more »

United States Sends B-52s Over China Air Defense Zone

United States sends two B-52 bombers over China air defense space

The United States sent two B-52 bombers over China’s Air Defense Zone, without notifying Beijing. United States officials said on Tuesday, the two bombers went into a disputed area over the East China Sea challenging the country’s wish to expand its air zone. Both countries have been at odds over China’s intentions and today’s actions… Read more »

North Korea Threatens ‘Horrible Disaster,’ Puts Army On Alert

North Korea Warns Of 'Horrible Disaster'

North Korea threatened the United States with a “horrible disaster” on Tuesday, adding that its military was placed on high alert and told to be ready to launch operations. The latest rhetoric from North Korea comes after weeks of threats against the United States and South Korea. Hostile threats from the reclusive nation aren’t unusual,… Read more »

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Due To Tax Law

Americans are renouncing their citizenship in record numbers recently because they seek a tax break. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a record number of citizens want relief from the massive amounts of paperwork required by U.S. tax law. The 1,130 citizens that renounced their U.S. citizenship in the second fiscal quarter of 2013… Read more »