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2015 Women’s World Cup: 3 Things To Watch For In USA vs. Germany

USA Germany FIFA Women's World Cup Semifinal live online

The most intriguing matchups of the 2015 Women’s World Cup have finally arrived. The United States are minor underdogs against Germany on Tuesday, as they face off in Montreal at Olympic Stadium. The United States will need to play their best game of the tournament, if they want to advance to the Women’s World Cup… Read more »

China Gears Up For World War III

China gears up for World War III

Nuclear missiles with multiple warheads, anti-ship missiles, and man-made islands are all evidence China is increasing its military ambitions, and the United States isn’t happy about it. The latest confrontation between the United States and China happened this week after an American spy plane was warned away from Chinese man-made islands eight times, according to… Read more »

Warren Weinstein, American Al-Qaida Hostage, Killed During U.S. Operation — Obama Offers His Grief And Condolences

obama offers condolences to family of dead hostages

Warren Weinstein, an Al-Qaida hostage, was killed during a U.S. counterterrorism operation in January, and now President Obama is offering his “grief and condolences” to his family. “I take full responsibility for a U.S. government counterterrorism operation that killed two innocent hostages held by al-Qaida,” Obama said from the White House briefing room, according to… Read more »

Will This Be The Most Amazing Picture Of President Barack Obama In Office?

President Barack Obama departs Jamaica

When President Barack Obama departed Jamaica for the Summit of the Americas in Panama on Thursday, he was conveniently photographed waving goodbye on Airforce One with a rainbow seemingly shooting out of his hands. The remarkable photograph may just be one of the most outstanding pic taken during President Obama’s time in office. Of course,… Read more »

Obama On Russia: No Military Option

Obama continues his stance against Russia.

President Obama made an official state visit to India this weekend and while there he spoke to reporters about the current situation in the Ukraine and the position of the United States regarding Russia, stating that any military options would not be considered. As the cease fire between Ukrainian separatists an the Ukrainian government breaks… Read more »

Obama Calls David Cameron ‘Bro’, British Prime Minister Confirms

Obama calls Cameron bro

Apparently President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are so tight that the American leader calls the European leader “bro.” Cameron himself confirmed the news, according to a report in the Telegraph and added that their relationship is indeed close, in public and behind closed doors. It’s no secret that Cameron is a… Read more »

Terrorist Attacks Prompt The U.S. To Issue Worldwide Travel Alert


The recent terrorist attacks in France, Australia, and Canada have prompted the United States to issue a worldwide travel alert, as of Friday night. The travel alert came on the heels of French police killing three hostage-takers. In one of these instances, police were reported to have killed two of the men responsible for the… Read more »

Pope Francis To Issue Call To Action On Climate Change

Pope Franics calls for action on global warming

In a year when Pope Francis has already set himself as a key player for change across the world, the pontiff will once again step into troubled waters while issuing a call to action in combating climate change. According to the Guardian, the Argentinian pope plans to issue a lengthy message to the 1.2 billion… Read more »

Was The U.S. Behind North Korea’s Internet Outage?

Cyber Attack on North Korea Internet?

Internet connectivity was lost across the country of North Korea on Tuesday. The outage comes less than a week after the United States vowed to respond to North Korea’s alleged involvement in the Sony Pictures hacking scandal. Could the U.S. have been involved in North Korea’s outage? CNN reported on the outage amid escalated tensions… Read more »

Oil Prices Continue to Drop, Here’s Why

Gas prices lowest since 2004

As 2014 comes to a close, consumers have noticed a steep drop in gas prices. What’s behind the improvement? Well, a combination of factors have actually led to the change. According to a CBS News article, the national average price per gallon dropped below $3.00 this fall for the first time since 2004. Bob Darbelnet,… Read more »

U.S. Military Robots To Join Fight Against Ebola


Despite massive efforts from countless countries to contain the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, the outbreak continues to claim lives at a faster rate than ever. The WHO has estimated around 15,000 current cases, although the organization admits the numbers could be much higher due to the fact that many cases… Read more »