Rare Crocodile

Rare Crocodile Discovered By Florida Woman

While spotting Alligators in Florida is a rather regular occurrence finding the endangered American crocodile in pubic is nearly impossible but that’s exactly what a Florida woman did this week.

Shondra Farner called in to report the crocodile and at first officials didn’t believe her since only approximately 1,500 of the American Crocs live in the area and they are typically all found in a specific 300 mile radius.

Shondra says the official originally told her:

“He said, ‘No, ma’am, you have an alligator,’ and I said, ‘No, I know the difference.”

Officials have placed cages filled with beef loin around the pond where the alligator was found in the hopes of capturing the crocodile and eventually setting it free in the crocodiles own territory.

In a cool technological twist the crocodile will be implanted with a magnet when captured, the magnet will disorient the crocodile should it attempt to leave the protected area where it is suppose to be living.

Farner told the CSMonitor:

“That big boy was just about 8 feet (2.5 meters) from our patio,” said Farner, who snapped photos of the croc with its mouth open. “It’s terribly scary looking. And fast. When he turned to leave, I couldn’t believe how quick he was.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission points out an interesting fact, while Alligators occasionally bite people there has never been a documented American Crocodile attack in the state. In any case they suggest not attempting to feed or pet the crocodile, that sounds like excellent advice to me.