Cat Terrorizes Family: Mother And Daughter

House Cat Terrorizes Family: Corners Owners Of 14 Years, Has StandOff With Police

A house cat terrorizes a family who owned him 14 years and what set him off is unknown. The mother and daughter owners tell authorities that he’s always been a bit “unpredictable.” Even police found it difficult to get by the fierce cat, Eyewitness 7 News reports. A standoff with the animal occurred at the front door.

The incident took place in Chula Vista last Tuesday when the cat, named “Cuppy” lost it and began pouncing and swatting at anyone in the house who moved from the spot where he held them hostage. Apparently, he even shredded one of the women’s nightgowns that she was wearing.

Cuppy’s owners aren’t so sure they want him around now; they’re considering having him euthanized.

10 News further reports that the two women were trapped in a bedroom of their house. After barricading themselves inside the room for a long while, they managed to dial 911 around 4 am.

The women told the dispatcher that their cat had become violent and tried preventing them from leaving the bedroom. Officers arrive to assist in the feline crisis, but are met with a standoff as the cat greets them at the front door. At first officers try speaking kindly to the cat in a typical “here kitt-kitty” fashion. The cat doesn’t budge, holding his ground, until he decides to walk out on his own. The cat’s reign of terror on the family ended at that point.

Cuppy is known to get rifled up over stray cats in the neighborhood, more than anything. He’s never been “unpredictable” to the point of having his owners call 911 on him.

“He’s just a ball of fury I guess,” neighbor Karen Yarger says.

Chula Vista police says animal control usually takes these call, but it was a slow night of activity and phone calls for police. The owner remarks to police that they probably never know what they’re going to find after a phone call.

It’s uncertain at this point whether the two women will want Cuppy around after this scary incident. After owning the feline 14 years, why would he lash out at his own family like that?

In Oregon, there was another incident when a cat terrorized a family, as The Inquisitr reported. The animal was even making life hard for the dog. They, too, had to dial 911 to free themselves from the cat that was outside a bedroom door.

Animals have many reasons humans may not fully comprehend as to why they go on attacking sprees, but it’s a bad situation when they think they’re the boss!

[Image via 10 News]