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Did Justin Bieber Cause Rita Ora And Calvin Harris To Breakup?

Rita Ora has been all over the news lately, and it’s no surprise that she’s making headlines once again. But now, it seems that Rita is almost seeking vengeance on her ex Calvin Harris.

Recently, she played the V Festival all the while being as fabulous as she could possibly be. It seems that Calvin Harris still carries a grudge though, as he did block Rita Ora from performing with him at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. But Rita didm’t seem all too phased when she posted the following picture:

Rita Ora Teen Choice Awards

Yahoo UK report that rumors have run rampant that Rita Ora’s crush on Justin Bieber was the demise of their relationship. When asked for her outlook on the Biebs, Rita Ora responded in this fashion:

“I like how he’s evolved, he’s growing up, he’s doing his thing. I like his stance and how he carries himself.”

Furthermore, Yahoo UK reports that Rita and Justin got “hot and heavy” while in the studio with little regard for who was watching:

“[She] was sitting on Justin’s lap and they’d get hot and heavy without caring who was looking on Justin’s lap and they’d get hot and heavy without caring who was looking.” -Eye witness who saw Rita Ora and Justin Bieber getting cozy in the studio.

Riat Ora also has a cameo appearance in the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie which is due out on Valentine’s day in 2015, and also has recently released a hit song with Iggy Azalea. Recently, the singer took to Twitter to celebrate the success of “Black Widow”:

“Black widow is at Number 5 on the US Charts!!! Yes!!!”

So, what could be next on the the horizon for Rita Ora?

According to Elle magazine, Rita Ora has decided to lend her name and fashion expertise to Adidas. When asked about her decision to work with Adidas, Rita Ora offered the following insight:

“The collaboration came about through mutual love and appreciation. I have always been a fan of Adidas Originals and respect what they stand for in their fearlessness and originality. I worked very closely with Adidas Originals to put a personal touch in every piece with connections to my music, my career, and my life. I’m really proud of the collection and beyond excited for my fans to get their hands on it!”

[Photo credit: Hip Hop World Magazine]