Hardee’s Knows How To Promote Their Thickburgers To The Disdain Of One Million Moms [VIDEO]

Americans love their fast food! Just in 2013 alone, we as a people have spent an estimated $151 on the quick-serve products from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, and other places on a weekly basis. As a matter of fact, we here at The Inquisitr have reported numerous times on how fast food chains schemed to get more of their foods into the hands of Americans. Taco Bell introduced a breakfast menu. McDonald’s offered free coffee during breakfast (temporarily during Taco Bell’s breakfast debut), and Burger King has chicken fries once again.

However, there is another way fast food is able to get their product out the door and that is through advertising. For Hardee’s, it seems they are going all out with their latest ads. Unfortunately, One Million Moms are taking a stand against the new promotions. Why? Well… check out the commercial for the Texas BBQ Thickburger below.

To some the commercial isn’t anything bad, but to One Million Moms, it is “softcore porn.” That’s right! This commercial to them is softcore porn!

According to an article by Bleeding Cool, it reports that One Million Moms launched a new campaign targeting the advertising of Hardee’s using “sex sells” tactics for their thickburgers. The campaign – which also included an argument that Amazon is being too homosexual – is brought up in an official letter in which they wrote:

“Hardee’s and sibling restaurant chain Carl’s Jr. are again provoking people of faith with controversial advertising. This time the ad features a bikini-clad model whose tiny swimsuit barely covers her. This is extremely apparent in a side view where she almost falls out of her top before she unties it, exposing her bare back. She exhibits seductive behavior while eating the new Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich. The commercial concludes with a male checking her out.

The men and boys in our country are under attack from the common belief that “sex sells” in our culture, which is apparently CKE’s favorite marketing strategy. The restaurant chain has gone too far again when porn and food go hand-in-hand.

Webster’s definition of pornography is “material created for the purposes of eliciting a sexual response,” and so this ad is pornographic.”

Charisma News reported in their article that One Million Moms offered a review of the restaurants’ consistent use of sex to sell their products. Back in 2003, Hugh Hefner was featured as a poster celebrity in which an erotic ad was made with a scantily clad female on a mechanical bull. In 2005, Paris Hilton used sleazy movements to sell burgers. Finally in 2009, “biscuit holes” were featured in which customers used verbiage as “B” holes, “A” holes, dingle balls, and biscatles (testicles) for them.

Now, One Million Moms are suggesting citizens to call owner CKE Restaurant’s consumer relations department as a means of tying up their phone lines with complaints. As of now, there is no word if they have succeeded in their campaign or even if anyone is taking this seriously.

Now that you seen the commercial, we want to know what you think about this situation. Do you think that Hardee’s is using “softcore porn” to sell their thickburgers or do you think that One Million Moms is overreacting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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