rich beggar in India

Dead Beggar In India Held Several Bank Accounts, Had Assets Worth Over Two Million Rupees!

Investigations following the death of a beggar living on the streets of Arambagh, a small town in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, India, have revealed startling facts about him. In fact, police officials are now wondering whether or not to address him as a beggar any more. The man identified as Amarnath De passed away on Friday night due to unknown causes, reports ABP News.

The homeless man, who was a familiar face to the locals in the town, lived in a dilapidated hut and was assumed to be very poor. He used to spend his day begging on the streets of the town, before going back “home” to his hut. However, police officials now say he owns assets worth at least two million rupees (or 20 lakh, in Indian parlance). Translated in to U.S. money, this amounts to slightly over US $33,000 — an amount good enough for him to lead a decent life in India. Cost of living in India is very less compared to developed economies, thereby making the amount of $33,000 a very decent income

Amarnath was found to have several bank accounts as well. Following his death, he was found to be in possession of Rs.16,000 in cash ($262). Several bank documents too were recovered from his humble streetside abode. He was also in possession of two golden rings whose value has not been correctly estimated.

While his hut had no access to electricity, two mobile phones in good working condition too were found from the hut. While the actual value of the things recovered from the home of Amarnath De is yet to be calculated, officials estimate the man to be worth at least two million rupees.

There is virtually no information regarding the personal life or about immediate family members of Amarnath. Police officials are still puzzled as to why Amarnath lead the life of a beggar — even though he was literally a slumdog millionaire in the actual sense and could have easily lived a life with dignity.

News about this millionaire beggar comes days after we had reported about the arrest of a Saudi Arabian beggar whose net worth was an estimated US $320,000!

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]