Kylie Jenner Wrecks Another New Vehicle

Kylie Jenner has wrecked another new SUV, her second since getting her license just over a year ago.

According to The Daily Mail, the 17-year-old Kylie was rear-ended Thursday evening while driving home from dinner in Glendale when another woman was cut off, swerved into her lane, and rear-ended her. At least that is what she told her parents.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has had her share of run-ins with traffic cops in the past year. A year ago, she caused a 3-car pile-up, wrecking her brand new $125,000 Mercedes SUV just weeks after getting her driver’s license. Jenner slammed into the back of a Toyota, pushing it into a Subaru SUV.

A witness told TMZ that Kylie jumped out of her vehicle, checked on the other drivers to make sure everyone was OK, and apologized profusely. She then exchanged insurance information with the other drivers and left the scene.

Jenner has also reportedly received three tickets since that accident. The first was in Malibu, where, according to TMZ, she was stopped by a L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy and ticketed for speeding. She was stopped again in July, when the California Highway Patrol gave her two tickets – one for tinted windows and the other for breaking the California law that prohibits a new driver from driving with a passenger under the age of 25.

No injuries were sustained in her latest accident. Jenner allegedly did ‘thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the Range Rover she was driving, which Inquistr reported she was slammed on Twitter for buying just weeks ago.

Twitter users were not very sympathetic about her latest accident either, commenting and sharing the link to the TMZ story about the crash.

Maybe Kris and Bruce really can save a little money by hiring her a driver. It certainly looks like Kylie is wasting no time in following in her famous older sisters’ footsteps in making headlines for her escapades. Let’s just hope her driving improves soon.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post