809 lb. Tiger Shark Fed To Homeless Texans

As previously reported by The Inquisitr’s Dustin Wicksell, an 809 lb. tiger shark was recently caught just 5 miles from Port Aransas in the Gulf of Mexico. The catch made headlines due to the sheer size of the aquatic beast and possibly from the circling excitement of Shark Week. Normally, a shark of its size would be mounted and hung above a mantle to become the subject of many conversations. However, this catch met an entirely different fate. The 809 lb. Tiger Shark was not mounted or stuffed. Instead, it was sliced up, cooked, and served to over 90 poor and homeless Texans.

The donation of the tiger shark meet was initiated by Timon’s Ministries in Corpus Christi. The organization supports those in need via donations of basic health care, clothing, and food. In all, 75 lbs. of the Tiger Shark was served up for the homeless to eat. Executive Director Kae Berry told the San Antonio Express-News that the tiger shark was the biggest fish ever donated to the center and that the chef did a fantastic job preparing the meal.

“[M]ost people really enjoyed it.”

The rare delicacy was a treat that many people have not had the opportunity to enjoy, leaving the clients of the center a small sample of Americans who have had the opportunity to partake in such a special meal. Despite the treat, there was plenty of the shark meat left over for tiger shark stew next week.

Ryan Springs, the fisherman who caught the massive tiger shark, shared what was going on in his mind as he struggled with the 809 lb. tiger shark.

“It’s hard to explain this thing about a fisherman fighting a fish. You’re probably just talking to yourself but you feel like you’re talking to the fish and saying things you probably can’t say on TV.”

After partaking in the struggle to reel in the tiger shark, sharing the catch with others was the logical and generous thing to do. Although 75 lbs of the tiger shark was donated to the Timon’s Ministries, the remainder was shared with family and friends. Unlike the solitary life of the tiger shark, Spring’s charity has touched the lives of many who may struggle to scrounge for scraps of food on a daily basis. We can only hope that his act of generosity will spread to others and coerce more donations from hunters and fisherman alike.

[Photo Courtesy: HD Nux]