Kendall Jenner Willing To Sue Over Waitress Throwing Money Claim

Kendall Jenner Takes Legal Action Against Waitress In Dine And Dash Allegation

Kendall Jenner is threatening to sue the waitress/actress accusing the young model of throwing money in her face. The alleged incident took place after Kendall skipped out on settling her bill at a New York diner. The star says she is being defamed.

Kendall Jenner is fighting back at “diva” claims.

The young model is reportedly threatening to sue the waitress-actress, claiming Jenner threw money in her face after she skipped out on a New York diner meal without settling the bill.

The 18-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star says she is being defamed and has now issued a cease-and-desist letter via a lawyer, demanding a retraction and apology for the claim.

The alleged incident took place August 4 at New York City’s Mercer Kitchen, after Kendall dined with Hailey Baldwin (the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin).

Waitress Blaine Morris, who played the character “Betty Nardone” in MTVs Skins, made the accusation against Kendall.

She later tweeted that she chased the brunette down the street to get the money, the alleged “threw money” — two $20 bills — in her face without counting it, while laughing with Hailey.

Morris tweeted:


Now, TMZ have obtained a copy of a letter composed by Kendall’s lawyer, Marty Singer.

In it, Singer admits Jenner was at Mercer Kitchen. But, he states that she and Baldwin accidentally forgot to settle their bill.

The lawyer went on to denounce Morris’ claims as lies. He says when the waitress caught up to Kendall outside the diner, the star was “extremely apologetic” and paid what she owed — $33 plus a $7 tip. Singer claims Jenner “politely handed” the cash to Morris.

In stronger language, Singer wrote:

“Although you [Morris] are working as a waitress at Mercer Kitchen, I understand you are also a struggling actress.”

The lawyer continued: “You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself and raise your own public profile.”

In a previous The Inquisitr report on this, we reported Page Six cited an unidentified source who claimed Jenner was unhappy when “the staff wouldn’t serve her [booze] because she’s underage.”

The informant alleged, “Kendall got up and left and didn’t pay for all the food… about $60 worth, and without a tip.”

But could this be an exaggeration, to ante up the “diva” claim?

Baldwin’s rep has since said the girls “thought everything was paid for. Kendall was polite and asked ‘Does this cover it?’ They didn’t run.”

A clearly outraged Kendall took to Twitter to defend herself a day after the allegation broke, writing:

The model has also been defended by Jonathan Cheban, who features in the E! reality TV show and is a close pal of Kendall’s older sister Kim.

Including a link to a brief article on the story, Cheban tweeted

So, readers: Granted none of us witnessed the alleged incident firsthand, but do you think the throwing money accusation has credibility given past claims about Kendall, or is this a jobbing waitress-actress’ stunt to gain money and fame on the back of Jenner’s name?

So far, Morris has yet to retract, apologize, or make any further public comment about her accusation.

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