Charlie Sheen Roast

Charlie Sheen Roast Is Just As Expected, Lewd And Hilarious

Charlie Sheen has had an up and down year, first he was fired by CBS and Warner Bros. from the tremendously popular sitcom Two and a Half Men and then he both wowed and angered crowds during his speaking tour in which he was sometimes brilliant and often erratic. Now Sheen has seen his career take a new direction, a roast.

The funnyman was roasted over the weekend by Comedy Central and the jokes flew at him with some great one liners.

Here’s some of the standout pieces from the Charlie Sheen roast:

  • Shatner: “Never ever forget to book your next rehab stay through”
  • More From Shatner: “I know a guy who got crucified by Jews, too. And people worshipped that guy.”
  • MacFarlane: “How do you get fired from Two And A Half Men? Do they haul you in and tell you you don’t suck enough?”
  • More MacFarlane: “He’s the reason a d**k with cocaine on it is called a Sheenis.”
  • Jeff Ross: “Charlie’s nostrils are so snotty and full of coke he calls them the Hilton sisters.”
  • MacFarlane Also Commented About Tyson: “He’s a guy who has beaten every opponent he’s been up against, except the letter S.”

So there you have it, a bit of fun at the expense of Charlie Sheen who appeared to be eating up the attention he was given by his celebrity friends.

I honestly can’t think of a better person to roast at the moment, then again I’m always a sucker for a good cocaine or Bree Olson joke.