Your breath smells minty marijuana fresh

Would you buy marijuana flavored Listerine breath freshener? Fancy a hit of THC or marijuana goodness with your breath freshner? Then Med-Strips is for you. This herbal, keep fresh and smiling past the sniffer dogs treat, are like the Listerine breath strips you buy at the supermarket, except that each one of strips comes loaded with 625mg of mind altering, munchie inducing THC.

The label claims the strips will be “like totally effective, discreet and convenient, man.” Results may vary.

You can get them in mint and cinnamon flavors and are $10 each or three x packs of two for $50. They can be purchased in California at authorized dispensaries if you have a medicinal card.

Here is the review from a stoner discerning customer I found:

The ups: Smoke free, could not be more convenient or discreet, actually packs a punch (especially if you take two at a time), excellent for the purse or wallet for those emergency times when you must get medicated

The downs: These are a little thicker than Listerine strips. When they dissolve, they turn into a little glob of goo in your mouth. That’s not so nice. Also, some might not like them because they abandon the natural wholeness of dried cannabis.

The rest: The taste is decent and about what you might expect. Like putting a nugget in a wad of spearmint gum and chewing it.

Overall, I loved Med-Strips and will be buying them again.

That’s right for those emergency times when you must get medicated, i.e when you get up, go to the toilet, or do stuff like breathe. Still at least your breath will be minty fresh.

Here is a video I found purporting to be an ad for Med-Strips, although these guys must have been stoned when they made it cause you suck on Med-Strips you don’t use them like a band aid.

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