65,000 Phone Calls… And You Thought Your Ex Was Scary?

One of the larger patterns of failed relationships seems to be one of the two parties failing to see or accept that a relationship is just heading south.

If you haven’t been to that shameful place yourself, then you are likely to have seen it from a friend- or you’ve been biting your tongue and bored on the other side of a 45-minute long rumination as to why someone just hasn’t returned a call, wanting to shout “because s/he doesn’t want to!” Well, imagine what the poor friends of one lovelorn Dutch woman must have put up with while she struggled through the end of a relationship.

As is common in situations like that of the woman arrested for placing an alleged 65,000 calls to the target of her affection, the scenario is a bit he said/she said. According to the 62-year-old victim, the two were never romantically interlinked. But the 42-year-old woman tells a different tale, alleging she and the man had a relationship and that the calls were not entirely inappropriate.

Hague prosecution spokeswoman Nicolette Stoel confirmed that the perp claimed the pair had had a legitimate relationship at some point, but an Early Show anchor did the math on the supposed harassment, and if the numbers work out, it paints a fairly creepy picture of the constant stalking:

“Early Show” co-anchor Jeff Glor reported her calls works out to 1,250 times a week, 178 times a day or about once every eight minutes. Glor added that calculation is based on if she weren’t sleeping.

The court ordered the woman not to contact her possibly former lover again. Have you ever been the target of an overzealous ex?