Demi Lovato swimming in her bikini.

Demi Lovato Shares Bikini Body In Instagram Video

In a strange and silly new Instagram video, Demi Lovato shows off her bikini body with some late night pool fun.

Idolator reported on the goofy new post from the Christian pop star, claiming that Demi Lovato likes to keep her sexy Instagram posts on the cute side, rather than other music divas who have posted some very risque shots. Demi posted the video early yesterday morning to her Instagram. Lovato’s video has since accumulated more than 356,000 likes from her fans and followers.

The video shows Demi Lovato swimming on her back from a bird’s eye camera angle. Lovato swims around a bit, flaunting her bikini-clad curves and smiling for the camera. At the end of the video, Demi seemingly gets pulled away by something off-screen, which she was apparently pretending to be an undertow. Lovato’s caption for the video said:

“That one time I was swimming under the glass in my bungalow…… And got sucked away by the current……”

According to Perez Hilton, Demi Lovato posted the video while on her vacation. It’s unclear in the video where Lovato is vacationing, but Perez Hilton claims it’s somewhere tropical. It’s actually difficult to tell if the video is shot in a swimming pool or in the crystal clear blue water of a beach somewhere. But Demi also seems to be wearing a neon bikini that reflects the light shining through the water.

Another of Demi’s Instagram posts shortly after the swimming video show her wading around in shallow waters with a sting ray. Check out the photo of Lovato snorkling below!

Demi swims with a sting ray.

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Demi Lovato’s recent tweets give some hints about where she is and what kinds of locations she’s visiting while on vacation. Demi claims she doesn’t like to reveal much about her personal life, so fans will have to continue guessing where in the world the singer is.

“I covered the others because they are from my personal vacation. I don’t like sharing too much about my personal life.”