A UFO sighting turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of airborne balloons.

UFO Sighting Terrifies And Shocks Witnesses Until Local Photographer Solves Mystery

A UFO sighting terrified and shocked witnesses in Welwyn Garden City, which is a town within the Borough of Welwyn Hatfield in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Multiple residents of the town reportedly spotted the unidentified flying object on Sunday, prompting one of them to leave the following plea about the UFO sighting on Facebook: “Can you post to see if anyone else just saw the bright object across the sky near Panshanger area.”

The UFO sighting took place near Panshanger Aerodrome, prompting Welwyn Hatfield Times to theorize that the sighting was somehow related to the operational general aviation aerodrome. The privately owned airfield is situated on the eastern tip of Welwyn Garden City (Panshanger and Haldens). During WWII, the Royal Air Force used the airfield for training purposes. Today, it houses the North London Flying School.

At least one person blamed a Chinese lantern for the incident, while another suggested aliens. However, a local photographer has offered a different theory to explain the UFO sighting, and she has photographic evidence to support her claim.

Welwyn Hatfield Times reported that Liz Divall contacted their news desk regarding the sighting. She supplied them with a photo that apparently shows a large bunch of green and white helium balloons sailing through clear blue skies. The photographer included this message along with the UFO image: “Please find attached an image of the erm, UFO.” This colorful bunch of balloons, Divall claims, is the “scary” UFO seen earlier this week.

The photographer even took the time to explain about her activities on the day of the UFO sighting.

I had my camera with me taking shots in Sherrardspark Woods [sic] and walking home I stopped to take a photo of the moon.

Sherrardspark Wood is an ancient woodland that is frequented by joggers, horseback riders, bicyclists and people walking dogs. Divall continued describing how her myth-busting photograph came about.

My boyfriend, David, and some lovely ladies who were walking past us, spotted this weird rotating object in the sky so took my camera and after a lot of effort and zooming finally figured out what it was.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a July 2014 unidentified flying object sighting made headlines after a gleaming object was seen in the skies above Milan. Potential explanations for that UFO sighting, according to the YouTube community, included “flying serpent (ancient plasma alien),” “Pleiadians,” and “good aliens.”

[Image by photographer Liz Divall via Welwyn Hatfield Times]