Kimberly McCullough back to 'General Hospital'

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin Returns, Will Jason Morgan Be With Her?

This week on General Hospital, Robin Scorpio-Drake is back. Kimberly McCullough returns to the role after a few months away, and it will be interesting to see if fans embrace the latest return for the actress. Viewers are anxious for some General Hospital spoilers about what lies ahead, and there are a few tidbits available.

McCullough reprises the role of Robin beginning with Tuesday’s episode. The show’s executive producer teased some General Hospital spoilers via Soap Opera Digest by saying, “For the audience who hasn’t seen what we shot last month, they’ll be really excited to see this next chapter of the story.” He adds that the audience will “see her move the story in a really interesting direction.” Apparently, the show is working around McCullough’s pursuit of directing opportunities, so Robin may be sticking around Port Charles for a little while this time around.

So, how does Robin reappear in the mix of things in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that on Tuesday, “Patrick makes a surprising discovery.” That certainly would seem to reference the return of Robin, but fans will have to tune in to find out. Interestingly, the site’s spoilers and teasers for the rest of the week don’t seem to detail much of anything related to Robin or her return.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers for this week revolve around Sam and Patrick heading to the Crichton-Clark clinic to figure out what is the truth about Nina. This is where Robin is trying to “unfreeze” Jason, and Thaao Penghlis is back this week as Victor Cassadine as well. It is sounding likely that as Sam and Patrick snoop around the clinic, they may be shocked to run into Robin, Victor, and perhaps even Jason. With Sam and Patrick together at the clinic where Robin and Jason are, the stage certainly does seem to be set for a big shocker. In fact, the latest GH spoiler preview via the show’s Facebook page shows Patrick talking to Robin, asking her what’s going on. She replies that Jason is waking up, so things are about to get wild.

There had been a lot of buzz a while back that The Young & the Restless star Billy Miller may have signed on for a role on General Hospital, with many figuring he must be tackling the role of Jason. However, until now, nothing has developed on that front. Could this be the beginning of that coming about? The show has yet to confirm or deny anything regarding Miller joining the show. Many suspect that they are about to try to duplicate the shocker they created when they brought Michelle Stafford on as Nina Clay.

Fans are ready to see this play out, as it’s been in the works for some time now. Do you think Billy Miller is playing Jason Morgan? Will this all play out the way fans have anticipated, or does the show have something else up its sleeve? One way or another, it would seem likely that big things are in store for those in Port Charles with Kimberly McCullough back as Robin. Tune in to the soap weekdays on ABC, and stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers regarding what lies ahead with Robin, Patrick, Sam, and Jason.

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