Boy drives on parkway

Boy Drives Toy On NYC Parkway: 6-Year-Old Drives On Parkway, Saved By ‘Car Shield’

A boy drives a toy on an NYC parkway, and is thankfully saved when motorists notice him. According to ABC News, the 6-year-old boy was riding on top of a blue and gray toy when he ventured away from a cousins house and rode 10 blocks — by himself — right onto the parkway. It didn’t take long for the youngster to get noticed by others who were driving on the parkway, and a couple of people worked together to make a “slow moving shield” that basically trapped the boy — on his toy — between them.

At one point, one of the people in the cars surrounding the boy, pulled over, ran out into the street, and scooped the little boy up, perhaps saving his life. Westchester County police spokesman Kieran O’Leary said everything happened very quickly.

“A couple of cars were behind him, maybe another alongside him a little bit, somewhat protecting him from the possibility of being struck by a car that wouldn’t have seen him in time.”

The boy was driving his toy on the NYC parkway where cars normally reach speeds of about 50 mph. Obviously this is no place for a child to be playing, but it’s unknown how the boy managed to drive on the parkway or how long he’d been scooting along on his toy before he was rescued.

According to dbTechno, the toy that the boy was riding was actually a mini-ATV. The child managed to use an on ramp to join the motorists on the Bronx River Parkway, traveling for a bit in the acceleration lane before merging with the right lane. Meanwhile, his family spent about a half an hour looking for him before calling police. 911 operators were receiving calls of a child on the parkway at the same time. The boy was reunited with his family after being taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation. He is said to be doing fine.

A boy who drives his toy on to a NYC parkway is certainly surprising, but a similar report back in June saw a baby making her way along a highway in Georgia. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the baby was crawling along the side of the road when she was saved by a man — who just happened to be an ex-con. The 15-month-old was safely returned to her parents.

[Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News]