Clemson quarterback plays great prank and gets it on video.

Prank Video: Clemson Quarterback Poses As Mannequin Freaking People Out

Senior Cole Stroudt will enter this fall as Clemson’s starting quarterback, as reported by Fox Sports. But before the season begins, Cole decided to have a little fun at the Clemson staff and fans’ expense.

According to CBS Sports, Clemson’s athletic facility set up a display to showcase their new sporting equipment and jersey combinations. However, when those involved have a sense of humor, even the best laid plans can change. D.J. Gordon, the assistant football equipment manager, may just be the culprit for one of the greatest shenanigans.

Gordon noticed that one of the mannequins looked identical to starting quarterback Cole Stroudt when dressed in full gear. So, Gordon and Stroudt devised a plan to scare the daylights out of anyone walking past the display. So the Westzone at Memorial Stadium became a place that some would consider the wrong place at the wrong time.

As innocent teammates and fans enter, watch the hilarious video to see what happens as they walk past the display. Cole Stroudt is loving every minute of it — even when he is slapped silly.