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High School Musical 4 Spoof trailer: Zac Effron is a dog


Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgeons singing as chihuahuas, yes someone has done a spoof of High School Musical 4.

The trailer shows what happens if you combine some of the most recent and profitable Disney movies including Enchanted, High School Musical, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Shaggy Dog and College Road Trip. The answer is obvious, champagne comedy.


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7 Responses to “High School Musical 4 Spoof trailer: Zac Effron is a dog”

  1. kalid

    lmfao, thats helerious, i love it, it has been done so well, it really looks like the real thing lmfao

  2. thomas

    i thought zack was cool but now i don't i just wish that zack will do the highschool musical 4:collage years for us, i mean for us fans not for plenty of money if i were him i will do it what ever the price is.

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