David Guetta Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld

Despite David Guetta’s Space Out At Tomorrowland, A U.S. TomorrowWorld Music Festival Announced

David Guetta recently played at the world renowned Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium over the past weekend, and seemed to be having a hard time keeping a smile on his face. In the following video, Guetta stares off into space while he’s turning knobs on his board and appears to be either under the influence or just plain bored.

Music Times reported on Guetta’s bizarre behavior, saying the following:

“It’s not clear if Guetta was simply exhausted, or tripping on molly, or coming to the realization that he’s absolutely sick of what he does for a living, but either way, it’s a fascinating watch.”

Even though the crowd doesn’t seem to mind Guetta’s space out, the video of him completely lost in his own world is already making the rounds in cyberspace. Don’t be surprised if memes and gifs pop up of the French-born EDM musician’s performance, or lack thereof, at Tomorrowland music festival.

In related news, Tomorrowland music festival drew in record breaking crowds, even catching the attention of Billboard magazine. This year would mark the 10th anniversary of the global dance party, which has included David Guetta as one of the main attractions for several of those ten years. Some other notable performers/DJs at the festival included: Teki Latex, Avicii, Hardwell, Tiesto, Gary Beck, Steve Aoki, and Paul van Dyk.

People traveled from all over the world to converge on the global dance festival. India, Australia, Russia, Germany, Chile, Canada, Spain, and even South Korea represented the crowd at Tomorrowland. BBC News reports one excited electronic music fan from Brazil as having the following to say about the Tomorrowland lineup:

“This is a dream come true, I feel like I’ve jumped inside my television because in Brazil my friends and I would always watch Tomorrowland’s videos and we always wanted to come here. I’m living a dream right now.”

More than 300,000 electronic music fans attended the three day long music event. Extra tickets were even released and sold out within the hour. BBC News also reports that the organizers of Tomorrowland intend on taking the concept to the United States. Debby Wilmsen, a press agent for the festival, told BBC the following:

“Now we have a new festival in the US called TomorrowWorld. It’s all gone very fast for us.”

TomorrowWorld will be in Septemberm and is a three-day festival beginning on the 26th and ending the 28th. This Tomorrowland spin-off will be held in Atlanta, Georgia this year.

[Photo credit: Mix Mag]