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Beyoncé And Jay Z Split? What Does ‘Jay Z Blue’ Mean For Couple’s Marriage?

Beyoncé & Jay Z might not be headed for a split after all. Despite numerous rumors surrounding the power house couple, Bey has been doing her best to prove that she and her husband are doing just fine together. According to People Magazine, Beyoncé has been mum on divorce rumors, but she has tried her best to show that she still loves Jay Z and that she is happy. Most recently, Bey posted a photo of her husband and daughter on the beach together. It was, perhaps, her most telling photo yet.

“Instead of releasing a statement declaring that marital strife is tabloid fiction, she took to a tried-and-true medium: Instagram.”

Beyoncé posted the photo below along with the caption, “My favorite hue is JayZ Blue.”

It seems Beyoncé & Jay Z are enjoying their lives together. While cheating rumors have been ridiculously popular, the couple remains a family unit. They are on tour together, traveling the world, and spending all of their free time as a family. Bey has done a great job documenting her life in photos, and if she were thinking about leaving Jay Z, she probably wouldn’t be sharing so many photos of them together.

Instagram has really become Beyoncé’s way of showing the world that everything is okay in her life. Even after the now infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Bey’s sister, Solange, the Drunk In Love singer posted a happy picture of her and her sister hanging out together. This is just another way for Bey to say that “everything is okay” without actually having to say anything at all.

Beyoncé & Jay Z’s relationship has been scrutinized for the past several weeks. Cheating allegations have been overflowing, the most recent claims include Jay Z hooking up with Rihanna. According to The Inquisitr, the aforementioned elevator fight was actually because Solange lashed out at Jay Z for hanging out with Rihanna alone.

It’s hard to say what is really going on between Bey and Jay. Sure, maybe they have problems, but every married couple hits bumps in the road. Regardless of what problems they might have, it seems more than obvious that the two are working through things together and keeping their daughter, Blue Ivy, as their focus in life. They seem to be doing the best that they can, and maybe if the media would calm down for a while, people would begin to see that Bey and Jay are more than okay.

[Photo courtesy of Thegrapejuice.net]