Justin Bieber v Orlando Bloom Fight Over Miranda Kerr Hook-Up

If Justin Bieber ‘Boasted’ Truthfully About Miranda Kerr To Bloom & Others — Then She Lied

Justin Bieber “would brag” about allegedly having slept with the supermodel Miranda Kerr when she was still married to Orlando Bloom and allegedly “boasted” to the Brit that the model had vowed to “make a man out of” him, according to two new reports. If the claims are based on facts, it explodes the staunch denial Kerr previously issued — into pieces.

Justin Bieber allegedly told Orlando Bloom his separated from supermodel ex-wife Miranda Kerr had vowed to “make a man out of” him. It’s also alleged that the singer previously told others that he slept with the Australian beauty while she was still married to the Brit, two new reports claim.

The claims are the latest explosive development in the Justin Bieber v Orlando Bloom drama, which comes after Bloom tried to punch the singer – it was deflected by a Bieber bodyguard – at Ibiza’s Cipriani restaurant early Wednesday (July 30).

The violent spectacle was reportedly cheered by diners including actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan, and watched by Paris Hilton, Diddy, other celebrities and patrons.

Witnesses claim Bieber, 20, made snarky comments to Bloom, 37, about Kerr, 31, after the actor refused to shake his hand and Orlando’s fellow diner DiCaprio waved the singer away in the eatery.

Reports on Bieber’s alleged jibes previously ranged from “Say hi to Miranda for me,” to “Tell Miranda what’s up,” and “She’s good.” Now, it’s claimed the singer “boasted” to Bloom about Kerr’s alleged vow, which it’s claimed was said in 2012 when she first met Bieber.

There are, of course, credibility issues over these alleged remarks. Particularly the last.

It’s reasonable to question why such an incendiary alleged comment didn’t surface last week when witnesses’ claims first rolled out. It’s hardly forgettable.

But, then again?… And that’s why such “quotes” always leave a mark. Because the “what if?” remains.

Eyewitness and Spanish model Anastasia Skolkova previously told The Mirror in a paid-for account, that around 10 minutes after Bieber’s alleged remarks a raging Bloom “jumped over a sofa” to go after the singer.

Other reports claim Justin was “cordial” to Orlando, and only made an alleged rude comment after Bloom rebuffed him.

[Video of Bieber-Bloom fight.]

Either way, the singer’s ante-raising posting then swift deleting of a bikini-clad photograph of Kerr to Instagram shortly after his run-in with Bloom, had fueled enduring rumors that Bieber and Kerr’s reported flirting when they met at the November 7, 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show he performed at — led to more. He also posted a photo of Bloom crying which has not been deleted.

On August 2, the Sunday People claimed a source alleged Bieber “boasted” to Bloom before the throwdown: “Miranda told me, ‘I want to make a man out of you,'” when they flirted at the show.

The UK paper claims Bieber’s alleged “boast” about Kerr to the actor sparked the Cipriani confrontation.

Additionally, New York Daily News Confidential reports a source now alleges “Bieber would brag” that he slept with Kerr “while he was in the studio,” after rumors claiming that the pair hooked up after the New York show were first reported.

Around that time, amid the speculation, Kerr’s lawyers released a media-wide letter stating that any implication or claims that their client and Bieber had been intimate were “false and defamatory,” TMZ reports.

But, if Bieber’s alleged “bragging” and “make a man out of you” comments are based in fact — logically, Kerr’s previous denial is false.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom