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Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Compared To John The Baptist

Phil Robertson was recently compared to John the Baptist.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson — the Duck Commander himself — is known for his long beard, wearing camo, eating whatever critters he can hunt or fish out of the Louisiana swamp, and stirring up controversy when he speaks. The biblical figure of John the Baptist was known for wearing camel’s hair, eating locusts and wild honey in the Judean wilderness, baptizing Jesus Christ, and stirring up controversy when he spoke.

Phil’s son, Christian minister Alan Robertson (the only Robertson without a massive beard), who only appears occasionally on Duck Dynasty, recently compared the Duck Commander to John the Baptist. A Fox News report quotes Alan saying:

“My dad, Phil Robertson, has the heart and the mindset of a prophet… long hair, long beard, naturally camouflaged, he ate off the land and he pointed people to Christ.”

A CNS News report, further quotes Alan Robertson saying:

“How many people make their way out just to talk to my dad about the good news of Jesus Christ? And so he was a lot like John the Baptist. He is that guy. Now I’m often reminded when I tell people John the Baptist that he also lost his head, for speaking the truth, right? In a culture that really wasn’t prepared to hear truth, and yet, you know what, that doesn’t change my dad’s view at all. Prophets tend to not care about their public image, they tend to talk about judgment as if it’s real, and they speak what God gives them to speak. And that’s what my dad does. So he is, in that sense, a 21st century prophet. What’s interesting is how it came to be is phenomenal. It really was just one prayer on a television show.”

So, is a comparison between the Duck Dynasty patriarch and John the Baptist fair? Both Phil Robertson and John the Baptist called people to repentance. Both lived simple lives. If the Phil Robertson we see on Duck Dynasty is to be believed, he lives a very simple life, especially considering the commercial success of his duck call and hunting video empire (to say nothing of the success of Duck Dynasty itself).

Phil Robertson isn’t exactly living off of locusts and wild honey, though he does get out with grandson John Luke to collect wild honey in one Duck Dynasty episode. Phil also spent some time explaining to John Luke that happiness doesn’t depend on what you have, as seen in this video clip:

Both Phil Robertson and John the Baptist were spurned by polite society. The movers and shakers of their respective worlds weren’t interested in their message of repentance. John the Baptist eventually angered the government of his time so much that they imprisoned him. Anger over his preaching about sexual morality eventually led to him being beheaded. While Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson isn’t likely to be executed for his preaching about sexual morality, he has certainly raised his share of opposition and controversy with his message. Both John the Baptist and Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty were willing to confront anyone, including the heads of government.

In a related report in Inquisitr, in one case, members of a government union were threatened with firing for having “I Support Phil” bumper stickers on their private vehicles due to anger over the Duck Dynasty star’s comments.

So, yes, there are some similarities between the Duck Commander and John the Baptist. What do you think? Is Alan’s comparison of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to John the Baptist reasonable?

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69 Responses to “Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Compared To John The Baptist”

  1. Anonymous

    Whenever people start comparing themselves to Jesus, Moses, or similar religious icons, I can hear the whistle signaling "all aboard the crazy train". Or they simply want the attention and money other crazies will undoubtedly shower them with. P.T. Barnum said it best.

  2. John Kline

    And expresses himself in particularly crude, vulgar terms.

  3. Doug Bruce

    Blasphemy. John the Baptist was one in how ever many have ever walked the earth. His job was to proclaim Jesus' arrival. His preacher son ought to be defrocked as he has exposed himself as a fraud.

  4. Harry Balsac

    Phil Robertson's Christian values = lusting after fifteen year old girls, poaching game on his neighbor's property, and trademark infringement. Be sure to catch him praying at the dinner table with one eye open.

  5. Doug Bruce

    Scott Rutherford Exactly what qualifies you as a religious expert. Your byline says Celebrity News.

  6. Scott Rutherford

    Doug Bruce *sigh* this particular report is about celebrity news, sure. I wouldn't consider myself a religious expert, really, though 30 years of studying the Bible and studying it formally through Berean School of the Bible, along with 12 years of pastoral ministry (to say nothing of the research and writing I've done on a wide variety of religious topics since, much of which can be found online easily enough) qualifies me as someone who is at least educated enough on the subject to comment. We can do a word study of the Hebrew and Greek words for "blasphemy" if you need more detail on the issue.

  7. Doug Bruce

    How do you make disciples if you isolate those you are trying to reach. Jesus never did that. Like when the woman was caught in adultery, Jesus asked those without sin to caste the first stone. They all walked away. We should take that same approach.

  8. Scott Rutherford

    Doug Bruce, or assuming you don't read Greek or Hebrew well enough to make that kind of discussion profitable, we could always just go with an English dictionary definition:

    1. impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.
    2.Judaism. a. an act of cursing or reviling God. b.pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) in the original, now forbidden manner instead of using a substitute pronunciation such as Adonai.
    3. Theology . the crime of assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God.
    4. irreverent behavior toward anything held sacred, priceless, etc.: He uttered blasphemies against life itself.

    Comparing someone to a prophet doesn't fit the bill for any of those. Not saying it doesn't cross a line, depending on your beliefs about prophets and prophecy, but it isn't blasphemy.

  9. Lindsey Bradford

    You have got to be effing kidding me… -_- lmao! That's religion for you, always worshiping and following some man, putting him up on a pedestal. I thought "god" said not to do that?!

  10. John Kline

    Scott Rutherford Whichever one he is compared to, it is still blasphemy. He seems to get off on talking about anal sex, etc.

  11. John Kline

    I guess I have spent too much time around Southern Baptists in Louisiana who are very good at hate-filled bigotry and racism, not to mention super hypocrisy.

  12. Scott Rutherford

    John Kline , the word doesn't mean what you appear to think that it means. Your profile says you went to (or maybe teach at?) NLU. I know Warhawks know how to use a dictionary. Nobody claimed Phil Robertson is God. Or Jesus. Or even John the Baptist. Alan said he is "like" John the Baptist. As for me, I grew up around a lot of Southern Baptists in Louisiana who were wonderful folk. I wouldn't pretend that there was no racism among any of them, but I've honestly seen much worse racism since I moved to Michigan. It's less overt, but it runs deeper and flows both ways. That said, I've seen it coming from all sorts of religious and nonreligious people. It isn't denomination-specific. In any case, blasphemy is a specific sin. Since you've expressed disdain for Southern Baptists, here is a link to a Catholic source discussing what blasphemy is:

  13. Scott Rutherford

    They are members of the Klan? If you have anything substantiating that, please send it to me and I will get working on an article about it right away. That would be big news. Of course, if you're just spouting off at the mouth, I can't use that.

  14. Scott Rutherford

    John Kline his "racist" comments involved saying basically the black folks who worked in the fields alongside him seemed happy. I've heard a lot of things called racism, some deservingly, others not, but Phil is the first person I've ever heard of called a racist for saying someone was happy. If he's made other comments since then of which I'm not aware, please source them. If it's recent news, or not public knowledge, I'll be happy to write about it.

  15. John Kline

    Scott Rutherford I stand by my statements though I will acknowledge it is not as bad as in the sixties when the church fought integration. (BTW I attended La Tech when Robertson was there. )

  16. Scott Rutherford

    John Kline Go Bulldogs. I almost went to Tech myself, though it would have been long after Phil was gone. I moved up to Michigan instead. Racism is a bad thing, and especially bad when practiced by those whose faith should instruct them better (i.e., Baptists and anyone else who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles…not saying other religions shouldn't, but I don't consider myself particularly qualified to comment on that). That said, I'm not sure we can lay the fault for racism at the feet of the SBC. Racism is a long-pervading sin that has been part of almost every culture on the planet for a long, long time. You're welcome to stand by your statement, of course, but a simple look-up of the definition would show you it's errant. That said, I've made plenty of errant statements myself. Either way, go Bulldogs. And Warhawks.

  17. Sheridan Fenwick

    You are kidding with that question arent you? This man is disgusting and a very bad example of a Christain for sure…..If he is speaking he is lying ,,, he uses the Bible as a weapon,,,


  18. Margie Foster

    To Sharon: To many of the folks on here, including you, I would say all of you would call Jesus a bigot…how say you? Until you could ever meet Phil Robertson and talk to him, how can you call him a bigot just because he expressed his very deepest thoughts on homosexuality and marriage? Wise up Girl!! Surely you don't believe in all the "political correctness" going on…

  19. Harroll Morris

    Phil Robertson has more in common with the religious hypocrites who had the Romans execute Jesus than the prophet who identified the promised messiah. Robertson is a fake who plays a part for money.

  20. Anonymous

    What hypocrisy! The man thinks African Americans were "happy" under Jim Crow laws. Has never backtracked on that comment. Doesn't intend to because his church thinks the same thing. In those early days his church was as silent as the tomb when there was injustice all around in the form of violence against a minority people. His church is married to conservative politics so much that it trumps anything taught in the Bible. If Phil really wants to be spiritual, why not become an advocate for the refugee children on the border like Jesus is? Oh, by the way, that's another thing his church is generally silent about.

  21. Steve Finley

    I'm not crazy about what the man said (nor his political leanings either), but do you really mean to say that no blacks were ever happy under Jim Crow, or that they were monolithically unhappy at all times, or what? What Robertson said was essentially that they were not constantly miserable, and that he and his family knew them and interacted with them as people, not as a separate class. Why does that piss you off?

  22. Steve Finley

    Scott Rutherford Yeah, unless I beat you to it. I'll wait for the evidence myself. (Without holding my breath.)

  23. Steve Finley

    In what way is he a "fraud"? He compared his father to JTB on the basis of specific characteristics that he enumerated. Regardless of what you think about Christianity (or this particular brand of it), or whether you think these people are hypocrites, or whether you think all religion is idiotic, or whatever, the specifics of the comparison actually hold true: Robertson is kind of an outlier, doesn't care what people think about what he says about his religion, doesn't need strokes from others, lives apart from the cultural norm, points people toward what he understands of Jesus Christ, and has been reviled for it pretty fiercely by the secular culture around him (we're not talking about the comments on race, etc., only those that have to do specifically with his advocacy of Christianity). Exactly where is the comparison wrong?

  24. Steve Finley

    I'm not exactly a huge fan, but I'm wondering why all the vitriol over the comparison (actually, I'm not wondering too much…most of it is in the usual "religious people are idiots" mode, along with some of the "let's misquote and misunderstand what he said about race" mode).

    So anyhow, specific to the topic, here's what we've got. The son compared his father to JTB on the basis of specific characteristics that he enumerated — that is, not in every possible aspect, but according to those specific points of comparison. Regardless of what you think about Christianity (or this particular brand of it), or whether you think these people are hypocrites, or whether you think all religion is idiotic, or whatever, the specifics of the comparison actually hold true: Robertson is kind of an outlier, doesn't care what people think about what he says about his religion, doesn't need strokes from others, lives apart from the cultural norm, points people toward what he understands of Jesus Christ, and has been reviled for it pretty fiercely by the secular culture around him (we're not talking about the comments on race, etc., only those that have to do specifically with his advocacy of Christianity). Exactly where is the comparison wrong?

  25. Dane Wooderson

    The idea that people of color at that time would tell anything to a white kid is nuts and that is what makes Phil's comments crazy. He just doesn't get it. When you have to worry about being discriminated or lynched all perpetrated by white folk then you learn real quick to not make waves. The Robertson bible only opens up to the pages that help move his idealism along.

  26. Samuel Webb Sentell

    Ironically, all these comments are true!
    But whether one likes it depends on which camp. I wonder how these camps would EVER unite. BTW Inquisitor…your commercialism is obnoxiously over the top

  27. Scott Rutherford

    Sharon, can you point me to a single quote in which Phil Robertson ever suggested that God doesn't love everyone? Or even that he (Phil) doesn't love everyone?

  28. Ruth Bailey Dancy

    We need More true Men of God like Phil Robertson today…Who are willing to Stand Up for the spoken Word of God, the Bible, AS IT IS WRITTEN ! REGARDLESS of WHO it offends ! That is what God calls us to do as Christians, and the Lord WILL reward him for doing just that !!!

  29. Anonymous

    So if Phil is John the Baptist, how soon can we look forward to his beheading?

  30. Doug Bruce

    Steve Finley Since John the baptist proclaimed the coming of Jesus, is Phil's son proclaiming his Dad as the God appointed prophet to proclaim Jesus' second coming? When Jesus was asked about when He answered Only the father knows. Unless the Robertson's are more knowledgeable than Jesus, they have NO clue either. Jesus only needed one proclaimer of his arrival and his Cousin John the Baptist was the one according to GOD.

  31. Mike Kays

    Here's what's happening in Christendom where youth are concerned. Our youth pastor has been ministering in a group of 100 where five regular attendees are homosexual. They're not running them off but they are speaking the truth about this as a sin. What's happening is that "straight" kids who have at least thought of themselves as "straight" are becoming confused about whether their BFFs for years that they love indicate that they may be gay. Get it? This is a mental process as much if not more than nature taking its course. The non-Christian fails to understand this or accept it, but this is a battle for minds. The Bible says God is not the author of confusion, yet that spirit dwells big-time in our youth today.

  32. Mike Kays

    Shawn's biblical knowledge or lack thereof has him confused as to how John the Baptist is related to Jesus. They're not one and the same.

  33. Mary Jean Thomas-Crane

    First the church Phil attends is not his church it is Gods. Second no one said we are worshipping Phil. Third people who don't know much of their Bible will call someone like Phil a bigot. Phil speaks God's word, not his word, he lives a simple life even though he has money. I am sure he uses the riches God has blessed him with to help others. I do not need to know what he does with his money, that is between him and God. People accuse Phil of judging others when it is only God's word he is quoting (it is God who is judging) yes I think Phil is simular to John the Baptist, but so are many other Christians. We all tell of Jesus it's just that Phil also dresses simply and lives off the land. There is nothing wrong with a comparrison. Phil haters get over it. Really do we have nothing better to do then complain about Christians?

  34. Daniel Culver

    The Robertsons aren't free of sin. He with no sin cast the first stone.

  35. Daniel Culver

    You know he made comments about women too, right?

  36. Vera Gore Cummings

    i like the show. no violence or sex. good o;d fashioned family having fun. sure it is scripted but more real than reality shows. what phil does off the show doesn't matter. be happy happy happy!

  37. Anonymous

    Daniel Culver The term casting a stone was exactly that. The Pharisees were not wrong in the judgment of her action, but in demanding the punishment in an unfair manner. The penalty for adultery was stoning. Christ was heralding in the age in which He would justify and sanctify, as only He and the the Father truly know the heart. In the limited and great commissions He sent His disciples to preach repentance as He taught them. They were not spotless without Him. Peter was not sinless by man's standard , yet the Holy Spirit used him mightily on Pentecost. Matthew 7:1 does not exclude judging an action and warning someone that it displeases God. But it does exclude making a personal judgment of one's eternal destiny. John the Baptist did not preach his own message, but what was given by God. He pointed to Christ as the Savior. He didn't judge sins, he just pointed out how to deal with them. I don't eternally judge adulterers or any other sinner, but the action. I let them know Christ loves them and wants them to be free of that which He calls bondage. They are hurting self and others as well as the One who loves them. But it is God who truly works in their spirit to bring about conviction. He, not any minister, pastor, priest, is the Giver of Life, but He is also the judge of those who reject.
    There are hypocrites in the world. They will be judged as God sees fit. But don't refuse the message just because the messenger is flawed. Judgement of one kind or another comes to all. It may be today or tomorrow, but it will come. Judged righteous in Him or unrighteous outside.

  38. Lee Jackson

    I think 1 Peter 3:8-11 says it best "8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:
    9 Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.
    10 For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:
    11 Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue it.

  39. Anonymous

    Daniel Culver Daniel, Take a look at Acts 8:23-25. Peter said it in love, but he wasn't laughing. There is nothing remotely funny about hell.

  40. Anonymous

    Doug Bruce Revelation speaks of 2 witnesses which will come to adamantly and with miracles come to proclaim his 2nd coming. John the Baptist proclaimed the first coming. I don't know that Phil would ever set the date as I'm sure he knows Mark 13:32. But right now I'm telling you he will come again. Christ said so and He keeps His promises. He said it would be as a thief in the night. He will come to earth again, only the Father knows when. But as He is the giver and taker of life, His appearance comes when He chooses(Hebrews 9:27).We all need to be ready. He doesn't promise us our next breath. Are you ready?

  41. Anonymous

    Scott Rutherford Actually all sin is blasphemy as it fails to give due reverence to God. The semantics in English are not irrelevant in regard to the concern many have as to the blasphemy of the Spirit. Yet even had Alan called Phil Jesus, it is not an unforgivable faux pas(Matthew 12:31). I appreciate Paul's interaction with the Greeks on Mar's Hill.

  42. Keith P. DeWeese

    Did John the Baptist push a "Duck Dynasty Slots" app for iPhone/iPad? Or, when it comes to promoting or profiting from gambling, is there another separate Bible that Phil and clan use to justify that? Is it the same part of the Bible that condemns others for various "sins" but ignores the ones that the Robertsons commit? You'd think that this trash family got some kind of dispensation from some source (Pope? Not likely) considering all the picking and choosing they do with the Bible in order to elevate themselves in their oh-so-humble way. Other men have long hair, wear outdoors-y clothing, eat off the land, and lead people to Christ, but they do it quietly and by example. They don't have to jump to PR people and make $$$ in the process of desperately equating themselves to the saintly. What would John the Baptist say? I don't think he'd say anything, but I do think he'd lower his head and shake it in sadness.

  43. Daniel Culver

    What does that have to do with Phil's comments? These ones weren't Bible related.

  44. Daniel Culver

    helovesusall2 Here's the comment he made I was referring to

    “They got to where they're getting hard to find, mainly because these boys are waiting ‘til they get to be about 20 years old before they marry 'em,” Robertson said. “Look, you wait ‘til they get to be 20 years old the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket. You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They’ll pick your ducks." -Phil Robertson

  45. Scott Rutherford

    helovesusall2….all sin is blasphemy? Scriptural reference for that, please? All sin fails to give due reverence to God, sure. There's some accuracy to that, but blasphemy is still a particular type of sin. Unless you're into some very strange theology or doctrine, that statement just doesn't hold water. No use of the word in Scripture supports that notion (or if it does, let's have it). The word from which we get our English "blasphemy" is a Greek word. that's the start and end of its etymology, so determining the precise meaning is a fairly simple matter. The Greek "βλασφημία" and its related "βλασφημέω" both indicate contemptuous speech towards God. That said, I'm sure we agree that all sin is bad and to be avoided (and more importantly, that all sin of those who receive Christ Jesus was paid in full at the cross). Frankly, if Alan had said Phil was like Jesus, that would be fine, too. We are supposed to be like Jesus, though we all — you, me, Phil, et. al. fall short in many ways. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is, of course, another subject entirely. One which I don't think anyone here was talking about, unless I misunderstood someone.

  46. Michael Cobb

    Jesus once said, "Happy are the poor." Now, he didn't specifically say, "Happy are you poor blacks, as Phil did, but I'm pretty sure that he would have included them if some were present at the time. So, Sharon, to a person like yourself, who is unwilling to really listen to another person and who is willing to twist another's words to fit his or her own pre-conceived notions, Jesus might seem to be a bigot–just as Phil might be to such a person.

  47. Michael Cobb

    John Kline Phil once (right?) used some graphic terms to speak about gay sex. (Have you been around many gays, John? The vast majority of them speak in a vulgar fashion.) So the "getting off" part of your message is less than honest. The accusation of racist remarks is likewise dishonest. I have seen many black people defend Phil on this charge. The only ones I've known to repeat this nonsensical charge are the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons, men who sold black people out years ago–and sold them cheap.

  48. Anonymous

    Now the poor white trash want to compare himself to "John the Baptist"? In the Bible you're holding, God said, "There was none like John before hand and none will appear after he has long passed". Get your lie straight because the truth isn't in you, hypocrite!!!!

  49. Tricia Rutherford

    For those reading who have not found Jesus to be a friend for whatever reason, I am sorry – those of is who have don't always do a good job of encouraging one another and building one another up. We often focus on our weaknesses and choose to pick out faults in others to make ourselves feel better.
    Whether Phil has any faults or not – I can't be the judge, other than to say we are all human, and we've all got broccoli in our teeth.
    They will know we are Christ followers by our love one for another – and sometimes showing that love is tough.
    I think of our children, and how teaching them to stay away from danger is often with a loud, stern "no!"… But if we didn't love them, we would allow them the injury.
    Now brothers and sisters, be of one heart and mind in compelling hearts to Christ – show one another love and compassion –
    Til we meet someday.

  50. Anonymous

    Gee I live in the same town as John the Baptist! Whoda thunk?

  51. Scott Rutherford

    Phil doesn't own the rights to Duck Dynasty. That would be A&E. You'd be surprised how much power you lose over your own image when you're in a contract. Same holds true for musicians, authors, etc. ad nauseum.

    That said, while I am against gambling, the actual Scripture that directly condemns it….if it's there, I haven't seen it (and I've looked). If you have a verse, please share. Like I said, I am against gambling and would love to be able to share the passage with others. Now, did John the Baptist push a slots app? Well, slots weren't invented at the time, much less iPhone apps. He had his own sins, though, starting with trudging with doubt over whether Jesus was actually the Messiah after God had revealed it to him.

  52. Scott Rutherford

    Did you read the article? He didn't compare himself, someone else did. And poor white trash? C'mon, that's rather racist, no? To say nothing of showing disdain for the poor, a huge no-no, biblically speaking.

  53. Scott Rutherford

    helovesusall2 , additionally, the Pharisees neglected to apprehend or accuse the other party to the adulterous act, who should have faced the same judgment…but that's another story.

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