Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Music Video Will Hurt Your Ears, Make You Wish You Were Blind

Back in March reality TV star Kim Kardashian released what can only be described as a horrendously bad music single titled Jam (Turn It Up). Kim did very little press for the single, instead burying the song by ignoring it almost completely.

So what could be worse than another reality TV star song flop (remember Heidi Montag’s attempt?), how about an equally bad music video.

Before you watch the video (located below) be warned, it’s basically Kim crawling around in a dungeon covered in dirt and sweat while her voice is auto-tuned to a sound that can only be described as far from perfection.

Thankfully only about one minute of the video was leaked, anymore viewing time than that would surely lead viewers to find a ledge to jump off.

After watching and listening to that train wreck I’m almost sad to say I would rather be listening to Rebecca Black sing Friday during a live performance.

What do you think about the Kim Kardashian music single?