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Jim Parsons Expected To Win Emmy Amid Rumors He’s Leaving ‘Big Bang Theory’

The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons has been nominated for not one but two Emmy Awards, and many believe that he’s going to win. According to Wall St. Cheat Sheet, Parsons was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. He was also nominated for his role as Tommy Boatwright in The Normal Heart(HBO). Fans of TBBT believe that Parsons will win in the category for a fourth time (he has been nominated six times total and he won in 2010, 2011, and 2013).

Of his nominations Parsons said:

“I’m a little floored, I’ll be honest. The very first thing that hit me, and it took a while to sink in was, how lucky am I that I was a part of two different projects that have both been deemed mentionable, if you will, by the peers for this year.”

Rumors that Jim Parsons is leaving The Big Bang Theory have been somewhat abundant lately. The actor has not negotiated his contract, and after his character “left” at the end of last season, fans wonder if all of this was intentional. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, Parsons likely won’t be written off the show. Although he is still negotiating his contract, the rest of the lead cast members are in the same boat. It is not like Parsons has been singled out in any way.

Parsons is way too good at playing Sheldon Cooper, and he seems to really enjoy working with the cast and crew involved with the show. Some say that Parsons wants to branch out and spruce up his resume, but it seems obvious that he’s not ready to make any big (pun intended) changes just yet.

In fact, some feel Jim Parsons’ skills are key to The Big Bang Theorys success:

“There’s no question that Parsons’ stellar work as Cooper has helped give the show the success it has had and continues to have. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has brought in big ratings for CBS since its premiere and continues to be one of the most the most-watched comedy series in the world.”

According to predictions by, Parsons is going to take home that Emmy — and The Big Bang Theory is also projected to win in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. Also, Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) could take home an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, which would be a Big Bang sweep!

Do you think Parsons will win his fourth Emmy this year? Do you think he will negotiate his contract and stay in TBBT cast?

[Photo courtesy of Reuters via The Boston Globe]

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19 Responses to “Jim Parsons Expected To Win Emmy Amid Rumors He’s Leaving ‘Big Bang Theory’”

  1. Bobby Bleu

    Lets be honest, there is no Big Bang Theory without Dr Sheldon Cooper. As it stands now I feel the show has jumped the shark with the aging of the character anyway. I will continue to watch but it will never be the show it was, just as my life and your life changes so shows do. The Gun Smokes and Mash"s are extremely rare.

  2. Steve Symonds

    Money….Money…..Money…..Moneyyyyy. Parson is negotiating for a better contract. Lorre and CBS is making tons on Big Bank, they should spread the wealth.

  3. Debe Sevening

    50% of SOMETHING is better than 100% of NOTHING!!! Remember that CBS!!!!!!

  4. Debe Sevening

    50% of SOMETHING is better than 100% of NOTHING!!! Remember that CBS!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I fear TBBT is rapidly reaching the season of the shark. It's a great show, but is starting to get tired.

  6. Rob Sauer

    He won't leave, he's not crazy… his mother had him tested!

  7. John Hinnenkamp

    While I love The Big Bang Theory, the thought of $1 million per episode is rather ridiculous. I also believe Jim Parsons has pigeon holed himself into the role of Sheldon Cooper. Could he do something else? Sure, but he'll never make the kind of money he'd make doing this TV show on Broadway. I also think the show itself is strong enough to continue without him. Granted, it wouldn't be the same and they'd likely need to either expand current characters parts or bring in a new character to fill the whole left by Sheldon's departure…but I don't think the show relies solely on the character of Sheldon Cooper or any of the other characters. Still, I'd hate to see him leave over money.

  8. Grant Ackerman

    I don't see Jim Parsons as any great talent. He does a goo job on the show butt I just don't see any glimmer of talent to take him in any other direction but Home on the bench.

  9. Art Carney

    he done a great job on the show.. But greed is taking him over as much as his persions, So If he not happy with his current massive amount of pay, don't hit your butt on they way out.. Oh wait he may enjoy that

  10. George Hare

    Granted they may be good actors, but remember if the public had not taken to the show where would they be? After 8 or 9 seasons the viewer population will start falling off because viewers will start looking for now story lines to watch.

  11. Ed Berling

    He's been too whiny the last few seasons, they need to cut his screen time a bit and make him more likable, not someone you want to smack in the face. As far as leaving the show, he could – and the show would survive – but what part would he play? He's always going to be Sheldon from now on no matter what he does.

  12. Diane Matalas

    These actors are fun to watch and story lines are not that difficult to write Parsons has a ton of talent if he chooses his roles with discretion and variety.All those actors deserve raises based on the ratings and income they generate for the network and studios.As for story line Sheldon and Amy getting down and dirty and married is an easy one. Personally I would love to see that Howard has been taking courses secretly at the university to obtain a doctorate in a field that no one knew he had interest in studying. Penny gets a acting job on another CBS show that she can make an appearance in. Leonard's brother and sister visit with mom would become a classic immediately.

  13. Nathan Dean Graham

    John Hinnenkamp I don't know I like the show and the entire cast but it wouldn't be the same without Jim. If he did leave the only person who could take his spot maybe would be Kripke.

  14. Brandon Smith

    Without Sheldon the show will not work, everybody knows that. Maybe the cast also sees the show running out of core ideas for shows and they are in a win-win situation. They will either get more money or the show will end with people wanting more and they can do other things.

  15. Stacy Curran

    I like BBT a lot. However, it's been on a while now and it's getting a bit played out. I think it's time to start tying up all the loose ends and maybe end the show at the top. There's nothing worse that having a series keep going long after it has lost it's freshness and end at the bottom of the ratings. You have to know when to quit.

  16. Anonymous

    Greed…give these people real jobs and try to live on minimum wage. They want the world and think they deserve it!!

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