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Woman Lets God Drive Car, God Immediately Runs Down Guy On Motorcycle

God drives car, runs over motorcyclist

A woman who smashed into and ran over a motorcyclist in Fort Wayne, Indiana, told police that she had let God drive her car when she ran down 47-year-old Anthony Oliveri, leaving him with serious injuries — but “ecstatic to be alive.”

Prionda Hill, 25, also rammed the back of a Ford pickup truck before running her 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix off the road onto a median next to a Rally’s burger restaurant, according to a police report.

The bizarre accident took place around 9:45 pm on July 11. Hill appeared in court last Thursday where she was charged with failing to stop after an accident, criminal recklessness and two counts of criminal mischief.

According to police, when they found Hill at the Rally’s fast food joint, she told them that she was driving along normally on Jefferson Boulevard near Jackson Street in Fort Wayne, when “out of nowhere God told her that He would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let Him take it.”

As soon as she let go of the steering wheel, her Pontiac slammed into the back of a 2001 Harley-Davidson motorcycle ridden by Oliveri, a lifelong motorcycling enthusiast who once built a Kawasaki motorcycle from scratch in his mom’s garage.

Though Oliveri was traveling, he says, no more than 20 mph at the time, the impact almost knocked his riding boots off his feet and sent him sprawling helplessly on the pavement.

But Hill, or God, or whoever was operating the vehicle wasn’t done with him yet. When the stricken Oliveri looked up, he saw the Pontiac bearing down on him.

“As I grabbed the handle bars as the bike was losing control and I looked back around my left shoulder, all I see is her tire and the left bumper getting ready to run my face over,” he told WANE-TV. “Literally I was inches from that bumper and I just said to myself today is the day I die.”

But fortunately, the car did not crush his head, rolling over his midsection instead, leaving Oliveri with several broken ribs, a lacerated spleen and bleeding kidney. He also suffered severe scrapes to his skin.

Hill tested negative for alcohol, but police did not run a full toxicology test. The woman who let God take the wheel told the cops that she had a prescription for the pain medication Vicodin.

She also said that there was nothing mechanically wrong with her car and that she tried to stop before slamming into Oliveri.

The driver of the Ford pickup was not injured by the car after Hill allowed God to drive her Pontiac. See the WANE report on the near-fatal accident, below.

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109 Responses to “Woman Lets God Drive Car, God Immediately Runs Down Guy On Motorcycle”

  1. Chieh-Li Jelly Lee

    I recommend sending her to God to have a conversation with God directly.

  2. David Obrizzo

    God should be telling her to ride the bus the rest of her life..

  3. Catalin Iftimie

    She needs a psychology analysis. In this day and age people who think God is speaking to them, should be treated like mentally disabled patients.

  4. Alex Barnette

    It's too bad they didn't outlaw religion when they had the chance, it would have been much more beneficial and safer to society than outlawing Marijuana.

  5. Robert Ashley

    It looks like this is more of an attempt at an insanity defense for a hate crime.

  6. Rowena Pierces

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  7. Byron D Adams

    I seriously hope she loses her license. She has no reason for it if this is how its used.

  8. Max Jaffe

    David Pitts I wouldn't go that far, but religion feeds crazy like oil feeds fire.

  9. Max Jaffe

    Q: Why can't Jesus be your designated driver?
    A: His blood is pure wine!

  10. Ray Tripp Newman

    David Pitts No, but it would be a hell of a lot easier to see the crazy for what it is as opposed to having to pussy-foot around the issue. It would just manifest itself in different, less socially-accepted ways.

  11. Bill Davis

    David Pitts Religion essentially advocates against critical thinking in many ways, while saying it advocates for it. Your subjective use of the word "crazy" I'm sure includes people who just are not intelligent, wilfully or otherwise, so to answer your question, I think it would put a major dent in the problem.

  12. Fiona LeMaster

    How can someone/something that doesn't exist tell you they/it will drive? Makes no sense whatsoever.

  13. Fiona LeMaster

    How can someone/something that doesn't exist tell you they/it will drive? Makes no sense whatsoever.

  14. Anonymous

    It seems that the God most people follow is a bit of a cunt.

  15. Anonymous

    There should be compulsory marijuana and shroom use for politicians and CEO's.

  16. Anonymous

    David Pitts Let's just say they wouldn't have such a great excuse.

  17. Morris Moe Satki

    She should have some weights put around her ankles and thrown into a lake and let her know that God has the key to open the lock and see what happens

  18. Bobby Parnell

    So disappointing. First we discover that "Jesus, he no help with the curve ball" And now we find out God is a lousy driver.

  19. Traycee Craigg

    Most of the post I've read have some comment about God or religion, this incident has nothing to do with that, THE BITCH IS CRAZY!!!! Or she wants people to think she is…

  20. Thomas Monson

    If you wish to outlaw religion, please move to North Korea you commie piece of shit

  21. Henry Istolainen

    Mayhaps it was, then, God's will that she lost her Driver's License; which I hope she did. Also, my head hurts, I've spent most of the morning on the Internetz and my brain's starting to hurt with all the stupidity.

  22. Cookies Gyula

    Catalin Iftimie
    They ARE mentally ill if they think a god is talking to them.

  23. Alex Barnette

    David Pitts Of course they would, but they'd only have "I'm crazy" to fall back on

  24. Christopher F Cheney

    does god even have a valid Driver Licenses?

  25. Christopher F Cheney

    David Pitts people would still be crazy with or without religion

  26. Brent G Wedding Jr

    The comments against religion and God in here do nothing but prove that atheists and unbelievers are just as judgemental if not more than what they accuse Christians of being. Grow up people! There are millions of people that are Christian and drive every day. God had never spoken to any of them to let Him drive. This had nothing to do with God. This is a case of a crazy woman that should never drive again. Let's keep it at that. Keep your hate to yourself.

  27. Allen Haglund

    well would ya look at that. yet another person stating their opinion as fact

  28. Allen Haglund

    can you disprove that one exists? no i didnt think so. have fun being bigoted

  29. Miles Kaplan

    Whoops, mis-tap

    So, he needs proof that God exists? I think that proof is pretty solid. God told her that he would take over the wheel for her. I don't want to doubt her beliefs.

  30. Myrna S. Leonard

    I guess she didn't understand "Jesus take the wheel" is just a metaphor.

  31. Ian Huffiana Arrington Posty-post

    Mr. Wedding: atheists, unlike "christians", are not required by any special mysterious cult dictum to withhold judgments. That is a uniquely "christian" requirement put only to "christians". Ergo, we can be as judgmental as we like. It is your lot that is required to hold your collective tongues.

  32. Brent G Wedding Jr

    Marcus, it has nothing to do with God because God didn't tell her He wanted to drive. Just because a crazed idiot says something doesn't mean it's true.

  33. Michael Spurling

    Allen Haglund I can't prove that Santa doesn't exist either but it's highly unlikely. If you express a belief in public with no evidence to support it you should be prepared for other people to crap on it.

  34. Yeyoung Park

    David Pitts No, crazy people would definitely still be crazy. But there wouldn't be sane people being crazy in the name of religion.

  35. Yeyoung Park

    David Pitts No, crazy people would definitely still be crazy. But there wouldn't be sane people being crazy in the name of religion.

  36. Anonymous

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  37. Allen Haglund

    Miles Kaplan that was no opinion. that was me slamming bad manners and apparently poorly brought up behavior. dont tell me you also would say such a thing about someone else's beliefs

  38. Allen Haglund

    hell… why would someone crap on christian beliefs in the first place? from a pure logic standpoint is it really so much better to believe you mean nothing and nothing you do will ever matter? and that you just sort of came into existence for no reason?

    oh lets just add that if gods dont exist then you cease to exist when you die. great food for thought there

  39. Allen Haglund

    David Pitts spot on old chap. and for your information ALEX. christianity IS outlawed in some places still. hasnt stopped it.

  40. Paul Najm

    Ian Huffiana Arrington Posty-post so you're saying that you can judge people all you want because no one told you not to.. That explains so much, because generally, people who judge others have something missing in their life and try to fill that hole.. you can believe in anything you want or not believe in anything at all, but keep it to yourself, don't spread hate and judgements because of your psychological problems.

  41. Alex Barnette

    David Pitts Of course they would, they just wouldn't be labeled religious, they'd be labeled crazy.

  42. Allen Haglund

    of course if someone doesnt want to see something they quite simply wont so im not going to tear my hair out over people being stubborn

  43. Dorian Mcdougald

    Allen Haglund I'm sort of confused why you would ask why people would crap on Christian beliefs. I'm not saying it's right to do so, but just doing a little research would give you numerous reasons why people would want to. Also why would anybody believe their life or actions mean nothing? Meaning in life isn't something only Christians/Religious people can have, so to use that point seems silly. For me personally I give my life it's own meaning and regardless of if there is a reason why I came into existence or not. It really doesn't matter, the point is I'm here and I have goals in life. So, I'm going to do as much as I can to achieve them. Lastly, just because a person isn't Christian/Religious doesn't mean that person believes that after he/she dies there is nothing left and why does there have to be a god like figure for something like that to even be possible? I'm agnostic, but I don't believe that once I die that's it. I'm not sure what will happen, I can't really say, since obviously I'm still alive. I just feel that you're making a lot of assumptions.

  44. Miles Kaplan

    Why would someone crap on Christian beliefs? Because Christian beliefs crap on me. Specifically, because I am a gay man. Because of the hypocrisy of pointing out the famous anti-gay line in Leviticus while ignoring the rest of Leviticus where it says, among other things, don't eat pork or shellfish, stone people to death for taking the lord's name in vain, the legitimization of slavery (which Jesus also had no problem with), or associating with a woman on her period.

    From a pure logic standpoint atheism doesn't mean believing in nothing. That would be nihilism.

    Of course, you cease to exist when you die. It's a terrifying prospect. Therefore I choose to live my life as is this is my only chance, because I believe it is.

  45. Michael Spurling

    Allen Haglund "of course if someone doesnt want to see something they quite simply wont " Christians are the very best example of that.

  46. Brett Taylor

    Ian Huffiana Arrington Posty-post For what it's worth, if you dig into the text, Christians are told not to pass judgement on (in terms of condemnation). I don't plan on sentencing anyone to hell.
    In fact, the Bible does encourage Christians to judge (in terms of deciding if someone is a good influence) when dealing with other people, whether they be Christians, Atheists, or followers of other religions.

    PS, I like your name. It cracks me up ^_^

  47. Trash Boat

    God doesn't even have his license, she should get an extra charge for letting an unlicensed driver drive her vehicle.
    I wonder what the insurance company will say about that.

  48. Devon R. Brown

    David Pitts they'd still be crazy, but they wouldn't have an excuse to fall back on that is respected fully by an alarming number of the populace

  49. Foxeh Chandonnet

    Brent G Wedding Jr You know, i seem to remember God talking to people all the time, according to the bible. But he suddenly stopped talking to people? In court, we have to swear on a bible, before god, that what we say is the absolute truth. But, if this woman were to stand up in court and say "God told me to do it" no one would believe her…why?

    In a court room. Where we swear on the bible. No one would believe God had spoken to her. Regardless of whether he did or did not. Why? And while your answering that, go ahead and tell me why Children today, who are raised Christian, cant separate Fantasy from Reality?

  50. Max Jaffe

    Mike Shelton Read the article; she tested negative for alcohol. Why are you putting that on it?

  51. Bogdan Cătălin Cazacioc

    Catalin Iftimie So to be clear on this one, it's OK for people to pray and talk to God and ask him for things they want for themselves or others, but it's not OK when God replies back.

  52. Bogdan Cătălin Cazacioc

    When people talk to God it's OK, but when God replies back, the people are crazy. Makes so much sense.

  53. Catalin Iftimie

    Bogdan Cătălin Cazacioc IMO neither is normal. But I don't care what people use for comfort in their life, being God, Buddha, Mohammed, Superman, or Santa Clause. If it makes someone else suffer because of that, then you are a jackass and so is your said divine helper. God apparently is busy testing out motorcycles, instead of watching over planes crashing, people dieing in Palestine, Iraq and frankly all over the world. But I guess this is what this woman thought as well. I don't pray for stuff, I work for them. And if I do get things for granted I thank the people who made that thing happen, friends, family and sometimes strangers. I am not one of those people who thanks god for things that doctors fix.

  54. John Curtright

    And yet, all those people who wrote the bible claiming god was talking to them, were sane? And you believe what they wrote? How is that different?

  55. John Curtright

    Why is she crazy, but the people who wrote the bible , claiming god talked to them, were sane enough for millions of people to believe? How is that different?

  56. Traycee Craigg

    Well I'm not posting on who believes or not, religion is good or bad, i don't care if one believes in God or.not, my point was this BITCH is.CRAZY, PERIOD!!

  57. Rick Kott

    Gee Pastor Brent, I didn't know your God kept you up on all his conversations. Is there a data base of those conversations? Or are you just speaking out of an inappropriate orifice?

  58. Brent G Wedding Jr

    God is not going to speak something to someone that will bring no good from it. Besides that God is not interested in driving cars. He is interested in directing lives. He does still speak yo people about their lives and will direct them if they allow him to, but I guarantee you God was not interested in driving her car.
    As for those who think God and the Bible are fantasy and made up stories. When we die, one of us will be wrong and one of us will be right. If I'm wrong, I've lost nothing. If you're wrong you've lost everything.

  59. C.j. Roby

    Technically, God pulled them both out of that incident with their lives. That idiot almost got people killed thinking that God wanted to drive, but God actually just saved this dude's life from a moron.

  60. Randy Hamlet

    If you look at studies, the most "Christian" areas in the US have the highest rates of violence, teenage pregnancies, prisoners, etc. Over 99% of the prison population claims to believe in god. The countries with the largest atheist populations have lower rates of violence and the people are happier.

  61. Randy Hamlet

    Brett Taylor If I recall, it is your religion that does the judging. This is a common cry from your group: "Muslims are bad! Gays are bad! Stop dem emmgrants!" It was only recently that homosexuals were allowed to openly serve in the military. They still cannot get married in most states. Still judged harshly, bullied in schools, threatened in neighborhoods, etc. Your religion was used to justify slavery. Justify segregation.

  62. John Curtright

    Sounds to me that Allen is afraid to consider any possibilities other than what he was told when he was a child. In fear is a sad place to live. The great thing about reality: it doesn't care what people believe. Only those willing to grow through questioning and learning will ever have a chance

  63. John Curtright

    So it's a gamble to you and has nothing to do with faith? Actually, based on what you said, you'll lose everything as well because you lack faith…..or, you can go with the idea that you really don't know and consider you are wasting the only life you have chasing after a mirage.

  64. Brent G Wedding Jr

    John, I have 100% faith and confidence that I am right. I believe the Bible. I believe in heaven and hell. So no I am not wasting my life and will not be disappointed. I was simply stating in a nice way that one of us will be wrong. 2 people with opposite opinions about a factual situation can't both be right. In this case I am very sorry for those who don't believe and follow the Bible. Eternity is too long to be wrong.

  65. C.j. Roby

    Technically the doctors wouldn't be able to do anything if it weren't for whoever invented the medicine and technology so they're the ones who saved this dude's life.

  66. John Curtright

    You can only logically credit the inventors of medical technology if you blame the inventors of the auto technology for the accident. It's not just the inventor or the technology, it's the skilled or unskilled hands using the technology.

  67. Brian K Morris

    Devon R. Brown Alright your ignorance is where I had to reply. There isn't a single Christian standing up to defend the crazy woman. I don't see anyone accepting her actions or praising her.

    Stop dragging those of us that have faith through the mud simply because of the actions of others.

  68. Jamz Ward

    The problem is that religion gives people who are already crazy/ violent something to hide behind.

  69. Allen Haglund

    Dorian Mcdougald my point wasnt just christianity. it was this person believes gods all together dont exist.

  70. Allen Haglund

    John Curtright i dont live in fear… and i have the most open mind of anyone i know (side effect of Aspergers, you think too much)

    what pissed me off here is how this person went about their point. not that my belief was challenged… thatd be pretty illogical

  71. Allen Haglund

    Brian K Morris that is quite right. you can call yourself anything. that doesnt mean you're it. cant put it more simply than that

  72. Dorian Mcdougald

    Allen Haglund Well, that's why I said Christians/Religious people. I only singled out Christianity in the very beginning of my reply, because that part only pertained to Christianity. Also, the same as I said before whether a person believes in gods or not, doesn't impede the ability to have meaning in life or the ability of said person to feel their actions matter. It doesn't even stop the possibility of believing in the possibility of life after death.

  73. Chase Carter

    What God actually wanted was for her to never drive again. He had seen her not using her blinker and cutting people off. Poor Oliveri, God knew, is simply a martyr in this situation and he will be compensated by the almighty. He wanted his life so God let him keep it, obviously. It's all in his (excuse me, I mean His, because capitalizing pronouns when talking about God for some reason…never understood that, honestly xD) grand master plan to get the stupid from behind the wheel :v

  74. Chase Carter

    And for that matter, why He and Him? Why masculine pronouns? Why not "It?" Seems more likely to me some kind of other-dimensional, higher-plane entity is beyond gender if it's beyond time and space as well.

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