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Kanye West can’t sing, blames evil spirits


Kanye West has been increasingly unable to hide the crazy. According to a UK publication, Kanye’s started “chanting” in hopes of cleansing his house of “evil spirits.”

The gossip rag says:

“Kanye has started this strange new ritual of chanting these spiritual songs. He thinks it rids his space of ghosts and spirits. He reckons his singing will improve if he gets rid of the demons.”

After his terrible SNL performance, Kanye needs all the help he gets.

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3 Responses to “Kanye West can’t sing, blames evil spirits”

  1. Chez Forrhew

    Kanye is well known on the inside to be a complete RACIST against anyone not black.. and yet, you idiotic non-blacks people keep buying his sh-t and making him rich… he's laughing at all of you non-black people all the way to the bank!

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