Quicksilver Red Robin busboy

Watch: Is This Red Robin Busboy Maybe Quicksilver Or The Flash?

DC’s The Flash series is already cast and will be hitting the small screen later this year, but we’re thinking this Red Robin busboy should have maybe gotten in on the audition process.

The video popped up today on YouTube with a title saying only “Amazing busboy! Unbelievably fast!” Clicking through, we weren’t disappointed with what we found.

Seriously, we’re wondering if the guy wasn’t seeing things like Quicksilver in the last X-Men movie.

It’s the sort of precision operation that really only comes with tons of practice. Or meth. Or both. But we’re betting it’s practice. We’re kidding anyway, this guy’s great, and he appears to have practiced his job to the point that he can get a table bussed in just over half a minute.

Now, if only Red Robin could show that kind of speed in getting our orders out to us.