Actor Ryan Gosling steps in to stop a New York street fight [Video]

Ryan Gosling is starring in a new movie called Drive where he plays a reluctant hero type and now it seems that we have another case of life imitating art.

In a city where one has to think twice about becoming involved in everything from accidents to fights Gosling proves that not even a bad New York reputation can stop someone from being a good Samaritan if they truly care.

The story of Gosling intervening and stopping a street fight appeared online this morning on the Hollywood Reporter blog.

The video starts by showing a bearded man grappling with an older man holding onto a painting. Other men attempt to intervene in the scuffle, which takes place in the middle of the street, but it isn’t until Gosling shows up that it’s resolved.

The actor strides in the melee holding a brown shopping bag and wearing a blue-and-white striped tank top, blue baseball cap, rolled up pants and sneakers. He deflects the bearded man’s arm as he swings at the other man, drops his shopping bag, and puts himself between the men to break them apart.

Here’s the video that the post was referring to: