Jeremy Meeks wanted

‘Sexy Felon’ Jeremy Meeks Wanted By The Feds

Looks like “sexy felon” Jeremy Meeks is a wanted man yet again, but it’s not for his smoldering stare. According to CBS Sacramento, after being seen in a court of law after his mug shot went viral, he is now wanted on federal charges.

These charges were warranted last Thursday due to Meeks’ criminal record prior to his felony weapons charge. According to CBS he is now involved in a federal case due to a grand theft conviction back in 2002.

As far as last month’s arrest, it’s now documented that Meeks had a.45 semi-automatic Spingfield Arms pistol when he was arrested. If convicted Jeremy Meeks could face up to 10 years in jail due to his latest charge. In case you lost track, Meeks was charged with the following: “violating his parole, illegally possessing a firearm and other gun and gang-related crimes.”

Jeremy Meeks

Currently Meeks is being held at San Joaquin County Jail on a million dollar bail but as we reported his “fans” and admirers are sending him a ton of dough via a go fund me project. The go fund me page was created by his mother following his instant popular on social networking sites. So far that campaign has raised over $5,000.

The site claims that all of the funds will go directly to Jeremy’s legal defense. His family is also currently accepting interview inquiries. A lot has done on behalf of his family in order to paint a different picture of Jeremy. According to his mother and sister he’s just an innocent family man, but that narrative isn’t really holding up in a court of law.

Previously we reported about the rumors circulating that the “sexy felon” was offered a modeling contract. According to Bullett Media the agent that supposedly offered Meeks a contract denied the story and had no contact with Jeremy. The agent also pointed out that because of his charges any deal wouldn’t be lucrative given his current incarceration. Before it was denied, Jeremy’s agent was reported as Gina Rodriguez through the modeling agency Blaze Models. Rodriguez represented “Octomom” Nadya Suleman and Farrah Abraham.

Sexy Felon Jeremy Meeks

Either way it doesn’t look like Jeremy Meeks is limiting his options, although those options may diminish on their own due to his new charge. According to TMZ Meeks doesn’t want to be photographed if he can’t dress in his own clothing. We’re assuming this is to help his image and broaden his horizons when he’s released from jail. Meeks has since asked for a ban on all cameras and video in the courtroom, but going by these new photos of the felon arriving in court, we see how well that request held up.

According to Jeremy Meeks’ lawyer, his client’s newfound fame might negatively prejudice a jury.

[Images via Facebook and CBS Sacramento]