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‘Ratigan Rant’ Goes Viral as Dylan Ratigan Melts Down on Air [Video]

ratigan rant

Possibly because it skewers Dems and Republicans alike, Dylan Ratigan’s impassioned rant earlier this week about the economy went viral on the web shortly after the clip aired on Ratigan’s MSNBC show.

Ratigan’s rant gets underway accusing Democrats of “kicking the can down the road until 2017″ and “screwing” future (and current) generations of Americans by not offering long term solutions for extractions from the economy, while positing Republicans “just wanna burn the place down,” an apt metaphor for the willful economic destruction we saw wrought by a trigger happy Tea Party last week. But at around the two-minute mark, Ratigan gets into the really controversial (and spot on) portion of his rant where he accuses legislators of being “bought” and says that if the President doesn’t come clean with the American people about the way funding influences Congress, there is no workable solution to fix the problem.

Ratigan points to Teddy Roosevelt as a historical example of dealing with a corrupted body of lawmakers, and likens the situation to accepting a diagnosis of cancer- predicting the American people would be onboard totally with such an assessment and the steps that need to be taken to correct it. Ratigan suggests:

“Because when you realize that the banking system is fully corrupt and defrauding us and I come out and say that, which is what I want my president to do, at that exact moment, I say ‘you know what, we got a screwed up situation here people, you all know it and now I am going to admit it…’ As a result not only have I admitted it but we’re going to begin the process of solving it like grown-ups. They did it after World War Two, they did it after the Civil War, they did in Latin America with the Brady Bonds, we are not seeing it happen now.”

On his own blog, Ratigan explains his thoughts in a more detailed way- that’s a bit easier on your ears. Do you agree with Dylan Ratigan’s rant? Embedded below:

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46 Responses to “‘Ratigan Rant’ Goes Viral as Dylan Ratigan Melts Down on Air [Video]”

  1. Caitlin Chazarreta

    Thank you Mr. Ratigan. Very well said. I think you have spoken for all of us who have no voice. Now, I usually find myself more on the Democratic side of things, but I think neither party are doing what they should right now.

  2. Anonymous

    The people who appreciate this rant are more in line with Conservative knuckle-dragger's than a reasoned individual.

    He didn't SAY anything? The President should make a speech? Really? And every time he was pressed with "What Next?" he just beat his chest some more.

    All emotion…no substance. Childish and ineffective.

    And if ANYONE thinks the President has absolute authority you might want to enroll in a Civics night school class.

    That's not to say that I wouldn't like to see some chest-thumping coming from the Democrats. They need to understand that's the main reason they're losing the messaging battle. They seem to want to take the high-road and not be like the 'other guys.'

    Well, this PR pro knows a little bit about messaging AND the emotional climate of this country. The FACT is that America, overall, is dumb. Sorry kids but it's true. We're #32 on the Global IQ chart for a reason.

    Americans choose Belief and Emotion over Fact. Always have and always will. So they need to dumb their message down, draw a line in the sand, grow a pair and start letting it fly. It's the only way they'll appeal to the voters.

  3. Robert Pensack

    Mr. Ratigan is stating the sad, and unfortunate truth. Our political system does not function because our elected officials are bought and sold in both parties. The banks run Washington and continue to profit off of our misery. Our president does need to stand up and admit this to the American people and take all the money out of politics in order for us to be able to return to being a true democracy where our politicians fight for our needs and not for their continued personal financial gains. The corruption and pay offs must be exposed and those on the take must be eliminated even if it means getting rid of all of Congress.

  4. Candace Green

    What he is saying is the absolute truth. How sad it has come to this. We have come out of situations like this before but with strong pro-american politicians who would not be bought but did what was good for the country. I am sooo glad I was born in the generation I was when there was still a bit of honesty, compassion and patriotism. It's down hill from here guys:(

  5. David Heston

    could not agree more, I penned a petition with the only true solution I can think of and I will send it to your MSNBC site and if you'll sign it and pass it on to the real people in this sink hole situation Thank you.

  6. Claudi Chameleon

    Dylan Ratigan is The First Sane & Honest Man I've heard speak about Our Government & Our Condition for a very long time! He stepped outside the Goofy Box & looked back & saw…Goofy, Gory, & Gotchya! Then he Nails Porker Politicos & their Hedge-Hog Sugar-Daddies! He looks at the Gang-Bankers Bubba-Brokers & Bilious-Billionaires & calls them the LIARS CROOKS & THIEVES that they are! Caught between the Fat-Rat-Repuglicons. the Kooky-Criminal-Cons & the Limp-Wimp-Liberals & Doofus-Dems…WE-the-People get nothing but "Happy-Talk", Trash-Talk, Fanatical-Fandango & LIES LIES LIES! WTF are WE to do? START by listening to Dylan Ratigan's Rant & yelling YES! YES! YES! While pumping your fist in the air, jumping up & down & shrieking wildly! NOw, while you're still standing, slam you lap top or other "device" closed & go out & START A REVOLUTION! shouting "We're getting Raped by Gang-Banksters! & We're NOT going to take it anymore!" Or, you can sit there & wait for the Radical Reight's "Arms-a-Gettin" to come to YOUR Neighborhood!

  7. Brian Paya

    He is a hero for articulating the truth and speaking to the heart of the fundamental corruptions of our pseudo-democracy.

  8. Flick Ford

    Agree and applauded! For far to long the"place for politics' fails to acknowledge that place has become… hell!

  9. James Boren

    finally someone in the mainstream media with the balls to tell the truth to the american people. he said what every informed citizen knows and has wanted to say but doesn't have the soapbox. if he loses his job at msnbc I will boycott the network and hope thousands will join in!

  10. Natalie Cupps

    Applauded! Thank you Mr. Ratigan for being brave enough to say the truth. And the truth will set you free…. Wake up America!

  11. Larry Paszli

    Way to go Dylan! Thank God, finally someone had the balls to stand up and speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Hope he doesn't suffer political backlash from this but you know he will. People there is a very simple solution to this messed up bought off Congress. If you are not familiar with Tim Cox and his movement called "GOOOH" I highly suggest you look into it today and share the information and site with everyone you know. They have the right idea that could end all of this and get us back on track.

  12. Larry Paszli

    Thank you Jill for sharing this with me. I usually watch MSNBC most every night but didn't tonight because I was doing other things….I am a member of "GOOOH" and have been for about three years….we have just over 93,000 members and need 500K to be able to get on te ballot for the next election. That is why I mentioned it and posted the link to the site….I truely believe they are on the right track to a better why of running our government—the way it was intended! Please look at their site if you haven't already and check it out throughly….get involved, become a memeber and spread the word! big grin

  13. Jason Grandon


  14. Charlie Anderson

    Thank you for passion and truth. We soon need to get some pitch forks and get loud. I love Obama but he just doesn't have the balls. Someone with ball could come from either side. Thanks again Dylan.

  15. Joan Frisina-Bowles

    Dylan is right on target! Most Americans feel the exact same way, and many that are very knowledgeable have found this information out on the internet, and feel the same way. We The People know that we have to change the participants, because they are mostly Bought and Paid for.. they are a Bought Congress without a dought. Even Obama had 41% of his campaign funds come from Goldman Sachs. (Check it out — and check out the salaries of the majority of congress). In my opinion, from what I am seeing President Obama may not really care if he gets elected or not. Either way. He is rich. He is a member of the jet set, the elite. Why would he abandon the wealthy 21rst century aristocrats who put him in power… he is now part of the Oligarchy. And he may not want to hang around long enough for enough Americans to really see where HIS money is coming from for his campaigns. Dylan is right. President Obama needs to make a choice ( one most Americans who voted for him thought he already had made).. that he is either for "We the People" who were the bulk of his supporters and put him in the White House because they trusted him, or he is with the elite… the corporatoacracy, the bankers ( whom he and Geithner bailed out — Geithner is a banking insider), so Mr. President.. what path do you choose? Wow what a predicament he is in. Well, if you say you are going to be for the people, the labor unions, the middle class, and then you disappear from their view — what does that tell you. Because, if Mr. President choses the UBER elites, it will leave the people with the only other option… a Constitutional convention and States can challenge their elected officials. This is in the works right now. Check out Harvards plans to do this. Dylan is right. He is so right. And we will be left with no choices unless the President stands up and admits that the congress is bought. Constitutional Convention… here we come.

  16. Joan Frisina-Bowles

    If you have experienced deceptive lending practices from the Banks, or with your student loans, please join our group that has been fighting corrupt lending practices for 2j-l/2 years, and we agree with Dylan. Join to stimulate the economy. Read that we want justice, not a free ride. We want the lending institutions to be held accountable for misrepresentation and Consumer lending abuses. Dylan has it right. The banks/lenders and the congress are on the same side of the fence… most of them.. Bought and Paid for with our money and our sweat and our work. Time to change this. If we don't, our children and their children will never know the country the founding fathers had hoped for.

  17. Joan Frisina-Bowles

    Jason, I doubt it, but We The People are standing up strong. Please join our group who have been fighting against corrupt banking/lending practices on student loans at with Robert Appelbaum, Esq. founder. We agree that the Banks and most of Congress are in this for themselves and the special interests they serve. We the People are taking back our voice. Dylan is brillliant!

  18. Joan Frisina-Bowles

    You are right on Claidi Chameleon…. you go Lion! Don't worry, the pot is a stirring now. My group, invites you to to stimulate the economy, we have been fighting corrupt bank lending practices for 2-l/2 years. It's not about a free ride, it's about justice for all. Congress has passed bad legislation, taken away Consumer protections, and is still trying to scrap the Consumer protection bureau. Join our Cause and we are routing for Dylan Ratigan…. he is right on target. Finally a real voice to deal with Banks/Tax/Trade. Love your rant CC…. great job.

  19. Joan Frisina-Bowles

    Wow.. 1,433 comments at this juncture. That would be a heck of a lot of phone calls to Congress. Maybe that would wake them up! (Don't hold your breath).

  20. Steve Amgwert

    I've been repeating this for years… Congress is owned by the wealthy. The American government is MASSIVELY, MASSIVELY CORRUPT. Congress has biased the rules of the game to transfer the nation's wealthy to the rich, and many of which are "MULTI-NATIONAL" corporates who take US dollars and invest overseas. I could go on and on….

  21. David Lynam

    to Kim LaCapria, your ears are hurt? really? "Melt Down" Really? you poor thing. How about the millions that are really suffering because they don't have healthcare or can't properly feed their kids. How about writing about the substance of what he's saying and leave your precious ear problem out of it.

  22. Mary Ann Wator

    No Ratigan is wrong. We don't need our President to stand up and give another speech reiterating the same ol' talking points. Yes, money corrupts politics but to tell a president who raised over $900B in his last campaign and then rewarded lobbyist with jobs in his administration plus signed a massive payback stimulus bill …..and you want him to tell the truth to the public ?? He's part of the problem! He's already had 90 fund raisers attended by fat-cat bankers, multi-milionaiires representing all industries, lobbyist, etc. It's also disingenuous for our president to blame a congress filled with freshmen who've been in office for six months while he and his party had 100% control for over 2-1/2+ years and ruled both Houses in 2007-2009. Talk is cheap… It's time for a real leader!

  23. Nancy Golden Burton

    YES! I agree! But I think the President won't come clean and admit it, because he is bought too.

  24. Robert Pensack

    Don't confuse me for a supporter of the GOP. They are far more corrupt that the democrats who I don't trust either. The GOP is in a class all by itself of cruel and inhuman treatment when it comes to caring about the American people. If any one can drive our country to the brink of revolution it is those criminals. Bought and paid for, every last one of them. They support totally the health insurance industry that raises our premiums to the point every year that we can not possibly afford them and then gives us huge deductibles on top of that. The big pharmaceutical corps. that make obscene profits on every drug on the market and all the other corporate giants that run this world. The GOP is nothing more than a paid party by those criminals. As for the democrats, most of them have also been bought, however, some of them actually do care about the plight of the American worker and the middle class and the forgotten poor. When legislation was brought in front to congress that would reign in and regulate the corporate greed it was voted down by the GOP as was any meaningful insurance reform. it is so obvious. It is right in your face. Their only agenda is to get rid of Obama and win the next election. Improving our economy, putting people back to work, actually implementing programs that would benefit the American citizens they couldn't care less about. Now, they won't even pass a jobs bill.

  25. Shawn P Avellan

    Dylan I am with you all the way and will make a large attempt to get people on board with this. I have purchased 10 copies of your new book "greedy bastards" , and have passed it out to people. I would love the chance to meet you as I am a huge fan of what your are doing and would love to be a part of it.

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