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WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar As Plan B? We Hope So, Here’s Why

WWE Rumors Show Brock Lesnar As Plan B

Latest WWE rumors have Brock Lesnar as Plan B, veering from the common logic that Seth Rollins is the man The Authority wants going after John Cena should Cena escape WWE Battleground with the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sportskeeda recently took a look at this tantalizing possibility in their Top 5 WWE Rumors of the Week post. Here’s what the site had to say:

“John Cena winning the title wasn’t clearly what the Authority had in their mind. And to make matters right, they put Cena in a fatal four way match at Battleground which Hunter termed as Plan A.

“He also revealed that he had a plan B in case Cena came out of Battleground as champion and since Seth Rollins is so close to the Authority, he was considered as the Plan B of the Authority now that he has a contract in his hands.

“However, the latest rumors suggest that Hunter’s backup plan is none other than Brock Lesnar who is scheduled to face Cena at SummerSlam.”

“Lesnar aligning with the Authority is supposed to give him more heat than he already has and Rollins cashing in the contract might be put on hold till Lesnar returns back to hibernation.”

While many of you were upset that Lesnar got the win over the Undertaker at WrestleMania, ending the Dead Man’s fabled streak, we hope you can forgive that long enough to get behind this move.

Brock Lesnar as Plan B is packed with rich storytelling.

Firstly, It Keeps John Cena As The Underdog.

Cena always works best when the cards are stacked against him. That’s when he’s at his most likable. Plus, he has a tense history with Lesnar in WWE programming, and putting him up against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion would be one heck of a mountain for the original doctor of thuganomics.

Secondly, It Creates Tension Between The Authority And Seth Rollins.

Look, we love Rollins as a bad guy, but the man is far too talented to be looked at as a lapdog for Triple H, which is where he’s at in the current storyline. Bringing in Lesnar would be a great way to keep that heel heat that Rollins has while giving him back some of his dignity.

Thirdly, Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 31 Has A Nice Ring To It.

Again, you want your face to have the odds stacked against him. It makes victory that much sweeter. Brock Lesnar has the kind of imposing frame that even makes you fear for a guy like Reigns. Plus, if the WWE is going to let him end ‘Taker’s streak at WrestleMania, you really can’t be guaranteed that things will go well for Reigns (though we think they would be foolish to screw this up).

Fourthly, It Works Cesaro Back To The Face Side Of Things And Sets Up A Hellacious Feud Between Him And Brock Lesnar.

A lot of people have a problem with the Swiss Superman as a bad guy, but as long as he’s strapped to Paul Heyman, that’s exactly what he’ll be. However, if Heyman loses “my client” to The Authority, and then uses Cesaro to get back at him, well, that would be TV worth watching.

Fifthly, It Gives Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose A Chance To Do Their Thing.

How can Rollins possibly cash in his contract opportunity when he’s got Ambrose constantly breathing down his neck? We love how WWE is developing this feud, and by keeping the pair isolated with their own storyline, it gives them the respect they deserve instead of burying them in the Lesnar-Cena business.

Finally, It Sets Up An Interesting Possibility For Randy Orton, John Cena, And Kane.

With Brock Lesnar as Plan B, you’re liable to see Kane start to distance himself from Orton and The Authority. Sticking these wily vets together for a triple threat match could be some compelling stuff.

Do you think WWE rumors of Brock Lesnar as Plan B are true? What would you like to see come of this? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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66 Responses to “WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar As Plan B? We Hope So, Here’s Why”

  1. Robert Hall

    Just what we need a champion that can't even take time to make appearances.

  2. Robert Poole

    Who wrote this? Cena as an underdog is when he's likeable? No. That's when WWE predictably has him overcome the odds no matter if he's doing it against 1 guy, 10 guys, whatever. That's why WWE fans hate Cena so much – the overbearing pushing of the Super Cena meme. Which only happens when they "stack the odds against" him and then he overcomes said odds. Every damn time.

  3. Eugene Krick III

    Brock is so boring. I don't get why everyone is all over him all the time. Yawn.

  4. George Lafond

    Brock Lessener is yesterdays news, I say bring back all of the has-beens why not?? Diesel, Sting, etc bring em all back. Don't let the new guys develop

  5. Stacey Toda

    I HATE BROCK LESSENER. He sucks and he's not a real wrestler. He's just a crappy wanna be but couldn't make it football player

  6. Captain Hindsight

    WRONG WRONG WRONG. Brock is terrible having Cena vs Brock is terrible. He already ruined Takers streak cant he just go away now? I cant deal with 4 more weeks of Brock standing around like a light pole while Heyman stands on his soap box preaching the word of Brock.

  7. Ruthie McClelland

    You should educate yourself before you speak…Lesnar was a true college heavyweight champion back in 2000…Hate all you want, Lesnar is for real…UFC champion also…Hate is ignorance…

  8. Terry Son

    Lesnar shows up stands around looking stupid, then is given top matches at pay-per-views and allowed to win. I think that's BULLS**T!! Though we all know the WWE is scripted entertainment it is still a dangerous job to have, just look at all the injuries here lately. Randy Orton is suppose to be the Authorities spoiled brat, so why is he having to wrestle at least once a week, and Lesner just collects a paycheck? If they want to do what's "best for business" get rid of the dead weight and use the money to get better writers!!

  9. Lukejamie Glenn

    Love Brock Lesnar. He should get title match against Cena at summerslam since he ended the streak. Brock as plan B is good for business. Lol. Also for Brock to hold title til wrestlemania 31 and meet Reigns Would be AWESOME!

  10. Harold Douse

    Wasn't undertaker scheduled to meet the Rock? It appears that perhaps the rock wasn't able to meet the other parts of the contract do to his acting commitments. Love the Rocks flicks and he's a top shelf wrestling talent as well.
    It appears Brock is only interested in appearing in pay for view events good for him! He maybe one of the few wrestlers who could actually win in a "real" fight.

  11. Michael Souza

    Lesnar needs tojust go away and stay away….him being WWE champion just doesn't seem to flow well. He is just like the Rock….a fly-by wrestler to make a paycheck every now and then then disappear for another year or so. Lesnar needs to go back to UFC and stay there or retire!

  12. Gary Sartori

    This is probably what is going to happen, and I don't like it. First off, Lesnar should not be a champion. He isn't even here three quarters of the time Having him as the champ when he isn't there to defend it, cheapens the belt. Secondly, there are more people deserving a title shot than Lesnar. Kane, Reigns, Orton just to name three. No, Lesnar should not be plan B. Wouldn't make any sense.

  13. Anonymous

    since when was WWE about making sense? Did it makes for pussy lesnar get a title shot again The Rock when pussy lesnar was there for only 4 months? Not only has WWE lost its edge. It also lost the ability to properly push the right people.

  14. Anonymous

    pussy lesnar is a no-talent gold-bricking douchebag. The fact that WWE pays him to sit on his butt for most of his career shows they're no longer interested in who's good for the business. They're only interested in sucking up to the IWC because they're the brainwashed jackasses that care anything at all about pussy lesnar. Real wrestling fans are smart enough not to buy into that idiot's hype.

  15. Nick Poblocki

    Shhhhhh. They can hear you. Don't give them any ideas.

  16. Anonymous

    Ruthie McClelland

    pussy lesnar was never UFC champion. Take your lesnar-butt-kissing somewhere else. you are not wanted here you dumb biased sack of crap.

  17. Anonymous

    @Pukejammer Gay

    pussy lesnar never ended the streak. he is not good for business and he does not deserve the title. Keep your stupid opinions to yourself and never comment about wrestling ever again you pathetic crumb.

  18. Anonymous

    It should be pussy lesnar vs nobody. he sucks as a wrestler and he is no real fighter. Get a clue you brainwashed jackass.

  19. Anonymous

    WWE is unwatchable garbage now so what difference does it make what plan B is?

  20. Jodi Souza


  21. Jason Praetor Beede

    Y'know, everyone knows it's always been scripted. Thing is, it used to be scripted BETTER. It wasn't predictable. Of course, this was during the Monday Night Wars, when the WWF had competition and therefore a reason to care what we think, as our dollars could potentially have gone elsewhere. Now, Vince has no threat. TNA is a joke and he knows it. So he's gonna continue to let Jean-Paul Levesque and Stephanie Levesque do whatever the fuck they want. And we're gonna continue to be the ones to pay for it. Unless we STOP paying for it. It's the only answer.

  22. Arnaldo Collazo

    First the WWE made a mistake of ending the streak second they are making a mistake of keeping lessner third he is going to be a unworthy champion cause he is hardly there. Vince, listen o the people. They know what is good for business. Ending the streak was the biggest money mistake!!!

  23. Dee Jay Andtown

    of course its Brock since Brock will fight the champ at SS which is the next ppv after Battleground. but Brock wont beat Cena for the belt because he's only contracted for a limited amount of days which is why he only fights 3 or 4 ppvs a year an appearances on Raw weeks leading up to the ppv but doesn't wrestle until then. so there's no way they gonna let Brock win the belt if he won't be able to defend it the next month. if he does some how manage to win he will get cashed in on by Rollins

  24. Anonymous

    Jodi Souza

    pussy lesnar is a no-talent idiot. WWE should've fired him a long time ago. He's nothing but trash.

  25. Anonymous

    pussy lesnar is talentless trash and there is no way in hell he ever deserved to get a shot at the belt. he needs to leave the wrestling business and never come back. WWE is garbage for refusing to learn from their mistakes.

  26. Dee Jay Andtown

    what u don't get is the reason why he only wrestles 3 or 4 times a year is cause that is only contracted for a limited amount of dates. and instead of using them all at once, they spread it out through out the year.

  27. Dee Jay Andtown

    never heard of the Rock suppose to fight Taker this year WM i know if Taker is some how able to fight next WM will be against Sting which is 95% of wrestling fans dream match which i hope happens be a good way to end both careers. and its not that he's only interested in appearing a few ppvs a year but thats in his contract he's only contracted for a limed amount of dates so instead of using them all at once they spread em throughout the year

  28. Anonymous

    I just want the WWE to stop forcing Cena down our throats! Don't they hear the booing,chants,etc.,the WWE universe is tired of Cena!

  29. Lawrence York

    Lesnar , is an idiot.. I still can't belive they ( WWE ) let Lesnar come back.. After Lesnar breached his contract few years ago.. Let alone be the one to beat Taker at Mania.. I would've brought back the Rock to take on Taker and win.. Lesnar is NOT a wrestler nor a MMA or UFC fighter or whatever it is.. If the wrestling on WWE was actually real and not story lined like it is.. Brock would be outta a job , because he wouldn't be winning.. One of the female wrestlers would be able to beat his butt..

  30. Anson Farris

    I see all that being true but, I thought Lesnar vs Rock was the supposed main at Mania 31?

  31. Joe Hackel

    Dee Jay Andtown Dee..u know he slings them around cus that's how the match is written don't you? Lesnar actually sucks…I don't mind part time but he isn't even that

  32. PingFung Fang

    Maybe if they would not keep letting the same 3-5 people keep winning the belt other fighters could develop. How many times does cena need to be champ. Its getting old

  33. PingFung Fang

    Funny seeing so many "adults" crying about fake story lines. I wonder if ya cry in movies when the characters you like don't get their way.

  34. Anonymous

    PingFung Fang

    how many times does pussy lesnar need to be champ? Uh never?

  35. Anonymous

    PingFung Fang

    clearly you have no respect for the guys that earned their place in the business. That's why you show no respect to Undertaker while you suck up to talentless trash like pussy lesnar. you're not a real wrestling fan. you're a brainwashed idiot.

  36. Anonymous

    PingFung Fang

    Undertaker earned his place in the business. pussy lesnar did not.

  37. Anonymous

    PingFung Fang
    Undertaker earned his place in the business. Pussy lesnar did not.

  38. Anonymous

    The way you talk down to people hardly qualifies you as an adult. But then again you're a pussy lesnar fan so you're hardly qualified for anything even life itself.

  39. Robert Hall

    First it's Undertaker. Also Undertaker isn't/wasn't in the championship hunt. Lesnar while big and powerful is boring to watch and makes a person tired just listening to him. Why else do they always stick him with Heyman. His promos suck WHEN he can be bothered to do them, plus he has always been critical about sports entertainment. The only reason he came back is that he can no longer take the physical nature of the UFC.

  40. John Gaska

    Why wouldn't they let Brock Lesnar win the title? They gave it to the Rock after like 2 appearances in 3 months after he had been gone for 10 years. IMO it's whats worse for business though.

  41. Jack Nimble

    Dee Jay Andtown
    pussy lesnar is talentless trash. he dominates nobody. stop falling for his hype you brainwashed moron.

  42. Jack Nimble

    Ruthie McClelland
    pussy lesnar is a big phony and a big coward. The fact that you're a fan of his is a testament of your stupidity and immaturity.

  43. Jack Nimble

    Lukejamie Glenn

    pussy lesnar deserves no title matches. you are nothing but a brainwashed buttkisser that's too much into him to know what is good for business. Simply put, you're an idiot, you're brainwashed and you don't know what's right for wrestling.

  44. Jack Nimble

    It should be pussy lesnar at the Unemployment line. He's no wrestler and he's no fighter. He's a big talentless loser.

  45. Stacey Toda

    Being a college heavyweight champion doesn't change the fact that he is a crappy wanna be but couldn't make it football player. UFC doesn't change that either.

  46. Jack Nimble

    PingFung Fang

    No not like the Undertaker. Undertaker paid his dues. pussy lesnar did not. stop favoring pussy lesnar and shut the hell up. you know nothing.

  47. Jack Nimble

    PingFung Fang

    John Cena earned that attention and he is not boring. your precious lesnar is boring and talentless. you are immature and brainless.

  48. Jack Nimble

    pussy lesnar is overpaid garbage. he is the reason WWE is losing so much money. he is not a real wrestler he is not a real fighter.

  49. Jack Nimble

    PingFung Fang

    The streak was one of the last things that made sense in WWE. But then again you're a lesnar suckup so you don't care what makes sense. lesnar is talentless trash and you need to accept it and shut the hell up. Furthermore, pussy lesnar never ended the streak. Go take your BS somewhere else and don't ever comment about wrestlng ever again you brainwashed one-dimensional fool.

  50. Jack Nimble

    pussy lesnar is talentless egotistical garbage. he will just bury reigns and make the match all about himself. seriously stop wasting your time sucking up to him. pussy lesnar is worthless garbage.

  51. Jack Nimble

    It better not be unless they intend to undo what they did at summerslam 2002. pussy lesnar vs The Rock for the title was a big joke. pussy lesnar never deserves a shot at the title in the first place.

  52. Harold Douse

    Dee Jay Andtown thanks for clarification I read a lot of stuff and the taker-rock match may have been on some ones wish list. Pro wrestling is tough on the bod and taker has been doing it for 25 or more years. He's still a top draw but it could be time for him to turn in his tights! Sadly don't see anyone in the new crop that might fill his boots.

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